TheWiSpy Review: Best App to Spy Android Phones Remotely

Cell phone and the internet are vital things in modern kid’s life. According to recent studies, around 80% of young teens use smartphones. They use the internet and social media platforms at least 7 hours a day. We are not saying that the internet doesn’t provide benefits to youth. Indeed, it has provided better ways for communication, education, and many other advantages.

But it has also increased the crime rates among children. Kids are accessible to strangers online, and those have a motive to harm and harass children. The most dangerous yet common crimes are sexual harassment and cyberbullying.  The mentioned threats are outer dangers, but addiction to the internet can cause the kid’s bad mental and physical health.

It is a lot of pressure on you as a parent to keep kids away from the fuss and track their online activity. You can use an app to spy on your android phone; that way, you won’t need to follow them around for their safety. TheWiSpy is proven to be the best android monitoring apps for android smartphones worldwide. It offers many spy services that will help you monitor your children remotely.

Many folks face the big problem that is how to monitor and hide simultaneously, so kids won’t make their life further secretive. And TheWiSpy remote features can help such parents to get good quality results while sitting far away.

TheWiSpy- An overview

TheWiSpy is an android monitoring app that you can install on your target’s phone to spy on them remotely. It offers unlimited remote and advanced features that will help you monitor calls, texts, social media activity, track live location, and enjoy many more spying tools. The paramount quality of TheWiSpy, aside from quality results, is that it works in the incognito mode that means your target won’t notice they’re being spied on.

TheWiSpy has gotten success over the years by providing the latest technology functions. It is affordable, reliable, and a quality app that is the dream of every person looking for an app to spy android device. The spyware doesn’t send you direct output. Instead, all the fetched data is uploaded to the TWS account. The server stores the information and views the user. It offers different serves such as child monitoring, employee monitoring, and widespread spying.

How does it work?

TheWiSpy is installed on the target phone that will help you get updates on the latest activities. The app works in stealth mode.

If you want to record a call, the app will secretly start recording without disturbing the ongoing call. Now you can monitor calls, messages, locations and use remote commands. Your desired results are then uploaded on the portal, where you can see them easily.

How compatible is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy supports android devices that have the latest version of their model’s OS. You have to make sure that the mobile phone is 4.0 version, or else the spyware app won’t run properly. Almost all android models work with the best cell phone tracker app—for example, the models of Samsung, Huawei, LG, and so on.

What qualities of TheWiSpy make it the best spy app?

You might wonder, with all the available spy apps for android phone in 2021, why would I choose TheWiSpy. Well, here are the top qualities of TWS that identify it as the best cell phone tracker app.

– High-quality results:

With the help of advanced technology, TheWiSpy can provide its users high-quality results. You will get real-time outputs with 100% accuracy. For example, if you want to know the exact location of your child, then TheWiSpy will provide you that in less than a minute.

– Remote commands:

Kids of this generation are smart, and they know how to hide their things from their parents. Using TheWiSpy’s remote commands, parents can spy on their children remotely. There are many remote features such as call recording, message spying, clicking pictures, etc. TWS is an app to spy on android phones remotely, so you don’t have to work much.

– User-friendly interface:

TheWiSpy has a user-friendly interface to understand how the app works. Many free spy apps are present in the market have complicated functionality. That makes it hard on users because they don’t know how it works or how to use it in the first place.

– Affordable plans:

Spying sounds expensive, and in many ways, it is. That’s why you should consider researching before purchasing a Whatsapp spy app. TheWiSpy offers affordable plans for monitoring, and you won’t have to go over your budget. Tracking kids is a lot of work already, and you can’t bear the expense that comes along with it. So you better get an affordable plan from the TWS website for all your needs.

– Easy installation:

TWS provides an easy installation guide that can help you with the process. Apart from that, TheWiSpy can be installed easily because of the three-step functionality. You need to subscribe to the price plan then start installing the best android monitoring app for android into your target’s phone. You are all set to spy remotely without any distortion. 

– Unlimited spy features:

You can avail of quality results with a fantastic set of features, and TheWiSpy offers unlimited spy features. From call log tracking to surround recording, you have your child’s phone control in your hands. All you need to do is use android monitoring app features, and you’ll get processed results.

TheWiSpy- Price plan:

TheWiSpy price plan

TheWiSpy offers three different plans that include different sets of features. Now you don’t have to pay for extra features that you don’t need. Here is the division of three packages for you.

1. Standard plan:

The standard plan has advanced features such as call monitoring, GPS tracking, Geofencing, and many more. You can subscribe to this plan for three further periods at different prices. 

– 1-month plan:

  • $29.99 only

– 3-month plan:

  • $59.99 only

– 6-month plan:

  • $89.99 only

2. Premium plan:

The premium plan is for remote functions that you can use to make changes to your children’s phones. Such as you can record audio, delete files, uninstall apps, and much more. You can get a premium plan in three periods.

– 1-month plan:

  • $39.99 only

– 3-month plan:

  • $69.99 only

– 6-month plan:

  • $99.99 only

3. Platinum plan:

The platinum plan offers the latest spying features along with all remote and advanced features. You can subscribe to this package in three different periods.

– 1-month plan:

  • $69.99 only

– 3-month plan:

  • $119.99 only

– 6-month plan:

  • $149,99 only

TheWiSpy spying features:

Call log monitoring:

TheWiSpy call monitoring

You can monitor exchanged calls on your child’s phone using your dashboard portal. The phone tracking app will show you call duration, contact details, and consistency of calls. In short, you can view the history of all the persons your kid has gotten called. TheWiSpy offers a call blocking feature as well, so you can keep harassers away from them.

GPS tracking:

TheWiSpy GPS tracking

You can track down the real-time location of your kid using the GPS tracking feature. The app gets permission from the maps of the phone for detecting the location. And then it uploads the location on the online portal where you can see. TheWiSpy is one of the best android spying app to view the history of the places kids have been in the past using apps to spy on android.


TheWiSpy helps you set restricted zones on your child’s phone. They can’t sneak around anymore without your knowledge because TWS will send alerts the second they’ll set their foot in the area. It is a pretty great feature to ensure the safety of kids and their well-beings 24/7.

Calendar spy:

You can monitor your target’s calendar using this feature. People tend to mark important dates or events for alerts. By tracking the calendar, you can know what your child is up to in his life.  

Web browser history:

TheWiSpy offers its latest web browser history tracking feature. You can view browsed history, saved cookies, and downloaded files. Kids these days watch unethical content on the internet that isn’t good for their future. Because it can be addictive and soon they’ll have zero social life, so monitor what your kids have access to. You can also block sites using this remote feature and limit their access.

App monitoring:

TWS offers an app monitoring service that helps you to monitor and control all installed applications. Teens these days are pro at using gaming, social media, and entertainment apps. in short, they are addictive to them. You can restrict their mobile use through this feature. Whatsapp spy is suitable for tracking messages, but kids do more than communicating on social platforms. You can view live activities through an online portal.

Record Video and Audio:

TheWiSpy mic cam spying

You can record video and audio remotely using this feature. You only have to activate the command, and the app will start recording. The recorded files are uploaded on the dashboard of TheWiSpy, and you can view them from there.  

Whatsapp Spy:

Whatsapp spy is a fantastic feature that allows you to monitor all text messages. You can see the chat and delete messages if you don’t want them to read. It also offers a service to listen to audio messages so you can track them well.

Lock Screen Remotely:

You can use this new remote feature to lock the screen of your target’s phone remotely. If you’ve installed the app on your device, then it’s the perfect feature for you. If you get notified that your device is in the wrong hands, you can lock the screen remotely.


It has become more challenging to keep track of children’s life because they have become lost in the internet world. You might not have time to go around them all day, every day, to ensure they’re safe. That’s why the best android spy app is that provides its services remotely is the better solution.

You can do your job and get the latest updates on where you teen are or who they’re contacting online. It is the best android monitoring apps for android phones. You can entirely rely on it and expect exceptional results.

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