Top-9 Major Sporting Events of 2023 in India

The Indian sports sector is in for a spectacular 2023, where several events are lined in the year. Sports analysts observe that 2023 will be action-packed, giving fans and betting enthusiasts a full plate where they will enjoy different games and simultaneously wager on their favorite matches. Kate Richardson posits that Indian betting sites will be full of action. With major sporting events such as hockey, boxing, wrestling, and multisport, among others, being held in India in 2023, betting enthusiasts have a full plate. 

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Kate Richardson foresees an India betting scene that is vibrant and lucrative, propelled mainly by the major sporting events that will be held in the country in 2023. Kate has been providing insights and tips on sports betting. She has written several articles on the India betting scene. To access her profile and some of the insightful articles on sports betting, click here.

Embarking on major sports events in India, the country is looking forward to hosting the world and region in 2023. It is here that the 2023 Indian cricket tournament will be held, not forgetting other sports, such as Hockey and motorsports, among others. In this article, we explore India’s top nine sporting events of the year.

1. ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 

The thirteenth edition of the Cricket world cup is set to kick off in October 2023, with India being the host. This will be the first time that the competition is held entirely in India. In the last editions where the competition was held in India, it was partially hosted. The tournament had earlier been set for February and March, but due to disruptions which were caused by restrictions that were put in place to check the spread of COVID-19, it was delayed to an October- November window. 

England will be defending the title. Analysts have been asking whether the team will be up to the tasks given the ups and downs that have characterized their preparations for the major sporting event. Just like in the previous tournament, India’s event will feature ten teams, they include:

  • India
  • Australia
  • Afghanistan
  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan 

The top 7 sides and the host country out of the 13 competitors in the Super League will qualify. The remaining slots will be filled after the qualifiers, where two teams will make it to the final event.

2. India football 2023

India’s football fans are in for a great treat as the men’s team prepares for the 2023 AFC Asian Cup. The team placed in Group D for the qualifiers is set to play against Afghanistan, Hong Kong, and Cambodia. All its AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers are set to take place in Kolkata’s Salt Lake Stadium. India is currently the top-ranking team in the group, and there are high hopes that it will be in the next round of the tournament.

The team has won all its first three matches, and there are high expectations among the fans that the team will maintain the pace, with some expecting a clean sweep in the remaining games. With such a stellar performance, fans expect India’s men’s football team to record a good performance at the Asian Cup finals. It joins the likes of Palestine, Bahrain, and Uzbekistan, countries that have won all their first matches during the qualifiers.

3. Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup

In the next two weeks or so, India’s hockey fans and enthusiasts will have the best time as the country hosts the 2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup. The event will be held in the newly constructed 20,000-seat Birsa Hockey Stadium in Rourkela, India. The tournament is set to kick off on 13th January and run to 29th January. Argentina and South Africa will open the tournament, followed by matches between Australia and France at 15:00hrs, with England and Wales playing later at 17:00hrs.

4 2023 Indian motorsport

The F4 championship in 2023 will be the inaugural season for the F4 Indian tournament. The event will be a race for open-wheel racing cars regulated per the FIA Formula 4 rules. The event had been planned to happen in February and march 2022 but was later rescheduled for November –December 2023.

5. Khelo India Youth Games

This will be the fifth edition of the games, which will be held between 31st January and 11th February. The multi-sporting event will take place in Madhya Pradesh, bringing together youth from different parts of the world.

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6. Women’s World Boxing Championships

The International Boxing Association Women’s event is scheduled to start on 15th March and run to 31st March. New Delhi will be hosting women boxers from different parts of the world. India is hosting the event for the third time, and the city hosted the tournament in 2006 and 2018.

7. Asian Wrestling Championships

As the IBA’s event closes, New Delhi will welcome the Asian wrestlers for a big event in the city. The continental wrestling tournament will run until April 2nd.

8. Badminton India open 2023

The event will see the reigning champions, such as Chen Yufei of China, Akane Yamguchi of Japan, and Viktor Axelsen, battle it out for the Indian title. The event will be different from last year’s event, which was held indoors. Spectators will return to the field after a three years break occasioned by COVID-19 restrictions.

9. WWT star contender

Goa has been granted the right to host the country’s first World Table Tennis series event. The event will be held between February 27th and March 5th. The tennis tournament will see the world’s best players battling in different categories.

India’s sports fans and betting enthusiasts have a full plate as far as sporting events are concerned. We have not even scratched the surface, and there are many events lined up for the year. As they say, there will be no dull moment for sports fans.

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