Ultimate CS:GO Knife for all Gloves – Karambit | Doppler

A basic knife is available to all CS:GO players when they start. This is usually a basic weapon with low damage for a primary attack and very high damage for a secondary attack. You don’t have to buy it, but you can apply different skins to personalize it. Some knives are rare and therefore in demand. Knives like the Karambit Doppler have a high price and can be obtained by exchanging them on Steam, finding them in a box, or purchasing them on a third-party site.

However, some trading sites can cause you to lose your item for nothing in return. Trusted sites provide a secure way to buy or sell the CS:GO Karambit Doppler, and also allow you to make price comparisons. In this article, we will provide detailed information on the Karambit Doppler knife, and share how to best buy or sell it online. Let’s begin!

Ultimate CS:GO Knife for all Gloves – Karambit | Doppler

General Description

The Karambit Doppler is considered to be one of the most popular knives among CS:GO gaming fans: about 99% of gamers appreciate it, proved by increased trading volumes and skin prices. Since its first release in January 2015, it has won the hearts of many players including professionals such as Snax, KennyS, and Olofmeister. This knife first appeared in the Chroma 3 Case, and it can be also obtained by opening the previous Chroma containers.

The Karambit Doppler is distinguished by its rarity, as its estimated drop chance is only 0.26%. This also affects the price, which usually fluctuates between $570 and $750. Of course, this is quite an expensive item, so having it in your collection is a great investment. You can buy it at large online marketplaces such as DMarket and the price varies depending on its float value, which indicates its level of wear:

  • Factory New — $660–980;
  • Minimal Wear — $650–660;
  • Factory New ST — $670–1,200;
  • Minimal Wear ST — $750.

The prices fluctuate a lot, and sometimes you can get really favorable proposals with large discounts. Buying and selling CS:GO skins is a good source of income, so you may be interested in such trading.

Design Features

If you are a devoted CS:GO fan, you probably know what the Karambit Doppler looks like. It has been painted in the Anodized Multicolored style with a Doppler finishing. What makes this coating unique is that it has different phases with a unique combination of colors on the knife blade, which look incredibly flashy. The most basic combination is a mix of blue and red. There are four phases of the Karambit Doppler available, but their rarity and uniqueness are different, which also affects the price. Now, let’s pay more attention to the design of different phases:

  • Phase 1. This is the basic option, which is also the cheapest and most common. The blade of the knife is shaded blue (80%) and red (20%);
  • Phase 2. This is a rather rare skin, distinguished by its rare combination of blue, red, and pink. With its luxurious design, this skin is in high demand among players;
  • Phase 3. This is mostly a blue skin, which is not as popular as the previous two options, but still appreciated by Karambit fans;
  • Phase 4. This is probably the rarest and most stylish design of the Karambit Doppler, distinguished by a nice combination of green and black colors on the blade.

There are also the so-called Ruby, Sapphire, and Black Pearl Doppler patterns. They are characterized by entirely blue, red, and black colors respectively — the Black Pearl is considered the rarest and most expensive option. Usually, their prices do not drop lower than $1,000, but you can always wait for sales or discounts to get them at favorable prices.

Ultimate CS:GO Knife for all Gloves – Karambit | Doppler

Good Knife+Gloves Design Combinations

If you want to look stylish, you can select the appropriate gloves for your Karambit Doppler. Usually, the following combinations look just incredible:

  • Sport Gloves Amphibious + Karambit Doppler Sapphire;
  • Sport Gloves Hedge Maze + Karambit Doppler Phase 4;
  • Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls + Karambit Doppler Sapphire;
  • Moto Gloves Polygon + Karambit Doppler Phase 3;
  • Hand Wraps Slaughter + Karambit Doppler Phase 2;
  • Sport Gloves Superconductor + Karambit Doppler Phase 1;
  • Moto Gloves Spearmint + Karambit Doppler Black Pearl, etc.

Now you have a clear understanding of the possible design combinations and options available to you. The only question that remains unanswered is where to buy or sell your CS:GO skins. Let’s take a closer look at the available options.

Where to Buy or Sell CS:GO Skins

As you probably know, Steam doesn’t provide direct trading opportunities for CS:GO players. This is a platform for skins exchange, but you are not allowed to sell goods for real money there. If you have a couple of rare CS:GO skins that you wish to sell or you really want to invest in a certain skin, you need to visit a third-party marketplace.

DMarket offers multiple opportunities for exchanging CS:GO goods, and hundreds of sellers trade directly with their buyers, without actually selling skins to the platform. So, the sellers decide on the price, the volume of discount, etc, while the buyers get access to a wide assortment of skins outside Steam. To initiate the deal, you need to follow several simple steps:

  1. Register your account on the marketplace website;
  2. Link your Steam account;
  3. Log in;
  4. Configure your account settings;
  5. Click on the item you want to buy;
  6. Top up your balance;
  7. Fill in the information required by the payment system and initiate the transaction;
  8. Click on “Go to my items”;
  9. Withdraw the inventory to Steam.

As you can see, the trading procedure is straightforward but if you have any difficulties making a purchase or selling your stuff, do not hesitate to contact support. Enjoy!

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