How to Unbrick LG L Fino using stock firmware

Unbrick LG L FinoThere always been many chances where our device might get damaged and bricked physically and internally. For the first case, the only way to get it repaired is to take to service centre for its service. Whereas we can do something to make it work again in case internal, system problem. Probably, the most easiest and sure shot way is to downgrade the device to stock firmware.

Here we have this tutorial for Lg L Fino users, if you are facing big trouble with this handset such as boot stuck, looks, keeps on getting hang, lot of app crashes even after a hard reset, well now that means you need to install stock firmware on it to make it work again. Using stock firmware, you can easily unbrick LG L Fino. The entire procedure it very easily, you just need little effort, PC, USB cable, Internet and of course your device, LG L Fino. So let’s get started with this guide, go ahead and read all the prerequisites.

  • Remember, it will wipe out the entire memory of the device. If there is anything stored under the device’s internal memory, it will be deleted and there is no way to recovery it. It is recommended to back up anything which means important to you to some safer place.
  • You need a windows based PC with internet connectivity to download required files. Make sure to install proper driver of your device to your PC. Download link is present in downloads section, look below.
  • Make sure to check your model, it should be on of LG L Fino and this guide shouldn’t be applied on any other device, it would lead to even worse conditions.
  • It will restore to your device to completely stock, that means everything will be turned to stock such recovery, root access will be removed, etc,.


→Download and install LG L Fino driver on your PC from here. It is very important step, as it helps your device to be recognized by PC.

→Download the Lg Flash Tool from here and extract to your PC. Remember the location, and name as we’ll be use it very soon.

→Download the Stock firmware for LG L Fino from here. You must first check the model number of your device under, phone’s Settings->About->Model and then download the desire firmware.

Extract the firmware file to get .KDZ file.

How to install stock firmware on LG L Fino

  1. Turn off your device and wait 3-5 seconds, so it can be turned off completely.
  2. Enter your device into download mode, You can do that by connecting a USB cable to the computer and then pressing and holding the VOLUME DOWN button while inserting the USB in to the phone.
  3. Head to your PC, launch LG flash tool (LGFlashTool2014.exe). Following window will appear,LG Flash Tool 2014
  4. Now, in Select Type, slect CDMA, PhoneMode, put it to  DIAG, as shown in above images.
  5. Now under “Select KDZ file”, browse and select the downloaded (extracted .kdz file) firmware.
  6. Proceed with Normar Flash and select “Start” button on next screen, do not make any change.

Now your phone shall be downgraded to stock firmware and all done!

You’ve successfully unbrick your LG L Fino and it will be boot you to home screen very soon. If you face any problem, while performing this tutorial, let us know so we can help.

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  1. after i’ve done number 6, it starts to download things right? so during the second loading bar it always stops on 30 percent. so what should i do about this? (by the way, may system is currently up to date until now and i want to downgrade the system of it as possible) Thank you… hoping for your replies…

  2. Hi, I’ve followed all the mentioned instructions but facing a problem when it reaches 15% and gets stuck there for hrs and hrs.. It’s almost been 8hrs, it didn’t move even a single %.. What could be the possible issue.. Thanks in anticipation.. Regards

    1. I already followed all the steps but when it’s on the process in restarting part, it says that ‘Connect USB for S/W update’ even if it’s already connected, what to do?

    2. I already followed all the steps but when it’s on the process in restarting part, it says that ‘Connect USB for S/W update’ even if it’s already connected, what to do?

  3. My Lg L fino, does’nt on. but when I connect it to my computer the computer detected it. how can I reflash this ? I think it is deadboot..

  4. My lg fino when i turn on it shows the screen of lg, and says “boot verification fail”, then the screen turns off :/
    I cant enter download mode, cant flash with LG Flash Tool :/

  5. I have a problem, when i check on device manager i can only see, QHSUSB_BULK, if I try to follow the steps in this tutorial when it starts shows a message that phone is not connected to computer, and if try to unplug and plug again the problems continues, what should i do?

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