How to Unlock LG Lock Screen

Gone are the days when dealing with locked phones were used to be a vigorous task. There are multiple ways one can elixir such issues. Though getting stuck to such issues it still quite common, and creates complexities. Here in this post, we gonna discuss some of most-easiest ways to get rid of such problems to unlock LG’s phone’s lock screen. It happens that sometimes we forget password, pattern, or some how device does not even recognize your finger prints. Here in this tutorial, we gonna discuss some useful ways to Unlock LG Lock Screen or similar issues.

I know how frustrating things become when something happens to our phones. There could be more than one reason to end up having locked our smart phones. The most common one is the password / pattern. It happens that due to some confusion or unknowingly we forget the password/pattern that we had for our Android phone. Or for some reasons, the finger print feature does not recognize you or stopped working. There is no need to put yourself concerned since there are several ways one overcome such problems.

How to Unlock LG Lock Screen

In this tutorial, we discuss two methods using one can easily bypass such encryption, locks, etc. Both the methods come handy when such issues occur.

Let’s get into the game, and put our ace onto the table.

1# Method – LG Bypass tool by Tungkick

This LG Bypass tool is developed, and distributed by Tungkick, a developer on XDA forum. Basically, this tool is a batch script able to bypass the Factory Reset Protection of LG’s devices.

Currently, this tool is limited to several popular LG’s smartphones. Although, we expect the developer to make it more compatible for the rest of the device. Unlocking has been tedious work, but such tools have made it simple, even an ordinary person can do it.

Just need to put the device into Download mode, and connect it the computer. The rest of the work is performed using the tool. That makes is easier to understand, and use.

→How to
  1. Download the LG Bypass tool by Tungkick from here or here.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to retrieve files. Under the extracted files, there is a file named “Tool.exe“. Remember it, we gonna use that file.
  3. Now put your phone to Download mode. Most of the LG’s phones share same way to get into the download mode. To put it into download mode, follow below steps:
    • Turn off the phone completely
    • Press the Power button and Volume Up buttons together and connect the device to a computer using a USB cable while holing pressed keys.
    • The Download Mode screen should appear, and then release these buttons.
  4. Now from the extracted folder, look for Tool.exe and tap on it to open the application. Following screen will appear, lg bypass tool tutorial
  5. There you get a list of supported devices. Make sure to check your device name/model number before proceeding further. Select your device to start the unlocking process.
  6. Just follow the ongoing instructions (if any), and leave reset to this this tool.

That should help you. As soon as the process is finished, the phone will turn-off, and reboot to the home screen. Then, enter your Google Account details (or may not need to) get all privileges back.

This took takes advantage of Download Mode to drill into Factory Reset Protection, and breaks it. However, there is one thing that makes it uneasy.

At present, it has mastery over some (popular ones) LG devices only. If you see it does not work for you, then hold on. We’ve got another tool that surely comes handy.

2# Method – dr.fone toolkit – Android Lock Screen Removal

Although, the method we have mentioned utterly works, however, it does not ensure that your data will be safe. It’s not about this tool, there many that work, but we have to sacrifice our precious data.

This is where, the dr.fone toolkit – Android Lock Screen Removal comes into play. This tool helps to bypass the Android Lock screen without loosing the data. Isn’t that great? There is no doubt about it.

Android Lock Screen Removal Tool

This Android Lock Screen Removal tool is able to unlock 4 screen lock types that includes pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints. Apart from LG device, it does work for some Samsung’s smart phones as well. So that makes it even more useful.

The user interface is very simple. Let’s see how it works:

→How to
  1. Download dr.fone toolkit – Android Lock Screen Removal tool from →here, and install it on your computer. Remember, currently, it works on Windows operating system.
  2. Now Run the dr.fone toolkit, and select Android Lock Screen Removal tool from there.
  3. Now, connect your phone using a USB Cable and then, Tap on Start button to step further.
  4. After that, you need to select your mobile model number, and hit the Next button.
  5. Then follow the onscreen instructions to boot into Download Mode for bypass purpose.
  6. As you get the device into Download mode, and connect it to PC again, the tool will own recognize the device’s model, and prepare for Lock Screen Removal process.
  7. Tap on “Remove” button to proceed ahead, and remove screen lock.

Once the process is completed, the device will boot up to the home screen, and surprisingly, you get complete access to it again.

This is how this tool works, and along with Lock Screen Removal tool, it comes with many more useful utilities.

That ends our post here, and we hope that our readers will get benefit from these two methods. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, and feedback in the comment section.

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  1. I need assistance unlocking my lg phone I put a lock on it only last night and I am positive that I remember the code I thing perhaps its mispelled or a letter short I have no idea need help urgently b4 my husband beats me

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