How to improve performance of Redmi Note 2

The Redmi Note 2 offers very decent performance and it comes with very attractive price tag. Now a days, we could easily find good smart phone having all the necessary functionalities, features and good performance of course at very affordable price and Redmi Note 2 it is one of them. In terms of specification it has Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 fitted with PowerVR G6200  GPU that power its graphics and there is 2 GB of RAM. There is no doubt that it has good performance. But still we can extend it further.

We’ll use custom kernel to improve the overall performance of Redmi Note 2. Thanks to XDA member Namaless, who brought a custom kernel call as Miui Speed MOD which promise to enhance the overall performance of Redmi Note 2. You can expect improvements in most of the aspects such as you’ll smoothness in user interface, while playing games on it, when switch one app to another etc.

Also it affects other areas such as external memory, improve SD cards and network performance. However to flash this custom recovery it required that your phone should be rooted and having a custom recovery such a ClockWorkMod or TWRP, any of them you can manage to install on your handset.

Features of Miui Speed MOD

  • It works will all Miui Rom, that means you can try this mod other Mi phones too.
  • The mod has Init.d support, well for ordinary users this features remains unused all the time, however advance users use it install custom scripts or mod to customize their device more efficiently.
  • Memory and cache management much better for better performance.
  • It is optimized so that more RAM memory remains free.
  • Improve Filesystem, interface, network, kernel, external memory card  performance.
  • Optimized the cpu frequency and governors based on power profile.
  • And much more!

Antutu benchmark- Redmi Note 2 performance

See the below image to see performance benchmark performance on Note 2 with this kernel mod:

antutu benchmark- Redmi Note 2 performance

Important note: As per developer’s information,there has been no bug found till far however if case you get your device bricked or damaged then we’ll not be responsible for that.

Also before proceeding to download and installation section, we recommend you to back up all the important stuff being stored inside the device for own safety as for clean installation of this mod, we’ll be performing wipe out cache and dalvik-cache.

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  • Download the latest Miui Speed MOD package from → here ( and put this file under your device’s memory, remember the name and location of the file as we’ll be flashing it next step.

How to improve performance of Redmi Note 2

  1. Turn off your device and wait at least 5 seconds.
  2. Now press and hold Volume Up and power buttons simultaneously and release them as soon as boot appears.
  3. From the list of options, navigate to “Recovery” and select it.
  4. Now tap on install or select install zip from sd card and flash the downloaded Miui Speed MOD package.
  5.  Now perform followings:
    1. Select “Wipe data/Factory reset”, then select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm it.
    2. Go to “Advanced“-> “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and select Yes from the next screen to confirm it.
  6. Go back to recovery options, select “Reboot system now”.

Now your device will reboot and will take your to home screen. Now enjoy the improved performance and don’t forget to share your experience and view about this performance Rom.

So that’s all about this mod and how to install it on Redmi Note 2 to improve its performance. If you see any issue do let us know.

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