Why Should You Use Military Surveillance

In this day and age, the security of our objectives is more important than ever. We live in troubled times, where malicious actors could take advantage of weaknesses in our security systems to attack the security of our confidential data or the safety of our tactical borders. To always be one step ahead of the enemy, you will need to implement state-of-the-art technological measures that allow you to identify potential threats before they become noticeable. And one of these technologies is represented by military surveillance cameras.

High-tech thermal surveillance is an essential part of protecting your strategic objectives. A SWIR or LWIR camera, which benefits from 360° flexibility, could be a fundamental tool in the arsenal of the organisation you run and could allow you to ensure the infallibility of your borders, even in the harshest conditions. Military surveillance systems are designed to be used in various environments, are ideal for government and civilian use, can be mounted on land vehicles, ships or drones and, last but not least, can be customised to meet your needs.

Your state-of-the-art thermal surveillance camera could be equipped with a gyro stabiliser to ensure a smooth and usable recorded image even in bad weather, or it could be cooled, which will increase the sensitivity of the images recorded, and, therefore, the potential to make the right decision in split-second events. Professional EO cameras are modular, can effectively track short-distance targets and identify long-distance threats, and can be available at varying price points to suit all budgets.

The Perfect Tool for Target Detection

Modern security networks rely heavily on military-grade camera systems to identify potential threats before they can present an imminent danger. Battle surveillance in the contemporary era has undergone radical changes, and today, the interception of remote threats has become a staple of modern armies and sophisticated private organisations. Are you the owner of a private organisation needing enhanced security for strategic locations? If so, you’ll need military surveillance cameras that ensure 24/7 monitoring of your assets. They can be monitored using a field rugged pc.

Military surveillance cameras are robust and flexible solutions that can be used by all entities involved in the private or national defence sector. Using long-range EO sensors, when combined with tools such as laser range finders and GPS compasses, could prevent attacks on strategic locations and act as a deterrent through which your military forces can avert armed conflict. In an armed confrontation, a second’s delay can mean the destruction of infrastructure, costing millions of pounds. Investing in military surveillance cameras could give you the time to react and make split-second decisions synonymous with strategic success.

Flexibility, Above All Else

The main advantage of military-grade camera systems lies in their versatility. Military cameras can be used in various applications, whether in land, sea or air environments. Are you the owner of an organisation involved in offline data storage? In this case, your servers probably contain confidential data of important customers. And that’s why you want to implement the latest surveillance methods available on the market. The acquired camera module could be mounted on a terrestrial reconnaissance vehicle and use additional tools, such as PTZ systems that allow remote recording.

In the event of needing rapid deployment, the camera purchased could also make use of image stabilisation tools or gyroscopic systems to ensure a smooth image even in rough terrain. If you need naval surveillance, then the purchased camera could use a thermal management implementation to support both LWIR and MWIR sensors. Given that threats on the sea can travel considerable distances quickly, it might also be a good idea to use a radar system for your modular camera, which can identify threats from tens of kilometres away.

Not least, the acquired camera could use infrared capabilities, making it ideal for bad weather conditions or recording targets at night. If you need rapid drone deployment, then the military camera you’re interested in could be used with a 360° rig to ensure visibility from all directions, GPS trackers to determine the exact location of the objective, or long-range illuminators to identify targets in search and rescue operations.

What Are the Advantages of Thermal Surveillance?

Thermal surveillance cameras are effective and widely used tools in industrial or military applications, which can detect threats or monitor objectives without endangering the immediate safety of your troops or personnel. Also known as infrared cameras, thermal surveillance systems can help you record images in low-light conditions or track targets in unfavourable weather. Compared to traditional cameras, infrared systems use a different spectrum of light to record images, one that is not visible to the naked eye.

Infrared cameras can detect the heat given off by targets. This results in collecting more information than would be possible using visible light systems. Infrared has longer wavelengths than visible light, so it can more easily detect objects behind obstacles or in adverse climates. With an infrared camera, targets can be identified through smoke, mist or rain, and heat detection can be done at greater distances than traditional cameras. This makes infrared systems perfect for long-range applications, so they can often be found on naval ships or in the repertoire of air forces.

They Make Financial Sense 

In today’s age, the safety of your targets is the most important thing. Bad actors constantly seek to identify vulnerabilities in our border security processes and are always ready to exploit weaknesses in our response times. A lost second in the security process of our targets can lead to significant losses, both material and in terms of personnel or armed forces required for deployment. High-tech military surveillance cameras could, from this point of view, be a priceless tool to protect your troops, allow no-contact monitoring of your targets, and be usable for surveillance purposes.

Whether talking about a traditional camera or a modular thermal surveillance system, state-of-the-art military-grade camera solutions have become necessary for government or private organisations monitoring external targets. Military-grade camera systems are rugged enough to operate under optimal conditions in any climate, are flexible so they can be deployed for either naval or terrestrial and air applications, and last but not least, can be customised to meet the subjective needs of the organisation you manage.

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