ARK: Survival Evolved Taming Guide

ARK: Survival Evolved came out in 2017. The game explores a new concept in survival games. This concept revolves around introducing animals to mimic historical eras. You can tame, hunt, and compete for resources in this game. And the animal you tamed will be there with you throughout the game.

Today, we will tell you some tips to increase your effectiveness while taming. It is a complex task, and if you are not careful, you will perish. Use ARK: Survival Evolved hacks to enhance your abilities.

Choose a Suitable Animal

Choose an animal for taming according to your needs. If you are looking for an animal that is easy to tame and fit for mild protection, then use Dilophosaurus. They can carry an extra load and act as a guard dog to protect you from raiders.

If you want to harvest precious stones, then Ankylosaurus will be the best choice for you. They can mine materials you will later need while crafting. All the animals have exceptional skills in this game, like defending, harvesting, navigation.

Learn about each animal from notes spread all over the map. You can also observe them in the wild to assess their behavior and act when you encounter them.

Use the Right Method to Tame

You can tame a few animals by giving them food from your Hotbar. An on-screen prompt pops up when you reach near these kinds of animals. Act according to the message and if no message appears, make use of violence.

You will have to knock out the animals that you cannot tame with the food, use slingshots, and wooden clubs. You can knock out animals like Raptors and Dilophosaurus using slingshots and clubs.

If the animal is large, you will have to use different weapons. These weapons can be longneck rifles, crossbows, tranquilized darts, and arrows. You can use narco berries and narcotics to increase the sedation time. Big weapons will take a larger time to craft, so keep crafting in advance.

Tame in Covers

It takes a lot of time taming an animal, so you should choose a position with ample cover. Places with less settlement are usually the best. Also, you will have less chance of getting ambushed by other players.

You cannot counterattack while taming, so remaining hidden is the best thing you can do. Another thing to keep in mind while taming is to choose a location rich in plantations. In this way, if you need extra narco berries to further increase sedation time.

You will not have to run here and there for the search. Also, there will already be an ample quantity of narco berries in that area.

Cook a Perfect Kibble

Right ingredients for cooking a kibble for your animal is critical. These meals are essential for the effectiveness of taming. You have to put animal eggs with crops and berries inside a cooking pot to cook a kibble.

Recipes for kibbles are perfect for large animals like Magalodons, Carnotaurus, and Spinosaurus. But still, you will have to do experiments to find which meal works best for the animals.

If you do not have a cooking pot, then majoberries and raw meat will work for you. Collect meat from Mammoths, Stegosaurus, and Paracer for carnivores. For herbivores, Majoberries will work best.

Upgrade Your Mount

You should not only focus on defending yourself. Upgrading the mount should also be your priority to increase your effectiveness. The best option to do this is to let your animal hunt difficult prey.

This will give your animal an incredible amount of XP and experience. There is another less violent way of upgrading your mount. You can let your tribe-mate ride your mount while you craft. It will increase your experience, and you can use it to upgrade your mount.

You can also use your mount while foraging; this is another good way to upgrade your mount. Of all these options, the ‘Letting your animal hunt’ option is the best to gain a lot of experience.


ARK: Survival Evolved explores a whole new world of challenges, and you need to be on your toes to survive in this. Taming is a complex task that you should do with care. Find a place with shades to hide and ample plantation to retrieve narco berries. Upgrading your mount should be your priority to increase your effectiveness in battles. Also, cook a perfect kibble for your animal to keep it tamed for long.

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