3 Best Interior Design Apps For Android

In this list, we gather some of the best interior design apps for Android users to make your home more beautiful and make everything look just perfect.

Designing the interior of your own flat seems to many to be something complicated and available only to rich people. Usually, in the harsh realities, it looks like this: here we put a chair, here a table, in the corner, there will be a bed. Later on, however, there are many difficulties, which everyone has to deal with. The table is difficult to work in because of poor lighting, the bed lacks sockets for a night light, and there are a host of other details.

You can of course hire a designer to get it right, but budgets don’t always allow for that kind of expense. There are many apps on Google Play that can help you decorate your flat or house.

Just recently, an acquaintance of mine bought a flat and brought me in to brag about their new purchase. But as soon as I asked where I planned to put the wardrobe and the kitchen unit, the owners addressed the question back to me. I stood exactly in the middle of the living room and was horribly confused.

From the outside, the interior looks clear and straightforward, but when you see the bare walls and nothing else, you can’t help but get lost.

The power of modern smartphones is now so great that it can “pull” literally any AAA-class gaming project without even blinking an eye. Therefore, in recent years, many large corporations have emphasised other tasks, such as 3D modelling. This also requires good specifications, so I suggest you unleash the power of your device with this technology.

IKEA interior design

1. IKEA interior design

It seems to me that every inhabitant of a big city, when he hears something about furniture, immediately recalls the IKEA shop. The company has created an extremely handy interior planner, which even a teenager can cope with. The developers have prepared a huge amount of furniture and decor elements, numbering more than 5000 items.

The app is shop specific, which means you don’t have to drive around town looking for the right fixtures; you can always check out the Product Catalogue. You can view all projects in 2D and 3D and resize individual elements. For the lazy ones, there are also ready-made designs that you can try on your own flat.

By the way, 3D technology on a smartphone has applications not only in design but also in many other areas.

If your flat has irregular dimensions or corners, the IKEA app has the ability to plan such rooms, which is very handy. I couldn’t find the app on Google Play, but you can still find the IKEA app on the web. I tested it on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite. Everything works as it should. Keep in mind that the app is unofficial, so you download it at your own risk.

You can download this app here.

Must see:

Kitchen layout app

2. Kitchen layout app

Another Android app that definitely won’t leave you indifferent. Its distinctive feature is a large number of pre-prepared templates that you can fit literally any room.

Not only can you plan a flat from scratch, but you can also modify the existing layout if you decide to change the furniture arrangement in your home. Previously, we’ve done for you a selection of the best building apps. If you’re in the midst of a renovation project, I recommend checking it out.

There are also a huge number of settings. The colour of the decor, its size, corners – all of these are amenable to adjustment. At design time, you can view the space from above or in a 3D model.

Users note the handy Undo or Redo button, which can be used to undo changes. The developers claim that there are more than 5000 available interior pieces, which will be updated, as well as the possibility to turn the interior into a photo.

You can download this app here.

App for arranging furniture

3. App for arranging furniture

Not all Android devices can boast of high performance, so I offer you an interior design magazine. The strength of Houzz is the huge number of templates to suit all tastes and colours. You can specify filters by room, country or city, style, budget, size.

Very high-quality photos, angles, details. The fantasy is running wild after seeing them. There is a huge desire to jump in and change anything and everything! Talented and gifted creators of this magazine. Just a little wish: I want colourful ideas, risky combinations, just wondering how it all can be put together. Only high ratings for the magazine! – says one of the users of the app.

All in all, Houzz reminds me of a kind of social network for all those who have decided to do serious renovation work in their homes. There are various reports on interiors, tips from practitioners, and even the opportunity to ask the author of a particular interior.

You can download this app here.

How do you feel about interior planning on your smartphone? Do you think it’s worth trusting the app or would you rather hire a professional? You can share your thoughts in the below comment! We would like to hear from you!

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