5 Best Series Organizer Apps For Android

You know that moment when you want to watch a series again, but you can’t remember exactly in which episode you stopped, and so, you end up never resuming? Everyone has experienced this situation, increasingly common nowadays when the person can watch this content through different channels, which ends up leaving many people lost in chronology.

Thinking about it, we brought a solution for you that gets lost in the middle of so much content. See the list below that we prepared with the 5 best applications to organize TV Shows and OTT series for Android devices.

1. TV Time

Let’s start with the champion in the category. With an intuitive interface, TV Time occupies the first place on our list, and lives in many people’s hearts. On this Whip Networks app, you can add content to your list, just search for the name of the series or movie on the search tab. Since TV Time’s catalogue is quite complete, you’re likely to find most productions.

When you add a series to your list, you receive all the information about it, such as the release dates of the next episodes, series you haven’t watched for a long time, the ones you’ve already finished, the ones with episodes up to date or the ones that haven’t started yet. To avoid getting lost, just organise all this and mark the episodes you have already watched.

For films, you can add the ones you’ve already watched, the ones you might watch in the future or the ones you want to watch but haven’t released yet. It is also worth saying that for each content found, the app suggests on which platform you can watch it.

You can install TV Time through the Play Store here.

2. IMDb

In the second place, we have the complete IMDb. The app works as a social network and is very similar to TV Time. There, you have access to some suggestions on the homepage, such as the contents that are featured, among them, movies and series that are currently making success and the next premieres that are worth following.

When searching for specific content about the series you are already following, besides marking episodes already watched, you have access to news about the cast, awards received, episode ratings, trailers, trivia and even exclusive photos of the series.

Download IMDb through the Play Store here.

3. TV Show & Movie Tracker

Designed especially for series, TV Show features a very simple layout and easy navigation. There, you can mark the episodes already watched and follow a calendar that will show the release date of each chapter of the series you watch. Furthermore, the app brings suggestions of series that will be launched in the next months and the trends of each genre.

On TV Show, you still have access to graphs that show the genres you watch the most, the streaming channels you use the most and how many days/hours/minutes you spent watching each series. And of course, you’ll also have access to the actors that are part of the cast and up-to-date news about each production.

Install TV Show & Movie Tracker on your Android here.

4. CineTrak

In the fourth position, we have the entertainment app CineTrak. In addition to newly released movies, which you can mark as seen, the app also has old productions, so you remember to finally watch that work that everyone comments on.

Regarding series, by adding one to your list, you will receive recommendations of similar titles that you might be interested in. To mark the episodes already watched is simple, just drag them to the right side. Then, you can also give notes for the chapter and see other users’ ratings.

Finally, you can also see the average rating of each content available on the app, as a way to analyze whether it is worth starting to watch or not.

Click here to download CineTrak on your Android device.

5. Series Guide

To finish today’s list, I bring you the app SeriesGuide. Besides a very complete catalogue, this app offers some preferences for you to avoid spoilers, hiding information about an episode you haven’t watched yet. Besides being able to add movies you want to see or have already seen, there is a huge amount of series available to organize.

Like most of the apps listed here, SeriesGuide has a tab only for statistics, which shows the time spent watching series and movies. Also, you can see other users’ ratings and give your own rating to each episode after you mark it as watched.

The SeriesGuide app is available on the Play Store here.

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