7 Common Android Auto Problems And Solutions

Android Auto has become a headache? Check out some possible solutions to fix the Android Auto application.

Is Android Auto causing you problems? You’re not alone, the latest update of the Android Auto app has users upside down.

And in addition to these problems, there are also those problems that arise from misconfiguration or conflicts with third-party apps. But don’t worry, let’s take a look at some of the problems most reported by users, as well as some possible solutions.

1. Android Auto Reads Messages In Foreign Language

Some users have reported that Android Auto started reading messages in a foreign accent. A problem arose from the latest update of the Android Auto app.

Most of the problems arising from the latest version of Android Auto do not seem to have a solution until Google fixes it with an upcoming update. So the only effective solution so far is to revert back to the previous version.

But if you want to try a temporary solution, take a look at the Google Assistant settings. Specifically, change the language of the Assistant’s voice. If you have “English” as your second language, remove it. And even if you have any other lanaguge as your primary, choose it again and save the changes.

To do this, open the Google app, choose “More” >> Settings >> Voice >> Language. Or if you want to do it from the Android Auto app, then go to Settings >> Google Assistant >> Languages (to talk to the assistant).

Another option that seems to offer a temporary solution to users is to change the language of the mobile. To do this, go to Settings >> General Management >> Languages, and change it to English (US). Or as a last attempt, you can try uninstalling the latest version of the Google app, which works, but you are left with the version that comes preinstalled on the mobile.

2. Android Auto Has Detected A Communication Error

Did you get the famous communication error 16 when using Android Auto? Yes, the famous message “Communication error 16: There seems to be some problem….”.

To fix it, you can try the suggestion that the alert shows you: disconnect and connect the mobile. However, on Xiaomi devices, this solution doesn’t work because the error seems to be related to one of MIUI’s features: dual apps.

It’s that feature that duplicates Google services so you can have a secondary account of almost any app you want. And it’s that dynamic with Google services that seem to cause conflicts with Android Auto on mobile.

So if you can do without the dual apps you’ve created, go for it. And be sure to remove any Google services that have been duplicated in the process. To do this, go to Settings >> Apps >> Dual Apps >> select the “Dual App Settings” wheel >> Delete Dual Apps.

3. Android Auto Does Not Connect Via Bluetooth

If you have never had problems with Bluetooth, but you can no longer connect or the connection is interrupted, try resetting it from scratch. Yes, just like we do with any Bluetooth device that we can’t pair or no longer detects.

So the first step is to unlink your car from the devices saved in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. And then, open the Android Auto app and follow these steps:

Go to Settings and choose “Previously connected cars”.

Tap on the three dots you find at the top and select “Forget all cars”.

Once you confirm the action you will have already removed all previous settings to start from scratch.

4. Spotify Doesn’t Work On Android Auto

Spotify gives you an error when you open it from Android Auto? If you get the error you see in the image every time you want to listen to Spotify, you can try a small change in the permission settings to fix it.

Just go to Settings >> Apps >> Manage apps >> Spotify. And under the “Permissions” section, enable the “Automatic startup” option. Restart the mobile to make sure the change is applied and that’s it, it should now work smoothly.

5. Android Auto Constantly Closes

If the Android Auto application is working terribly and closes without giving you the option to make any changes, there is only one solution: return to an older version.

A temporary solution until Google releases an update that fixes this problem or informs you on the steps to follow. How can you get an older version of Android Auto? You can turn to trusted repositories like APKMirror, and download the APK that corresponds to Android Auto for phone screens.

While it is a tedious process, it may be the only way to use Android Auto until there is a definitive solution. And for this to work, don’t forget to uninstall the app so it doesn’t conflict with the new installation.

7. Android Auto App Crashes

Android Auto app crashes or freezes the screen? If you are not convinced by the idea of uninstalling the Android Auto app and installing it from an APK, as mentioned in the previous item, then you can try some alternatives.

For example, check that you have all Android Auto permissions enabled, because if you have denied some of the options it may affect its operation. To do this, go to Settings >> Apps >> Manage apps >> Android Auto and check the permissions, along with the Power Saving setting enabled.

And an extra action that may help you is to clear the app’s cache from Apps >> Android Auto >> Clear data. If you’re lucky, this should be enough to remove any conflicts in the settings that are causing problems.

7. Android Auto Won’t Connect Via Cable

If this is the first time you’re going to connect via USB cable, remember that not all cables are compatible with Android Auto, nor with all cars. Don’t worry, you don’t need to resort to a specific model, but make sure that the option you chose supports data transfer. And of course, that it is of good quality or you will see that it connects and disconnects continuously.

And if the problem has arisen recently, try other cables that meet the requirements.

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