How to Enter OPPO F5 Recovery Mode

No matter whether you carry a low-end, or high-end smartphone, there will be a time when you have to access the hidden options. One of the most important among those options is recovery mode. In this tutorial we’ll help to enter Recovery mode on OPPO F5 through easiest, and working method. There are many advantages of this mode, and probably, you should learn this piece of information. Entering into the recovery mode has never been tough for Android users.

Though, the method differs from one brand to another. But, that doesn’t stop people from accessing this mode. The Oppo keeps this method so simple that anyone can perform, and remember. Once you get the access the recovery mode on Oppo F5, you’ll be able to perform certain actions, and operations that help to maintain our device. The recovery mode offers several extremely powerful options that help to cure our device from even worse condition.

This includes factory reset, wipe out cache memory, flash custom firmware, install updates manually, and even go beyond. Certainly, we won’t get such features, and options until we get into the recovery mode. That means, it becomes important to know about this mode, and how we can reach it anytime we want. (Also see our list of best applications for Oppo F5)

Also, this mode has an option to backup your device’s firmware. That can be very helpful in many cases. If you’ve been in touch with this mode, there is nothing new about this. However, you might want to know the method to access the recovery mode on Oppo F5, and this tutorial is intended for that purpose. To enter into the recovery mode, you just need to follow the steps that we mention in this tutorial. Since, recovery mode comes inbuilt in most of the Android phones, accessing it would not void the warranty in any manner. So, there is nothing to worry about it.

However, you must not use it until you are completely sure about your actions. Here, in this post, we are going to discuss on how to enter recovery mode on OPPO F5 using the hardware keys. The method is very simple to perform, and certainly easy to remember. Probably, once you perform it, you’ll master it. Since it panels extremely powerful features, you mustn’t use them unknowingly, or randomly. That ends our part of explaining about this mode, and now move further to core part this tutorial.

How to Enter OPPO F5 Recovery Mode

This method includes a key pattern. That you must follow to access the recovery mode. Here is how you can enter recovery mode on OPPO F5:

Step 1. Turn off your phone completely using the power button

oppo f5 turn off

Step 2. Once it is turned off completely, press and hold the following buttons: Volume Down + Power buttons.

oppo f5 recovery mode keys combination

Step 3. Keep holding these buttons, and soon it will redirect you to the recovery mode. If you’re booting into the recovery mode for the first time, you might see a language selection screen. Just select the English, or one that you understand.

oppo f5 recovery mode

That’ how you can anytime access the recovery mode on your Oppo F5, and other Oppo’s smartphones. Now, To exit from the recovery mode, just tap on Reboot. It will restart your phone in normal mode.

Now, go ahead, and use this mode to enhance your experience. Though, through a custom recovery, you can expand the functionalities of this mode. Custom recovery adds even more options to maintain your phone.

That ends our tutorial here on how enter Oppo F5 into the recovery mode through physical buttons. If you’ve rooted your phone, then you must use the Quick boot application to simplify this task. Moreover, it adds a few more boot options.

We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this tutorial, and this smartphone.

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