How to Hard Reset the Sony Xperia XZ

Launched in October 2016, the Xperia XZ was another good-looking smartphone from Sony. The smartphone acquired good specification that promises smooth performance. Though, for some reasons known or unknown, you might end up experiencing bugs on your Sony Xperia XZ. In such case, the Hard Reset comes very useful. Whether you’re facing such issues or not, since you’re having this device, you should be aware of the process. In this tutorial, we gonna show the working method to perform a Hard Reset on Sony Xperia XZ, and bring it back to working condition.

In most of issue, before taking it to the service center, it is good to perform a hard reset. Basically, hard is much similar to factory reset. Both wipes out the internal memory of the device, and bring the device’s to its initial state. That means, whether you’re up to factory reset or a hard reset, back up is highly recommended. The motive of this tutorial is teaching you the same, how to perform a hard reset on the Sony Xperia XZ so you would be able to take down issues yourself. Here, I’ve explained many important aspects related to hard reset, and how it comes helpful to Sony Xperia XZ users.

There are many advantages of performing a hard reset. The most common one is low-performance. The Android OS powered devices tend to become slow by the time. As long as we use them, they might become slower. Also, you might face app crashes sometime, and it remains the same even if you do some quick cures. Initiating a hard reset shall help you. Though, it wipes out the internal memory, but it worth trying before stepping out to the manufacturer or someone else. That will help you to save your valuable time.

If you’ve been looking out to reset your Sony Xperia XZ, then this tutorial will help you in the best manner. The process does not take much time. Within just a few minutes, it can be initiated to cure the device. In this tutorial, we have two working methods. One includes use of Sony’s official tool, and second one uses a dialer application. The very first method that we mention here also comes handy when your device is not turning on. The Xperia™ Companion comes complete set of options to take of your Sony Xperia XZ completely. You can also use this tool to back up your device or use our backup guides instead.

Android operating system core comes with an inbuilt option to perform a hard reset. We will use the option in the second method. There is one thing that we would like to remind you again, this hard reset will wipe out the entire memory of the device. Installed application, games, and downloaded files will be deleted, and that cannot be undone. So, before proceeding ahead, back up your all of your files for future aspects. Follow our guide: Best backup solution for Android phones.

Lets start the work.

How to perform a Hard Reset on Sony Xperia XZ

Method 1: Reset using Xperia™ Companion

This method is very helpful. If you find that your phone it not turning on, then this method should help you to revive it back. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install the Xperia™ Companion from their official website →here. It is available for both, Windows, and mac.
  2. Once you install the software on your PC/Computer, open the application.
  3. Make sure that you’ve installed the proper drivers of Sony Xperia XZ onto your PC/Computer so the device can be connected, and recognized the software.
  4. Now, turn off the phone using the power button, and thereafter, select power off option.
  5. Connect the phone using a USB cable to your PC/Computer. The Xperia™ Companion should recognize the device (if not, make sure to install the drivers again and reboot system).
  6. From the menu of Xperia™ Companion, select Software Repair option.
  7. Follow the on-screen instruction to perform a hard reset.
  8. When finished, disconnect the USB cable. Reboot the phone and that’s done.

Thereafter, your phone will reboot, and bring you to home screen very soon. Now, that should look similar to the factory fresh piece. Enter your Google account details to get started, and customize it.

Let’s move onto our second method, that is even easier.

Method 2: Using phone’s hidden settings

A simple method that does not require the use of a PC or any other utilities. Good to sort out small issues like performance, space, and app troubleshooting. However, your phone should be in working state to perform this method.

  1. Turn on your phone (in case it is not).
  2. Open the phone dailer application and type: *#*#7378423#*#*
  3. A menu screen should appear with several options.
  4. From there select Customization Settings.
  5. Then tap on Reset Customization and reboot.
  6. Wait till the process gets finished.

Your phone may get restarted as soon as the process of resetting is completed. For the first time, the boot up process may take more time than the usual.

That end our tutorial here, and we hope that it helps to Sony Xperia XZ users. So, these are the two ways one can reset the Sony’s Xperia XZ. If you see that problem is still existing, you can try to flash the stock firmware onto the phone. Or reach out to manufacturer thereafter.

Also, check out our list of tips for better battery life for Sony Xperia phones. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you. Make comments, share this post, and subscribe us.

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