Enable Developer Options/USB Debugging on Huawei P20

Huawei, a China based multinational telecommunications company has recently announced three new handsets, Huawei P20 Pro, P20, and P20 lite in their existing P series smartphones. All three smartphones have been blessed with top-notch hardware specifications, and run on latest Android 8.1 Operating system. Here in this tutorial, we’ll help you activate Developer Options, and USB Debugging on Huawei P20 Pro, P20, and P20 Lite. These two features should help you to use these smartphones effectively.

If you really want to customize your phone, then you must make use of the Developer Options. For those who are familiar with it, the Developer Options is set of extremely powerful features. Generally, it comes hidden within the Android Operating system. Unless, you activate it, you’ll be not able to use those powerful features. We’ve got this tutorial for you, so you can make best use this mode, and customize your phone thoroughly.

For an ordinary user like us, the Developer Options means only to activate the USB Debugging — that helps to establish a connection between computer, and the mobile. And necessary to carry out tasks like updating firmware manually, rooting, and installing third-party mods. If you want to enable USB debugging on your Huawei P20, and other Huawei devices, then keep reading this tutorial. Apart from just accessing USB debugging, there is much more you can do. If you’re concerned about the performance, then you tweak it well. The Developer Options has several performance related related options.

If you used correctly, it easily elevates the performance of your phone. If you want to know about, and how to use them, must read our guide — speed up Honor Huawei smartphones. Also, we’ll share some useful tips for Huawei P2o in coming time. The USB Debugging becomes necessary when it comes to connect mobile to the computer, and use ADB tools. Also, if you’re about to back up your phone using a PC Suit, then also this option enabled.

Since, you’re having an Android powered smartphone, you can’t skip knowing about this option. Sooner, or later, you’ll need this option enabled. By the end of this guide, you’ll be certain about Developer options, and USB Debugging, and how to enable them on Huawei P2o smartphone. From the above, it looks something complex, but actually, it is very simple to activate these features, and use them.

Since these features come embedded within the operating system, accessing them won’t hurt your phone in any manner. Neither, they will impact the warranty of the phone. However, you shouldn’t use them unknowingly. Therefore, we recommend you to research about the each option, and then only use it. From these perspectives, everything seems to be good, and there is no harm in using the Developer Options. Generally, they are supposed to be used by developers, but for ordinary users like us, they can be a lot helpful. And that is neither a tough job. This option is hidden within the Settings, and with just a few taps, you can activate them anytime you want.

How to Enable Developer Options on Huawei P2o

The method is very easy to understand, and perform. And importantly, it is the same as we do wither Huawei smartphones. Follow the below steps to enable developer options on the Huawei P20 smartphone:

1. Put down the notification panel, and tap on the Settings icon (gear icon). Or, simply open the Settings on your phone.

notification panel

2. From this menu, scroll down, and tap on About phone entry.
Honor 9 Lite Settings

3. Under About phone menu, find Build Number entity.

Honor 9 Lite About Phone

4. To activate the Developer Options on your phone, just tap 7 times on Build Number. This will activate this option, and you can access it through Settings.

Enable Developer Options Huawei P20

You’ve just enabled this option on your phone. Now, you can access Developer Options on your phone through Settings->Developer Options anytime you want.

Since, you’ve access to these Developer Options on Huawei P20, you can proceed to enable USB Debugging. Before you proceed further, read below information about this mode and when you need to activate this.

Why I need to enable USB Debugging Mode?

The USB Debugging has major significance in a development process. It helps to establish a proper connection between phone, and computer while using Android Debugging tools (Development tools). Most of the tools including firmware updating, PC suits, etc., need this option enabled in order to perform specific tasks. If you’re flashing stock firmware, rooting, or putting a custom recovery through third-party tools, you must enable USB Debugging option in order to achieve success.

We hope that you’re now very clear about this mode, and when to enable it. Since, you’ve access to Developer Options, you can activate this option. Follow the below instructions to activate USB Debugging on Huawei P20, and its siblings.

Enable USB Debugging

1. Open Settings, scroll down, and tap on Developer options.

open developer options

2, Under this menu, check the USB debugging, and confirm your action.

enable usb debugging options

That’s it you’ve enabled USB Debugging option successfully. Now, there shouldn’t be any problem while you connect your phone to the computer. That’s all about these two modes, and how you can activate these on your phone. Stay connected with us for more useful stuff. We’ll be posting more stuff for this #Huawei P20 smart phone.

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