Is A Magnetic Smartphone Holder Harmful?

A car holder for your smartphone is insanely handy. What could be more convenient than mounting your smartphone so that it’s in view of, say, a navigator? A notification while driving is a great detriment, but a motorist needs to assess the traffic situation and choose the right route. There are a lot of holders, and they all differ in price and quality.

The magnetic holder deserves special attention, it’s simple and easy to use. But a magnet is kind of contraindicated for electronics, isn’t it? Won’t it affect the smartphone’s performance?

How to choose a holder for your smartphone

The simplest option is a holder that grips your smartphone at the edges. It’s sturdy enough so your device won’t fall out while you’re driving on the wrong side of the road. It has only a small disadvantage – one awkward movement of the hand and the design can break.

That’s why many experienced drivers choose magnetic holders for their cars – there are no fasteners, all you have to do is attach your smartphone and it’s permanently magnetised to the platform. This is not the most versatile option, as a special case or plate is required. But no one can use it, except for you.

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How to choose a holder for your smartphone

Advantages of a magnetic holder

Such an accessory has a number of advantages over conventional holders. Many experienced drivers recommend getting one, especially when you are on the road for long periods of time.

Easy smartphone installation and operation. Handy even with one hand when navigating maps
Versatile design allows you to attach any gadget, and a magnet holds your gadget even on a bad road
Magnetic holder has minimum unnecessary details, making it easy to use and compact.

Is the Magnetic Holder for your Smartphone Harmful?

If you frequently place the magnet close to your camera, it may magnetise the parts, creating a small magnetic field that can interfere with focus and camera stabilisation as well as distort images. It’s worth noting that this is not a problem for smartphones with cameras without autofocus or with optical stabilisation. So many owners of expensive smartphones with advanced cameras are risking their devices?

Don’t claim so: I know a lot of people who are behind the wheel very often, hardly ever take their phone off the magnet. It turns out that they have no problems whatsoever. Still, there is a certain risk.

Another thing is when you have wireless charging built into your holder – it’s a very convenient solution that avoids a string of different cords. Lately, manufacturers offer a lot of such accessories. But remember the peculiarities of wireless charging that can affect the “health” of your battery. Firstly, the phone will start to heat up even more. Higher temperatures affect the lithium that makes up smartphone batteries. Overheating can cause the lithium to degrade faster than normal.

In addition, there is a risk of voltage spikes – due to the nature of your car’s wiring, the voltage can fluctuate widely. Ideally, your smartphone has protection in the form of a charge controller, and the charger itself has another one installed. Either way, constant charging will not have a positive effect on your device.

The effect of the magnet on the GPS module

The effect of the magnet on the GPS module

Hall sensor, basically it is a sensor that acts as a digital compass and helps the navigation module to display coordinates more accurately. Interestingly, this sensor can also be harmful in conjunction with a magnetic holder. If the smartphone is kept in the holder for several days at a time, for example, if you find yourself on an insanely long road trip, there is a risk that the navigator’s compass could go astray. Readers of our Telegram Channel often tell of cases where the navigator blatantly lies about the location, showing that the car is somewhere in a field.

You might often see this when ordering a taxi: there are times when the taxi icon takes a very strange trajectory, turns around on its axis or wiggles through the streets. A magnetic holder may be involved (but it’s not certain).

The magnetic holder is a great accessory that is more convenient than other holders. Does it harm your smartphone? Only if you use it all day long. It is unlikely you will be able to quickly destroy your smartphone. If you’re not sure and don’t want to risk it, check out my colleague Artem Sutyagin’s selection of cool car mounts, in which he looks at a variety of these accessories with different types of attachment.

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