The 15 Best Apps for Nokia 8

In this roundup, we gather some of the best apps for Nokia 8 to get most out it. These applications are helpful to complete daily tasks, make better use of this phone, and do much more on your Nokia 8.The most interesting news of 2017 was the comeback of everyone’s favorite Nokia! The latest from smartphone giant is the Nokia 8 in which the company has paid maximum emphasis on its camera. T Maximize the fun, productivity, abilities, and have more fun with your 8 smartphone with these applications.

Nokia 8 has many new features that include a dual sensor rear camera to capture ‘bokeh’ images with a pretty blur in the background. It has the ability to perform well in low lighting too. There is something called the ‘bothie’ mode that uses both the rear shooter and front shooter at the same time so that you can capture what is behind and what is in front of the phone. With Nokia’s OZO 3D audio capture tech, you can record better videos.

Look-wise, this latest smartphone is the best looking one from Nokia so far! It has a 5.3 inch QHD display that looks stunning. Another plus in Nokia 8 is the ability to view your display even in glaring sunlight. Powered by a 1.8GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, it has a 4 GB RAM. With 64 GB of internal memory, it can be expanded to 256 GB with a memory card (microSD.. Nokia 8 runs on Android 7.1.1 OS, and also has started Beta Testing Android 8.0 Oreo. It accepts Nano-SIM in both the SIM slots.

However, it does have its cons too. It isn’t waterproof like other competing phones, but is splash-resistant, which means you can take it out in the rain. Also see : Enter recovery mode on Nokia Smartphones.

Such a power-packed phone can support a lot of well-performing apps. So, let’s begin with our list of applications for this smartphone. We hope that our readers would like. Share your favorite apps with us in the comment section.

List of Best Apps for Nokia 8

1. Open Table

Open Table applicationOpen Table is one app that works well when you have to find, reserve and manage the reservations at restaurants. This app helps you get all that done from almost anywhere.

This app is a global leader in helping customers to reserve tables at restaurants. The open Table app helps you view new restaurants, their menus, reviews as well as their photos. You can also earn reward points when you have your next meal.

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2. Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner Free PDF ScanDo you have to scan notes, documents, invoices and business cards? Then the Fast Scanner app will surely be of help. It helps you in scanning your documents and printing and emailing them as PDF files or JPEG files.

You just need to tap on the send button to email the scanned docs. It works pretty fast and has many image editing options to make your job easier.

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3. Pedometer

Pedometer appBy installing this app on your Nokia 8, you are moving towards fitness. The pedometer app counts the number of steps you walk and lets you know about the distance covered, number of calories burned and your walking speed.

All you need to do is tap the start button of the app and keep your phone in your bag or pocket. With the pedometer app you can keep an eye on the number of steps you cover each day.

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4. Headspace

Headspace meditation app nokia 8If you want to start meditating then there is nothing better than Headspace. This app focuses on the beginners and is designed to help you understand meditation exercises fast and practice them right.

The app has ‘Take 10’ meditation exercises that last for 10 minutes. You can even keep track of your friend’s progress with this app.

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5. HabitBull

Habit health tracker app nokia 8Those who want to take care of everyday habits and routines should definitely download this app. It is a multi-platform companion that keeps a track of your activities.

You can customize it as per your convenience and cut down on your bad habits along with developing good ones. HabitBull tracks your habits and shows your progress with the help of a graph.

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6. Trivago

Trivago hotel booking appGet the perfect hotel and vacation deals at affordable prices. It can help you search for good hotels and plan your next trip. It compares prices from 200+ booking sites all over the world and over one million hotels in 190 countries!

It can help you save money and get the perfect deal. Trivago is a highly acclaimed app for comparing and searching hotels.

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7. Gravity Screen – On/Off

Gravity ScreenThis app helps in turning the screen off when you place your smartphone on the table or put it in your pocket. The screen turns on as soon as you take it out or lift it up.

All this happens without a touch of a button. Gravity Screen app is a useful app that suits everyone’s need.

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8. AirDroid

AirDroidNow you can transfer documents, files, photos and videos wirelessly from one device to another! With AirDroid app, you can even transfer folders from phone to PC.

It makes your life easy as you can manage the phone from any PC anytime and anywhere. In short, your phone can be fully controlled on the PC with the help of AirDroid. It is a must-have for the busy-bees.

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9. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Nokia 8 AppsShoot amazing videos with the dual sensor rear camera of Nokia 8 and then work on them with Premier Clip video editing app.

There is nothing better than this! It helps you with complex video-editing on the screen of your Nokia 8 smartphone. You get way more than what you expect. All the photography enthusiasts should install this app.

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10. OneNote

note taking apps nokia 8This app from Microsoft is the best note-taking app as it has all the features required along with being super easy to use.

Right from organizing huge lists to quickly jotting down notes, One-Note can handle it all. These features make it the most sought after app for making notes as it is much needed in today’s busy world.

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11. AccuWeather

weather app nokia 8Though there are many weather apps but this one is number one due to its precise forecasts, localized to your exact location. It gives instant snapshots of locations that have been saved. AccuWeather is actually a data source for other apps.

The design is clean and shows you the current weather conditions along with the forecasts in one glance. Moreover, you can store as many locations as you want.

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12. Sleep Talk recorder

Sleep Talk recorderDo you talk while sleeping? Find out if you do with the help of this app. It records everything, from sleep talking to snoring.

It may sound weird but the aim is to check your sleep quality and help the medical professionals find out if your snoring is related to sleep neap. Do install this app from the health point of view.

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13. Lumosity

Brain Training appsYou may have heard of a lot of health and fitness apps but this free Android app is designed for mental workouts. You can train the brain with the workouts in the app.

There are more than 30 games that help challenge reasoning, attention and memory. Made by scientists the games provide a real-time boost.

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14. Snapseed

Snapseed camera app nokia 8Since the camera of Nokia 8 is the most talked about feature, you must have Google snapseed installed to edit your photos. It is a professional editor with mind-blowing tools and features.

It edits both JPG and RAW files. You can save certain looks and apply them to your photos. Every style can be tweaked with precision. Install it and have fun creating the best out of your photo.

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15. SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer appIf you want to declutter your SMS inbox, there can be no better app. This newly launched Microsoft app ensures that you never miss an important SMS. For the best SMS inbox experience you must switch to this SMS app.

It has features like smart reminders, smart backup, and personalization. Also, for this app, you don’t need an internet connection.

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Install the above apps on your Nokia 8 phone and see how they are useful. Surely, this is not the end. To find more useful applications, head onto our list of 50 best Android smartphones. We hope that our readers would like this list of apps. Share your favorite apps with us in the comment section.

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