5 Popular Tools to Search Criminal Records Online

Going through someone’s criminal records lets you know if you are safe around them. A criminal record includes all the criminal history of a person along with the police arrests and court trials.

Performing a Criminal check is a bit challenging as it includes a long legal process. However, there’s an easier way that helps you find everything about it. The process includes running a background check that comes with the complete criminal records of an individual.

In this article, we will share the 5 most popular platforms to perform background searches (or criminal searches) on an individual. All these platforms are safe and provide a reliable way to complete your search.

Here is the first and most popular platform to do it.

Best Tools to Search Criminal Records Online


CocoFinder is an online platform that has a large database of public information. The platform is well-equipped with tools that help you find any information related to a person, address, email, or phone number online. CocoFinder works without any registration process that gives you the freedom to search for any data without facing privacy issues.

The criminal record finder of this tool is accessed by using the background check feature. Thus, you can click on the background check tool and enter the person’s name whose criminal records you want to access.

It will take some time to find the information and present it to you with an easy-to-read report. The best part is that there are different sections to find educational background, criminal records, etc.

Cofofinder to Search Criminal Records Online

Why Choose CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is a must-have web-based application for those who want to search public information online. It does not require you to pay any subscription fee and works without registration. Also, the website has different tools that let you search for information related to any phone number, address, email, or person.

Another main reason to choose CocoFinder is its reliable sources for criminal records.


The next tool to find someone’s criminal record is ZabaSearch. This platform is equally reliable in finding someone’s public information online. The only difference is the user interface and the databases of the respective applications.

ZabaSearch is used by people to access police records and other credible sources to find public information. The platform is known for its advanced people search option that gives you every minor detail of that person by just entering his/her name.

It can even track the social media profiles of the person to know a few more things about them. To use its background check feature, you need to enter the first and last name of the person on its homepage.

This tool is trusted by millions of users due to the credibility of its information. You can check its services by running a check on your own profile.

Why Choose ZabaSearch?

ZabaSearch has many advanced tools to find public information from reliable sources. Its website has a responsive user interface that is much easier to use. Also, it can find the social media profiles of a person. This feature is hard to find on any public information platform.

Therefore, ZabaSearch is one of the most reliable platforms to offer free services of public information.


Here is another great platform to use background search tools. TruthFinder is a US-based platform that offers public information at the convenience of your home. You can visit its website on any smartphone and use the services by creating a free account.

When you visit its website, you will see a warning that says the results might be shocking for you. If you are ready to continue your search, click on I agree and enter the name of the person you want to know about.

After that, it will search its database to find all the criminal activities of that person. Once the search is completed, open the report and find all the information there.

Why Choose TruthFinder?

TruthFinder is a professional website to find public information. It has a toll-free customer support number where you can easily get all your queries done. Also, the platform follows all the security measures to protect your identity and privacy while performing a search on its website.


The name of this platform is enough to get an idea of its working. InstantCheckmate is one of the largest platforms to find this information. If you have tried the previous websites and still not satisfied with the information, there’s a good chance that you will find it here.

The only problem is that its database has different sources and some of them are not very credible. However, it is still enough to help you find the information of a person and their criminal history. Therefore, you can check out this platform and find out the information you need.

Why Choose InstantCheckmate?

You can choose this application if you want to extend your search to some new databases. The application can access millions of web pages to find the information you need. However, we recommend cross-checking the information with other platforms to be sure about it.


Although Intelius is a complete platform to find public information, the main focus of this application is on its Public Search tool. It allows you to find the information of a person from police records and some other credible sources. The database of this application has limited sources. However, you can always trust the information from this platform.

It also offers phone lookup services that help you find information on any phone number online.

Why Choose Intelius?

People Search Tool, Phone Lookup Service, and Credible Information are three main features of this platform. If you are looking for one of the above, you must check out this platform.

To get better results, improve your search query by adding the city name with the person’s details.

Final Words

Find any type of criminal history by using a public information finder. The above platforms are hand-picked to use the background search features on anyone. All you need is to enter the name and get complete details within a few minutes.

Each website has some qualities and you can read the above reviews to find out which one suits your needs the most.

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