Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Release date, design, S Pen support, new cameras

A new design with minimal bezels, S Pen support, and an upgraded camera unit are all about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. In this article, let’s discuss all the details of the new product and decide whether it’s worth upgrading for owners of previous generations.

Samsung smartphones have long earned the attention of everyone who is partial to the world of Android devices. The Koreans have managed to prove that their smartphones deserve the user’s attention. Lately, however, there’s been something quite incomprehensible going on with their lineup.

The top-of-the-line Galaxy Note, which many people loved so much, is disappearing from the shelves. It’s being replaced by the obscure Galaxy Fold for 160k. It seems the company themselves are confused. The future Galaxy S22 is supposed to solve all the problems. The phone should combine all of Samsung’s cool features and become a truly universal device. Today I propose to talk about what is known about the gadget so far, discuss its main features and decide whether it is worth upgrading for owners of previous generations.

Rumours that Samsung is planning to merge the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lines have been around for a few years now. Well, in principle, it makes perfect sense. Why did Galaxy Note fans love their devices?

For the large display and support for the S Pen smartpen. There you could leave some notes or sketch a future project to finish it later on your laptop. Now the display size of any flagship can do the same, so the need for a separate lineup no longer exists by itself.

Galaxy S22 Ultra design
Galaxy S22 images hit the mark one-to-one.

Galaxy S22 Ultra design

We’ve previously told you about the design of the new smartphone, based on images by Parvez Khan in collaboration with LetsGoDigital. From them, we learned that the top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra will get a new dark green colour, support for the S Pen stylus and extremely small bezels.

More recently, renowned insider John Prosser has published the first real pictures of the upcoming Korean flagship. The device in the photo reminds us very much of the Galaxy Note with its massive body and signature sleek design.

Before the leak, there was a keen question about the smartphone’s curved edges. Looking at the picture, it’s hard to say anything. It seems to me that the curved effect will only be due to the rounded glass. The display will remain standard.

Interestingly, the photo shows “Confidential”, “Not for sale”, “Do not allow information to be leaked”. I used to always think that such warnings were plastered over immediately after the pictures were taken.

Galaxy S22 images hit the mark one-to-one.
Pulling the stylus out of the Galaxy S22 activates note mode.

Also in the pictures, you can see that the compact body of the novelty obviously does not shine. I think the S Pen, which takes up quite a lot of free space, is to blame. In one of the leaked photos we can see that when you pull the smartpen out of the device, the smartphone activates note mode. The same was previously the case with the Galaxy Note. author Artem Sutyagin has been speculating on this topic for a while now. In his article, he told us that the S Pen is not a good solution for Samsung, because it takes up a lot of space in the case, which affects the battery life and other technical characteristics.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras

Not to be overlooked is the smartphone’s camera unit. This time, Samsung decided not to experiment with the block and separated all the lenses from each other, making them slightly elongated.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras
Here are the first photos of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It’s no secret that the camera is one of the main criteria for smartphone recognition. Note, all the new flagships come out with different units. Manufacturers’ experiments have gone so far that freestanding lenses now look new.

The camera specs of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra promise to be extremely similar to the previous year’s model. Here’s what we know about it so far:

  • The main module is 108MP.
  • The angle of view of the module is 85 degrees.
  • The maximum aperture is f/1.8.
  • An ultra-wide-angle module of 12 MP.
  • Triple telephoto at 10 MP.
  • Ten-times telephoto 10 MP lens.
  • All 4 lenses will have optical stabilisation.

When will the Galaxy S22 be released?

John Prosser also shared information regarding the release of the new devices. According to him, pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S22 will open on February 8, 2022, and the phones will retail 10 days later on February 18.

Apparently, mass production of the components of the new Galaxy S22 smartphones has already started. We are expecting the official premiere at the end of January next year.

What do you think about the novelty? Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a worthy replacement for the Galaxy Note? Be sure to share your opinion in our Telegram chat. It will be interesting to read.

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