The most exciting games on PC and consoles

The world of video games is full of fascinating creations that leave an unforgettable impression on players. So, here is a selection of the most exciting games for PC and console that are guaranteed to take you to incredible worlds of adventure and challenge:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: This role-playing game is characterized by many plot branches, incredible visual effects, and a unique world. The game is so popular that even casino Bollywood has a Witcher-themed online slot. 
  • Red Dead Redemption 2: Feel like an outlaw in the wild west as you explore the open world, carry out robberies, and interact with unforgettable characters.
  • Dark Souls III: If you are looking for a challenge, this role-playing game offers players to conquer complex enemy attacks and solve puzzles.

These games are just a drop in the bucket of incredible opportunities that await you in video games on PC and console. We will talk about other, less popular representatives of the genre later.


The French studio Spiders, which has made its mark in the past with The Technomancer and GreedFall, has a peculiar reputation in the gaming community. It is generally accepted that its releases do not grab stars from the sky but always find a loyal audience. Steelrising is a development of just such an order. From a purely mechanical point of view, it is openly secondary copying of Dark Souls and similar games in some places. But aesthetically, it is pretty original! Here the action takes place in an alternate version of pre-revolutionary France, where, in addition to people, in the intrigues of the court, are involved animated robot dolls. It is in the role of such a beautiful and deadly doll that players are offered to unravel all political passions and determine the fate of the Republic. It’s an amateur proposition, but some people will enjoy it!

Elden Ring

The Game Awards’ Best Game of 2022 is just the cherry on the cake of awards that Elden Ring has been honored with. The magnum opus from FromSoftware, the team that gave the world Bloodborne and Dark Souls, received the highest marks from professional critics and users alike. Hardcore, demanding to the player battles, filigree level-design with elaborate interconnected locations, a variety of pumping and outstanding visual style – everything for which people loved the games of this studio, moved into a vast fantasy open world, which can be explored in any order. The feeling of boundless freedom and real achievement this game gives is hard to compare with anything.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In the local cruel and gloomy world, you will have to start from the bottom as the only survivor of a village destroyed by raiders who want to avenge the death of his relatives. But to achieve your goal, one desire will not be enough – if you want to make your way in the local society, you must master not only hand-to-hand combat skills but also literacy and etiquette. But the primary skill in your arsenal should remain wit. After all, this is a full-fledged role-playing game with an elaborate system of character development and non-linear plot development, and the vast majority of quests here have several options for passage.


A long project from independent developers attracted the attention of many fans of unusual games and was finally released in 2022. Scorn is a creepy, uncomfortable and sometimes frankly repulsive game in the space horror genre with a visual style unique to the media. The authors focused on the works of the creator of Xenomorph from “Aliens”, Hans Giger, and Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski, known for his gloomy paintings of decay. The uncharted and alien feel from the first frame, the emphasis on corporeality, the monstrous deadly creatures waiting around every corner, and the dotted plot line create a unique experience. It’s not a game for everyone, and it’s not primarily for kids. But fans of experimental horror will appreciate it.

The Last of Us Part I

The critically acclaimed adventure of cynical mercenary Joel and orphaned girl Ellie, set against a zombie virus epidemic ravaging the United States, seems on every possible list of “games everyone should play”. And it is difficult to challenge its position. It’s a truly outstanding piece of work. When it needs to be funny, when it needs to be scary, when it needs to be heartbreakingly dramatic, given the re-release’s updated visuals and gameplay, it would be strange not to include it among the best adventure games on PC.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The “Metroidvania” segment – games that inherit the mechanical tradition of Castlevania and Super Metroid with considerable enclosed world exploration and constant backtracking – has seen a new heyday in recent years. Ori, Hollow Knight, Blasphemous – all these games deserve to be called new genre classics. But for our top, we’ve chosen a game from industry mastodon Koji Igarashi, who turned the idea of side-scrolling action games upside down in the cult Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. His new masterpiece Bloodstained largely follows the tried-and-true formula: Here we have a huge castle filled with all sorts of evil with a lot of forks and bosses, and then the player is left to his own devices and can go wherever he wants. The gothic atmosphere, sense of freedom of exploration and full of secrets, nooks and crannies of the castle can easily capture for several dozens of hours.

No Man’s Sky

A frankly failed, ambitious game, which the developers did not abandon, began to methodically improve year after year, believing in the original concept and eventually winning the audience’s love. The idea in No Man’s Sky is excellent – exploring infinite space with procedural generation of star systems, planets and their inhabitants. It is a game in which you can never predict what awaits you in the next half an hour. And more importantly, in 2023, No Man’s Sky, in addition to its sandbox mode, offers tons of fun content, including a full-fledged storyline, cooperative travel, and building planetary camps with friends.

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