Why Android Devices are Great for Blackjack Games

Android devices are great for communications, storing photos, social media…and live blackjack online casinos that work on Android! Yep, there’s not much you can’t do on a good Android device. Let’s find out more about the device type and how live blackjack online casino players enjoy their favorite game.

How does Blackjack play on an Android device?

There are a few different ways that users can experience live blackjack online casino on their Android devices. The best casino apps that offer both! The first one is where users can play a computer that will consistently deal cards until the user wants to stop playing. The other experience is to play a ‘live blackjack’ game where the experience echoes a live casino. A live dealer is present on a stream and they deal the cards (and then they correspond to the user’s display), this variation of casino games is becoming more and more popular with online gamblers.

While the games should play by the exact same rules, some players prefer the more human presentation associated with the live dealer options. It feels more like the real casino experience this way, which many people are looking for when they play online casino games.

The basic game lends itself to handheld Android devices

Blackjack is incredibly popular as a game due to its basic structure. Within a few turns of play, most people will understand how to play the game with no misunderstanding. The only problem was that prior technologies stopped the game from developing its popularity. The game needs a deck of cards, which let’s face it, unless you’re at a table, the game is hardly portable. It’s difficult to play while on the go.

While the early days of the internet allowed people to play blackjack on their computers and laptops, they needed to be plugged into a power socket and/or connected to Wi-Fi. While these incarnations of the game are fine, they aren’t as welcoming as having blackjack on a mobile device like an Android. This allows users to play blackjack wherever they are, whether it is on the bus, at work, in a public garden, or anywhere! They are not restricted to set locations as to where they can physically put their cards or power up their hardware. As more and more places improve their mobile network connectivity and Android device ownership goes up, the potential for new blackjack players grows.

Advanced rules more apparent in the apps

The base rules of blackjack are pretty self-explanatory. Try to make 21 in numerical value without going bust and beat the dealer’s hand. That’s how a lot of people play the game, especially in social situations. However, some more rules might not be apparent or well-known. However, when playing blackjack online, the rules are presented to users.

The first of which is insurance. This is where the dealer’s shown card is an ace. There is a high probability that the dealer will have blackjack, so this allows bettors to pay an additional fee to insure their original stake if the dealer does have blackjack. Another one is to split the hand. If a player draws two of the same card values, the player can then have two hands for the rest of the turn. While a blackjack host will explain these to you at a casino, it might hold up the game. Therefore it’s much easier, socially to just have these additional rules explained in the app.

What does Android have over the opposition device brands?

Without sounding like a computing lecture, the Android system is more closely related to that of a conventional computer. Programming and making software for these devices is typically easier for developers, therefore a lot of apps will become available for Android. Typically, the Android versions will then be translated to work for others. This can lead to hiccups or certain software simply not being available on non-Android devices. Lots of Casino apps are therefore Android exclusive, at least when they first launch.

Blackjack variations available

Blackjack is a game of many names. 21, Pontoon and Vingt-un are just a few. The game has even more variations with some of the better-known ones being: Chinese Blackjack, Malaysian Pontoon, and Spanish 21. Some of the better online casino sites will have multiple versions like these available to play while more limited ones might just have the standard game. Some apps offer free versions of their casino games allowing players to practice the game without risking their money. These can be a useful way to better learn how to play blackjack.

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