12 Best OnePlus Nord Tips and Tricks

The OnePlus Nord is the most attractive model in the OnePlus catalog, mainly because of its price and the quality ratio it has compared to the first. Like any terminal of the brand, Oxygen OS is the system that runs under Android 10. Despite being a layer of non-intrusive customization, the truth is that it keeps many secrets inside. We have made a compilation of several of the best tricks of the OnePlus Nord to get the most out of the phone.

1. Hidden Space, So You Can Hide Applications On The Phone

Did you know that Oxygen OS has a hidden app drawer? Hidden space is the name that OnePlus has decided to give to this curious function, which we can access from the application drawer by sliding the interface to the right.

Hidden Space, So You Can Hide Applications On The Phone On OnePlus Nord

Once inside, Hidden Space will allow us to add any application to hide it from view (be careful, hide them, do not protect them). To access the applications again we will have to perform the same swipe gesture from the application drawer.

2. Use Your OnePlus Nord As An External Battery

Despite the fact that the OnePlus Nord lacks reversible wireless charging, the truth is that the phone is capable of acting as an external battery through the USB OTG function.

Thanks to this function, we can connect a USB type C to a USB type A adapter and plug in any device to supply it with power. On Amazon we can find adapters for less than 5 and 10 dollars, depending on the quality.

3. Password Protect Apps

To protect applications with a password on the OnePlus Nord we can use two methods. The first and simplest of all is based on creating an access password from Hidden Space. Just click on the three dots in the upper right corner and then click on Activate password.

Password Projected Apps

The other option to password protect applications is to use Oxygen OS’s own security options. The difference with respect to Hidden space is that the applications that we decide to protect with this method will be shown in the application drawer.

Starting from this premise, the method is as simple as going to the Utilities section within the Android settings. Then, we will click on Application Blocker and we will select all the applications that we want to protect after entering the password or fingerprint that we have previously registered.

4. Quick pay, To Enable Functions From The Lock Screen

From the same previous menu, we can take advantage of the Quick pay functions. This is a feature that allows you to enable payment via NFC by opening the default mobile payment application (Google Pay, Imagin, BBVA Pay…) or perform a specific action (create a note, add an event to the calendar…) keeping the finger pressed on the fingerprint sensor.

It is enough to select the action that we want to enable from the Quick pay menu that we can find in Utilities.

5. Improve Gaming Performance With This OnePlus Nord Trick

Oxygen OS in its version 10 introduced an application called Gaming Space that acts as a bridge between games and the phone itself to optimize the performance of the titles. What this application does is limit the processes that run in the background and raise the processor frequencies to their maximum level to improve the performance of the terminal when playing games. To optimize system resources, however, we will have to play with the application settings.

Game Space Feature on OnePlus Nord

Once we have accessed Play Space (the application is installed by default on OnePlus phones), we will click on the three points in the upper right corner and then on Settings. Within this menu, we will access Fnatic Mode and activate the homonymous option. In this way, the application will apply the parameters mentioned above to take full advantage of the equipment’s hardware.

6. Bring Your OnePlus Nord To Life By Speeding Up Animations

Oxygen OS is one of the fastest customization layers on Android. To make it even faster we can resort to the advanced options of Android, and more specifically, to the system development settings. To access these settings we will have to go to the Phone information section within Settings and press a total of seven times on the Compilation number.

Speed up Animations on OnePlus Nord

Once activated, the new menu will appear in the System section within Settings. Within the settings, we will locate the following options

  • Window animation level
  • Animation level of transitions
  • Animation duration level

To notice an improvement in the system animations, the ideal is to set the figure at .5x in Animation Scale, although we can also choose to completely disable the transitions.

7. Use Screen-off Gestures To Activate Features

One of the most useful features of Oxygen OS has to do with system gestures. Among the options that the layer offers us, we can use gestures on the phone with the screen off to activate certain functions. Activate the flashlight, enable the camera, open a certain application.

Gestures on OnePlus Nord

From the Quick gestures section that we can find in Buttons and gestures in Settings, we can configure different gestures in the form of letters to assign them a personalized option. For example, O to turn on the flashlight, S to silence calls, W to open WhatsApp… Simply draw the letter on the paid screen to enable the assigned function or application.

8. Control Music With Gestures On The Screen

From Quick gestures, we can also activate another Oxygen OS function that allows us to control the music playback through the backward and backward gestures (<to go back and> to go back). By activating the Music Control option, we can draw the icons mentioned above on the locked screen to move between songs or go back to the previous one. To pause or continue playing, we can draw the pause icon with two fingers down (||).

9. Activate The Screen By Pressing Twice On The Touch

A rather old function but that is disabled by default in the OnePlus Nord. To activate this function we will have to go again to the Quick gestures menu in the Buttons and gestures section that we can find in Settings. It will be enough to activate the option Press twice to activate to enable the function that we just mentioned.

10. Duplicate Apps To Use Two Accounts At The Same Time

Until recently, mirroring applications was something that required third-party software or root. With the latest Oxygen OS updates, we can carry out this task through the native options of the system, in such a way that we can make use of two accounts of the same application at the same time. Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube…

Duplicate Apps on OnePlus Nord

To access this function we will have to go back to the Utilities menu that we can find in Settings. Within this menu, we will click on Parallel Applications to select all those applications that we want to replicate in the system.

11. Improve The Quality Of Photos With Google Camera

We have already told you on many occasions about the advantages of using the Google camera application. In summary, this application brings the Google Pixel image algorithm to any phone with a Snapdragon processor.

On the Internet, there are many versions and APKs compatible with the OnePlus Nord, although the most stable version is the one proposed from the phone’s own forums, which we can access through this link. Simply provide the camera permissions to make the application work.

13. Mirror The Screen Of Your OnePlus Nord On TV

If we have a smart TV or a Google Chromecast, Android allows us to duplicate the phone’s screen on a TV through the Screen Mirror function, which we can access from the system’s own quick settings bar.

Mirror The Screen Of Your OnePlus Nord On TV

By tapping on Cast, the phone will start scanning all devices that support the above-mentioned function. If a compatible TV is found, the phone image will be displayed on the TV screen.

It should be noted that the two devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.

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