10 Best Apps For Streaming Music

The times change. A few years ago if you wanted to listen to music from your mobile phone, the most common thing was to download a few songs from the Internet or rip some of your favorite albums into mp3 and transfer them to your mobile. The only drawback was that you were limited to your “physical” discography (unless you were downloading the records from the internet) and the storage capacity of your mobile. In this list, we gather some of the best music streaming apps for Android and iOS devices.

All that changed when Spotify hit the table and the apps to listen to music in streaming became more and more popular: it was no longer necessary to download or copy anything: streaming was here to stay. We music lovers could not be more in luck. Also, learn to choose the best sites to buy plays especially for Spotify.

List of best music streaming apps for Android and iOS

But the thing does not end there. Spotify is just the spearhead of a series of music streaming apps that allow us to listen to music in a different way. Perhaps one of the best features of this type of app is its ability to offer us new and unknown music based on our musical tastes.

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Do you like Radiohead ( replace “Radiohead” here with your favorite band )? Don’t worry, Spotify knows it and it will show you a lot of similar or related groups. What is cool? Well, that’s not all… Here are 10 of the best apps to listen to streaming music on your Android or iOS device. Let’s go there!

1. Spotify, the king of streaming music

Although it is not the only app to listen to music from a mobile phone, I would dare to say that it is the most popular on the market. In its free version, you can create playlists, follow your favorite bands, and an infinite variety of genres and musical styles.

What I like most about Spotify though is its incredible “treasure hunting” ability. Depending on the songs we have listened to, Spotify takes a good note and makes suggestions of similar groups that we may like, which means that we always have new groups to listen to in the bedroom.

In addition, it offers a personalized playlist for each user called “Weekly Discovery” where every 7 days Spotify creates a playlist just for you with music related to your tastes. If you are not willing to pay for the Premium service, the free version works wonderfully as long as you don’t mind hearing the occasional ad from time to time.

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2. SoundCloud, the emerging app

SoundCloud has more than 100 million downloads and the truth is that there are many people who do not even know it exists. It has a very elegant design and very easy to use. I love the interface. Another point in its favor is that it allows you to pass the tracks forward and skip them, and you can also tag them and add comments to them.

As a negative point, I would say that it does not have as many songs as other platforms and it is possible that you are looking for something and it is not there. But hey, she is forgiven for being so cute. Registration is required, but you can use your Facebook or Google account to log in. A very good app to listen to streaming music on our Android phone or iPhone.

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3. Amazon Music, for Prime subscribers

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you definitely have to install Amazon Music on your mobile. Prime subscribers have free access to the Amazon Music catalog with more than 2 million songs. Although it may seem like a very high number, the truth is that if you are looking for very recent or a little strange songs, it is most likely that you will not find them.

Where you will find them is on Amazon Music Unlimited, which is the premium version of this same service (€ 9.99 per month). Here we will find everything: in total more than 60 million songs of all musical genres.

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4. Tidal, streaming for purists and audiophiles

Tidal is another of the great streaming platforms today. It offers more than 60 million songs in high fidelity and without ads. It also incorporates more than 250,000 exclusive music videos and documentaries.

The company is of Swedish origin, although it was acquired by rapper Jay Z in 2015, after which it was relaunched through a massive advertising campaign. It has a free 30-day trial period.

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5. Deezer, the alternative

Deezer didn’t invent the wheel, but he didn’t need it either. It is an app very similar to Spotify, with suggestions and recommendations based on your tastes with a clean and very manageable interface.

One of the things that I like about Deezer is that when you start it for the first time, it gives you a small questionnaire about the groups and styles of music that you like, and so the first time you enter you will already have a lot of new music to discover and listen to. Deezer also allows you to log in with your Gmail or Facebook account. Come on, another app to listen to music in streaming, but nothing to blame: good, beautiful, and cheap.

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6. Apple Music

Apple’s streaming music platform. When you install the application it makes a backup copy of your song library and uploads it to the cloud. Apple Music has a large repertoire of both old and recent songs, with personalized playlists and recommendations.

It also allows you to download songs to listen to offline and has interesting details such as a lyrics search engine. However, we are facing a subscription service (€ 9.99 per month) so we will have to go to the box to enjoy it since there is no free version. Of course, it has an extensive free trial period of 3 months.

[Download: Android/iOS]

7. Youtube Music

YouTube Music is like normal YouTube but removing everything and leaving only the video clips, live concerts, and music in general. The interface is quite intuitive and easy to use, although if we are using the free version of YouTube Music if we turn off the screen or change the application, the music stops playing.

Of course, we can also pay a subscription of € 9.99 per month to have the complete experience and without ads. It has a free trial month.

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8. TuneIn: Listen to radio stations from around the world in streaming

TuneIn is the app to listen to online radio par excellence. It allows you to listen to all your local stations, in addition to… the rest of the world’s stations. It has radio stations classified by musical styles, as well as news channels, sports channels, and even podcasts.

TuneIn is a free app that does not require registration, but if you pay for a Premium subscription you will see how all the ads disappear and you can also record everything you are listening to. Highly recommended application within the entire list of apps to listen to streaming music offered by both Android and iOS.

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9. LiveXLive: one of the best apps to listen to music in streaming… only for the USA and Canada

LiveXLive (formerly known as Slacker Radio) is another of the reference music streaming apps on Google Play. Unfortunately, it is only available in the US and Canada, so for people like me who live outside their borders, this app simply does not work for us.

Anyway, I am left wanting to try it since it has very good reviews and more than 50 million downloads on Google Play, so if any reader has enjoyed it, do not hesitate to leave a comment with your opinion on it. I have lot of intrigues! Is it as good as it seems?

[Download: Android/iOS]

10. Pandora: Music & Podcasts

Another leading app where they exist and that… oh surprise! It is also not available in Spain. Luckily we can install Pandora by doing a little “trick”. This app allows you to create radio stations based on your favorite groups and songs. Cool, huh?

It has more than 100 million downloads, so it has to have something to like so many people. It is a free app, but it does require registration. In addition, it has the option of alarm and alarm clock, which for those who like to wake up to music is a delight. Another great app to listen to streaming music from your mobile.

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That completes our list of best music streaming applications for most smartphones. We hope that readers would find this list helpful. Make sure to drop your comments below.

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