10 Best DLNA Streaming Apps For Android

DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance, an association founded in 2003 by Sony to establish connectivity standards between different devices. This alliance resulted in the DLNA technology that we currently find in many televisions, mobile devices, consoles, or desktop computers, and that allows us to connect and transmit data wirelessly between one device and another. In this list, we gather some of the best DLNA Streaming Android apps that you can use right away.

Devices with DLNA use the UPnP ( Universal Plug and Play ) communication protocol, thanks to which we can establish a connection between 2 devices on the same network and exchange data. A function that comes in handy to send videos, images, audio, mirroring from the screen of our Android terminal to a smartTV, Android TV Box, PC or any other gadget that incorporates DLNA from the factory, and that is connected to the Wi-Fi network of House.

List of best DLNA streaming apps for Android

DNLA technology is one of the best alternatives to play content between devices without the need for cables. That said, if we are interested in implementing this solution on our Android terminals, here we have some of the best applications that we can currently find in the Google Play Store for this task.

Plex Android App

1. Plex

Plex is one of the applications that we most easily associate with DLNA connections. In addition to being an excellent player with a great interface and set of functionalities, Plex allows you to send streaming content from your mobile to the TV through a TV Box or directly if we have a Smart TV.

To do this, we only have to click on the transmission icon that appears in the upper margin of the screen.

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VLC android app

2. VLC

Like Kodi, VLC is a media player that always goes one step further. As we have seen on previous occasions, it is used both to play IPTV lists and to listen to the radio among many other things. Of course, it also works as an excellent DLNA receiver, allowing us to connect to our local network server to play any audio or video.

From here we only have to use the application’s streaming features to send content to our closest Chromecast quickly and easily.


3. BubbleUPnP

Another classic for streaming local content. This is another of the applications that we recommended a while ago in the post on how to connect an Android mobile to the TV, and the truth is that it is very worth it.

It is easy to use and also has the most interesting functions, such as the ability to create playlists and queues, scheduled shutdowns, random plays, and much more.

Kodi android app

4. Kodi

Kodi is one of the most complete multiplatform players that we can find today. Not only do we have to watch DTT for free and live from our mobile phone or to use it as a retro video game emulator, but Kodi also offers the option to cast content via DLNA. All essential.

iMediaShare Personal

5. iMediaShare Personal

iMediaShare is an app for Android with which we can play videos, music, and photos remotely via DLNA, and whose greatest virtue is its attractive interface. It has more than 10 million downloads and an excellent evaluation by the community, being today one of the most used tools to send content wirelessly from Android to TV.

As in the rest of the guild’s apps, the phone does the remote control tasks to pause, play or go to the next track.

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AllCast app

6. AllCast

One of the biggest problems with DLNA is the issue of compatibilities. With so many brands and devices on the market, each with its own little peculiarities, it is almost impossible for it to work perfectly with any of these devices.

AllCast largely solves this problem, as it is compatible with a large number of devices including Android TV, PS4, Xbox One / 360, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and many others. Its interface is a bit dated, but it works really well.

Hi-Fi Cast

7. Hi-Fi Cast

This is the application is oriented to streaming music via DLNA. Hi-Fi Cast allows you to organize songs by artist or album, and it also supports most of the existing audio formats, including WAV, AAC, FLAC, and MP3.

If we like to listen to podcasts, this is a utility that we can get a lot out of.

MediaMonkey App

8. MediaMonkey

This application, although it is focused on DLNA transmission, also allows establishing connections via Bluetooth, UPnP, or Wi-Fi, among others. The player supports a large number of formats, this being one of its main assets along with a really friendly interface.

It has a lot of functions (lists, bookmarks, library organization, support for Android Auto, advanced searches, and much more), although broadcasting via wifi has an established time limit, after which we must switch to the premium version of the application.

LocalCast App

9. LocalCast

LocalCast is another of those great apps to connect with other UPnP, DLNA and Samba devices. It offers some facilities to flip and zoom in images, and it also comes integrated with open subtitles so we don’t have to worry about wasting time searching for subtitles.

It is compatible with Chromecast, game consoles, Amazon Fire TV, and most of the Smart TVs on the market.

Server Cast app

10. Server Cast

We finish the list of DLNA applications with Server Cast, a very versatile tool. It allows streaming from FileZilla, VsFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, Windows 7, Linux OSX, and IPTV M3U lists, among others.

Furthermore, it also supports playback on a large number of devices, such as Chromecast, Fire TV, Windows Player, Xbox, Apple TV, and Roku.

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