What Song Is This? 10 Mobile And Web Apps To Identify Songs

Have you ever been shopping in an outlet or grocery store, and a song came over the loudspeakers, but you did not know who was singing it? Perhaps you heard a song on the radio and the announcer did not name the artist or band. It is a frustrating feeling to hear a song you like and not know who is singing it. Therefore, we have this list of best apps and websites to identify songs and play them anytime you want.

How will you add it to your playlist to listen to later? Well, thankfully we live in the digital age where loads of information about songs and artists are available at our fingertips.

Currently, there are several easy-to-use apps and websites available for download that will help you record snippets of songs at the touch of a button, and the app will instantly report to your phone or computer what artist or band is playing your new song.

shazam identify song


Shazam works by listening to the audio currently playing and presenting the results when it has found the correct song and artist. It “tags” the song that it identified and presents the user with a list of options, like buying the song from Amazon or Apple, listening to the song, or saving it for later.

Shazam also saves the tags it doesn’t identify; in case you lose your Internet connection. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when using the Shazam app.

  • Shazam is an app available from iTunes or the play store.
  • It will record and identify five free songs before you have to pay $4.99 per month.
  • Shazam will store tags until you delete them.

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2. SoundHound

Soundhound works similar to Shazam, except you can hum the words if the song you are thinking about currently isn’t playing. Soundhound is a free app available for apple or android devices. Soundhound will give a list of karaoke versions of the song you had it identify, from there you can share it on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Soundhound is completely free, and is already embedded in most phones.
  • Soundhound will keep your songs until you delete them.

3. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

Hound works really well if you want to find out more about the artist or band playing your favorite song. All you do is speak into the microphone on the app and say the name of the song or artist. Hound will give a biography of the artist or band, tour dates, music information, top songs, and links to their websites and social media accounts.

  • Hound is a free app for phones and computers.
  • It is available in the iTunes store or in the play store.
musixmatch identify songs

4. MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch is one of the largest song lyrics catalogs in the world. Users can enter music lyrics into the search engine and MusiXmatch finds the song and artist and displays the entire lyrical song. It also lets users share lyrics on social media and sing along with third-party users from their phones or computer.

  • Users can access MusiXmatch through Spotify on Windows and Mac.
  • It is also available in the iTunes store or in the play store.
  • MusiXMatch is a free download.

5. Spotsearch

Spotsearch is unique in that it is a combination of Shazam and MusiXmatch. The app lets users find songs by music lyrics, but it is available offline, so people can get their favorite songs on the go. It also lets you share lyrics with third party users and sing along to the music with lyrics right in front of you.

  • Spotsearch is available for apple and android phones.
  • It is also accessible if you have a Mac or PC.
  • Spotsearch is free to download online or from one of the app stores.


WatZatSong is a very helpful app if you have heard a song, but have only caught snippets of it. Users can upload their snippets and have other people online listen to them. People can then comment in the “answer” section if they think they have heard the song before.

That way if you are missing important parts of the song, like the chorus, you still might be able to find out what it is from other people. In addition, WatZatSong lets people share on social media, so you do not have to be a registered member.

  • WatZatSong can be accessed by Mac or PC.
  • Files have to be uploaded in mp3 format.
musipedia name that tune

7. Midomi

Midomi is a website that lets you find music or browse music videos and other artist information. The app has a microphone that can pick up music from speakers or can pick up on humming and whistling. This means you do not necessarily need to be playing music, if you know the song, you can hum or whistle for results.

  • Midomi can be accessed by Mac or PC.
  • Midomi is a very organized website with feature videos and hot tracks.

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Musipedia is an online-only website that lets users find song lyrics and artists by melody. You can whistle, hum, or tap the beat on your computer (or on a table), and Musipedia will record the sound and find a similar matching the melody. The database generates a list of melodies and songs that sound like your beat.

  • Musipedia also lets users type lyrics or draw musical notes with their mouse.
  • Musipedia is free online.


Tunatic is a music software program for computers. As soon as users download the program onto their computer, they can just tap their microphone anytime a song comes on. The program matches the song to the artist and displays information about that person or group.

  • Tunatic is available for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Tunatic is a free software program; users do not have to pay.

10. FolkTuneFinder 

FolkTuneFinder is an exclusive website that helps users find folk tunes by title or by playing a melody from the piece. You can click notes with your mouse into a piano on the screen if you know how to play the keys in real life.

  • You do not need to know how to read sheet music to find songs.
  • FolkTuneFinder can be accessed by Mac or PC.

As you can see, there are many apps and websites out there that can help people find songs and artists when they do not know their names. There is an app available for every niche, whether you are singing, humming, listening to music, or playing music, you can find out information about every song you come across, you just have to look in the right place.

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