Download/ Install Super Mario Run APK On Android [Latest Version]

We cannot deny that Mario is one of the best-known characters in the world of video games, he is an icon of an era and that he has managed to survive the passage of time in a very fresh way and without falling out of favor as Sonic did, for example, that undoubtedly the SEGA character had better times. But Mario is Mario gentlemen and that is why Super Mario RUN was a highly anticipated game for mobile devices, in addition to being the first Mario game on phones. In this guide, we’ll help you download and install Super Mario Run APK on your Android phone, and play it to have fun right away!

Finally, after such a long time, Nintendo decided to launch a Mario Bros game on mobile devices, it was an event long ago and, therefore, we all want to play Super Mario RUN on Android.

The game was launched initially for Apple, it was announced for Android that is sure the issue is that it was going to take much longer to come out so the users of the Google OS had to stay with the desire, with a lot of patience waiting anxiously for it to arrive the day where we can test said title of which we have quite high expectations, you can also fix its errors.

Super Mario RUN for Android

It is clear that everyone wants to have this game on their mobile phone , but it must be taken into account that it is essential to meet a series of minimum requirements to be able to make the game in question work. The game works with the operating system Android 4.2 or higher so for those who have Android 2.3 in theory they should stay with the desire, but by downloading the APK of Super Mario RUN that we leave you here you will be able to play it without any kind of problem.

Once the APK is downloaded, you have to enable the unknown sources that you find in Settings> Security.

Now what you will do is go to the downloads folder and you have to run the APK that you have recently downloaded in order to install the application, once it is finished you will be able to enjoy this game on your Android version.

Super Mario RUN APK

Keep in mind that the game is not very heavy either, let’s say it consumes space, so you will have to have something on your mobile device to be able to download the APK and then install it. We also recommend that the screen of your device is a little bigger than 4.3 inches in order to enjoy a good gaming experience, otherwise you may not be able to play comfortably.

Super Mario RUN APK weighs 65 MB, it is not too big a weight for current devices, but if you have Android 2.3 possibly that weight is quite an issue, so make sure you have enough space perhaps by deleting applications or videos that you have, even photos for Being able to make a good amount of space since you need to download the APK and then install the game, so you actually require twice the space of the APK in question, you can unlock all the levels.

Download Super Mario RUN for Android

You can download the Super Mario RUN APK –> here.

Keep in mind that being an APK that you don’t download from the Play Store, you have to have the unknown sources enabled which you can find in Settings> Security.

Once enabled then you must go to the download folder and look for the APK that you downloaded previously, so now, install it without any kind of problem.

In a few words, Super Mario RUN, what would be a fairly classic game that allows us to experience levels very similar to the first Mario we saw on SNES, but with a graphic quality that reminds us of the first Nintendo Wii, for example.

A fairly wide game

We are going to find six worlds in total in the game, in turn we also find a multiplayer mode so that you can enjoy with your friends online. It has other quite interesting modes, but above all original things, to tell the truth.

Many Mario Bros games

In any case, if you want even more of Mario Bros you could try emulating the Nintendo DS games that there are several titles of the Nintendo plumber that are quite interesting and above all entertaining.

In itself, emulating Nintendo DS games is not complicated at all and without going too far we have already talked to you on several occasions about how you should do with the Drastic emulator in a fairly simple way, as long as you have a mobile with four cores and 2 GB of RAM memory at least you will be able to enjoy a good number of Mario Bros games that are available for different Nintendo portable consoles .

Any questions you have about how to make the game work, leave it below in the comment box and as soon as we can we will try to help you to solve any problem you have.

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