How has the Instagram app evolved since the pandemic?

Instagram was launched as a photo-sharing and communication app on 6th October 2010. Instagram rapidly evolved with time and became one of the most famous and used social media platforms. Today Instagram is not limited just to communication or photo sharing, Instagram has launched many different and new features that have gained enormous popularity with passing time. During the two years of the pandemic, Instagram attracted a lot of people towards it, people had much more time than usual to spend on social media platforms as it was one of the ways to get entertained when everyone was locked at home.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons that helped Instagram to evolve during the period of the Pandemic.

Users and time spent on Instagram Increased.

The pandemic has given people lots and lots of free time and boredom too. This encouraged people to move toward social media. During the period of a pandemic, social media users increased by 11% around 3.4 Billion (2019) to 3.78 Billion (2021). Among all social media platforms present on the internet, Instagram showed the highest increment in users. Instagram. The people who were usually busy in their day-to-day life during the pandemic didn’t have much time to socialize so the lockdown during the pandemic gave them enough time and chance to know and grow on platforms like Instagram.

Increased Video Consumption.

Talking about videos, 2020 can be considered an impressive year. On 22nd April 2020, a record of 103,603 video uploads was made. The time that people spent watching videos increased roughly by 85%. Instagram was one of those platforms which took high advantage of this to increase its engagement rate. With its new features like reels and IGTV, Instagram became a popular platform for video streaming. Many influencers took advantage of this and made several different videos that people enjoyed while sitting at their homes. The rising popularity of these videos attracted people to Instagram and widely increased its user ratios. Instagram video downloaders have become popular since pandemic as people used these platforms to download Insta videos and send it to their friends to encourage them to join Instagram.

Created the best time to upload.

The pandemic had a great impact on the working schedule of adults. It has shifted their 9-5 jobs to flexible working hours. Many people have chosen the work-from-home option even after the situations are under control and the barriers have been removed. This has given people a great opportunity to come out of their busy lives and socialize with others. When it comes to socializing, Instagram is considered the best choice by most people. The feeds posted by people only encourage them when it gets positive reactions. To encourage users to post more feeds, Instagram has found a particular time to favor posts. 11 AM on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday is the best time to post your feeds on Instagram.

Contents went Viral. 

During the hard times of the pandemic when people were quarantined in their own homes, many people turned to social media to escape from reality. This increased the time they spent on social media, people started to explore new content and they found it exciting. The really fun content won the hearts of people. The contents on Instagram went viral in no time. This gave benefits to the users as well as the app itself. People started to explore different hashtags on Instagram to explore and enjoy different content and the creators used hashtags efficiently too.

Increased Influencers marketing.

The pandemic had a great effect on the influencers, as people started spending more of their time on social media platforms like Instagram, and people started to watch and follow more and more influencers on Instagram every day. As a result, the engagement rate on the content of influencers went on increasing. The market of the influencer industry went from $1.7 Billion to $9.7 Billion just within the short period of 2016-2021. This encouraged influencers to make more trending and interesting content and also this motivated lots of people to become influencers. This also helped influencers to collaborate with different brands all around the globe. These collaborations benefited both brands and influencers. Meanwhile, Instagram was the one that had the most benefits from this and grew rapidly. 

Have you noticed that the around the time when reels was introduced, influencer marketing increased exponentially on Instagram. This is because Reels offer the perfect opportunity to showcase products in a very short time and grab viewers attention. Insta reel downloader is a perfect tool that will help you see the most trending reels of the week and you will see why Reels is the latest fad on social media.


Instagram has always been a social media platform that is preferred in the first place by most people. Instagram has developed a lot since it was launched in 2010. Instagram brought many changes and different new and exciting features which has always attracted more and more people towards it. Today Instagram holds the title of the 4th most popular Social media platform in the world. The estimated revenue of Instagram in 2021 was $47.6 billion. Today Instagram has more than 2 Billion active users every month which makes it one of the most rapidly growing platforms. The pandemic has put a great effect on the lives of people but for companies like Instagram, it has proven to be highly beneficial.

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