How to root LG G3 Most Easily on KitKat / Lollipop

Since arrived, LG G3 has been popular all the time for its top-notch hardware specification and performance. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to root this handset with the most easiest way and with complete safety, which is one of major concern. You must know that rooting is completely against the terms and conditions of manufacture and it voids the device warranty.

Rooting the device has tons of advantages over non-rooted device, with you can actually control the device completely, you’ll be having all the access to device. There are tons of → magic root apps which will help you use and customize your device as you want. Apart, it helps to improve the device performance and usability as well. If you’re looking to root your LG G3, then this method would be best and most handy as well.

Benefits of rooting on Android devices

Watch this exclusive video about benefits of having root on Android device,


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In this post we’ll help you to root LG G3 using One click script, all credits goes to  @avicohh, member at XDA forum, who written and brought this script which root the device in few steps.

Before proceeding any further to root your G3, read all the pre-requisites very carefully.


  • Please note, that rooting is completely against the terms and condition of manufacture. Firstly, be sure to root your device as it would void the warranty of your device.
  • We always recommend to back up your important stuff stored under this device. This method is safe, however is always good to go with back up. To make back up, follow our → Android back up guide.
  • To perform this task, you need a windows based PC with USB cable to connect the device.
  • Make sure that you’ve installed proper driver of your device, it most important. If you device won’t get detected, it would not possible to root it.
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone. To enable it, Go to Settings > General > About phone > Software information, tap Build number seven times and then go to Settings > Developer options and then check the USB debugging box.


  • Download the LG drivers from  → here. Download the file and install it on your computer. Is is necessary, so computer can detect your device.
  • Download the One Click Root script from → here.  (LG_Root_Script_by_avicohh.exe). After download, run the file and it will be extracted to folder, under folder locate the “LG Root Script.bat” file, we’ll be using it.

How to root LG G3 Easily

  1. Firstly make sure to install LG drivers.
  2. Connect your device using the USB cable.
  3. Now from extracted “One Click Root script” Run the “LG Root Script.bat”, then command prompt window will appear.
  4. Follow the further on-screen instructions to root your device.

Note: In case you device does not get recognized, try to switch between MTP and PTP options.

You’ve successfully rooted your LG G3. To confirm the root, restart your device and once it get started, look for SuperSU name app.

Enjoy the goodness of root on your device. In case you get any problem, share with us and we’ll make sure to help you with best efforts.

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  1. one click root is awsome and easy software to do root but i have some problems after installing any app it opens automatically tha installed app without my permission. i dont want that every application start automatically after its installation. please help me… as i dont want this.

  2. Any advice for rooting LG G3 on Mac natively? Tried using Win 7 with Virtual Box and having USB connectivity issues.

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