7 Things That Android Devices Do Better Than iPhones

The Android vs iPhone debate has been raging for years. Android users will say that their device is more powerful and has more features. iPhone users say that their device is more user-friendly and inter-connectable with other Apple devices. The truth is, both operating systems have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. This guide will look at seven things that Androids do better than iPhones.

More choices in Android hardware

When you buy an iPhone, you have a couple of choices. The newest one or a slightly older one. Then you can choose from three colors. Other than that, there really isn’t much to choose from. Android is a different story though. There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to hardware. This allows you to pick the perfect size, features, and storage capacity for your needs.

USB-C is the future

Apple has received a lot of flack in recent years over its no-compromise attitude to charging ports. However, Android phones across the board operate on USB-C technology. This decision makes it easier for Android customers to charge their phones, transfer data, and collect a stock of spare cables (something we all need).

You get a headphone jack

Apple thought they were doing something really clever when they removed the headphone jack on the iPhone. Sure, it’s a step towards the inevitable future of headphone technology but it left a lot of customers annoyed. Android phones still feature a headphone jack – it might seem like an insignificant feature but it makes a big difference to how user-friendly the devices are.

Settings are one swipe away

Android and iOS have very similar methods of bringing up the basic settings. One swipe will bring up a settings screen, so you can make quick changes without opening the main settings app. However, on iOS, you can’t then go to the main settings page without a series of clicks. Android lets you go straight there. Again, this might seem like a small thing, but it’s a fan favorite.

More customizable home screen

One of the worst features of the iPhone is the home screen. The minimalist design offers very little customization and the one app per icon setup feels clunky. Android phones allow you to make much bigger changes to your home screen. You can have a search bar, weather information, your favorite apps (including the best high roller casinos USA), and more.

Clear all notifications with a single tap

Fed up with receiving too many notifications? On Android, you can clear them all with one tap. That means, when you’re going off-grid for a while, you don’t have to struggle through all of your messages to get rid of them on your home screen. A small feature but a very useful one.

The volume control is flexible

Volume is a big deal when it comes to smartphones. On iOS, you get one volume control, which changes your call volume, music volume, alarm volume, and notification volume.

On Android, this is all separate. That gives you the flexibility to create the perfect settings for your ears.

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