Top 6 gambling tips for new players in South Africa

Nowadays, most South Africans have unlimited access to the world hiding in their pockets. Having a smartphone has enabled us to stay in contact with our loved ones, be informed about current events, and also be entertained by playing mobile games. Mobile gambling has had a vast increase in popularity in recent years due to this high accessibility, therefore, every day there are many new players trying to figure out the ins and outs of online casinos. If you’re one of the rookies, you’ll be glad to find this thorough list of tips for South African newcomers to online gambling.

Bonuses and promotions are your friends

Most online casinos offer a no deposit bonus which is a great way for new players to familiarize themselves with the games without suffering big losses. By following this link you will find the best online casino South Africa no deposit platforms you will surely adore. When you create a new account, you will be gifted with free credit which you can use on any game you want. If you’re a rookie, this opportunity shouldn’t go to waste. Don’t bet with real money right away without figuring out how the gambling platform you’ve chosen operates. Also, many casinos offer weekly bonuses which reward their most loyal customers.

Know your casino

The only casinos that South African players should even consider betting in are those which have been licensed by one of the trustworthy gaming jurisdictions. In order to get licensed, the casino has to be candid about their business practices and safe to use. There are other more specific requirements that casinos have to satisfy to get the license, but all in all, be wary of those which don’t match the criteria set by the jurisdictions. You can check the licensing status of a casino on by going through their remarkably thorough reviews.

Set up a separate banking account

If you plan on becoming a pro gambler, one of the best things you can do to stay on track of your spending is to have a separate banking account you’ll use only for the purpose of online betting. This allows you to have a clear overview of how much money you’re putting into your gambling habit. Moreover, you’ll know for sure when to stop and not greatly affect your and your family’s financial situation.

Stay level headed

Gambling and alcohol are a match made in hell. Staying on top of your wins and losses is practically impossible when you’re under the influence which is why it’s not advised to play after you’ve had a pint or two. Also, you have to be in a calm mental space when you play. Extreme emotions can be a slippery slope to detrimental losses and maybe even gambling addiction. If you think that some of your friends or family have a gambling problem, check out your local gambling board for more resources on how to help them.

Learn the games’ rules

Knowing the rules of the games through and through is one of the most important aspects of gambling. Though some games rely completely on luck, there are also those which have more complicated rules which you have to follow to hopefully ultimately win. Going through the rules page of the game may seem like a boring ordeal, but it can also be very helpful if you don’t want your money to go to waste. For example, the scatter symbols you can find in slots can have various different meanings depending on which exact game you play.

Prioritize banking

As a South African citizen, you’ll have to make sure that your casino of choice supports local currency and banking options. For example, if you gamble in online casinos which only accept American dollars, you will have to go through the additional trouble of converting your money which also doesn’t come free of charge. Actually, the fees can be quite large depending on the amount of money you’re depositing. Therefore, the most suitable options for South African players are casinos that work with Rands. For example, Punt casino, African Grand Casino, operates exclusively with Rands, making it a swell option for any South African interested in gambling.

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