10 Best Accessories for Honor 7x

Honor 7X is a smartphone from the house of Huawei. It got launched in October last year and is a sensation. Huawei Honor 7X has a 5.93-inch touch screen that has a 1080×2160 pixel resolution. To make best use of your smart phone, in this post, we have some of the best accessories for Honor 7X. These accessories should help to get most out of it, make best use of it, and do much more with this handset.

It comes with a 4 GB RAM and is has a 1.7 GHz octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor. The smartphone boasts of an internal storage memory of 32 GB which is expandable to 256 GB by a memory card (microSD). Honor 7X has a 16MP primary camera and an 8 MP front camera. It weighs around 165 g and has Android 7.0 as its operating system. The dual SIM phone accepts only Nano SIM.

We have already published some useful guides for this handset: The unbrick guide for Honor 7X – Flash stock firmware to repair this smart phone. This guide works for all Honor 7X variants. Also see our:  Change Screen Resolution on Honor 7X – Access DPI settings, and put a custom resolution that fits you best. We hope that these guides would help you even more with this smartphone.

That was a brief introduction of Honor 7X. Now, let’s move on to the accessories that are compatible to the Honor 7X:

Best Accessories for Honor 7X

best accessories honor 7x

1) SXUUXB Elegant Cool 360 Degree Hard Back Case Cover

The first thing that comes to the mind of any new smartphone owner is the safety of his/her phone. You can try this 360-degree hard back case cover for your Honor 7X. It helps in protecting your phone from every side without increasing its weight.

The hard case is super sleek but very tough and durable. Made out of high density poly carbonate, it is eco-friendly too. Moreover, it is scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof, tear-proof and sweat-proof. With this hard case your phone will be in completely safe hands. What else can you ask for?

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tempered glass honor 7x

2) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Another important accessory that is needed for your brand new Honor 7X is a screen protector. This tempered glass screen protector is compatible with most of the hard cases and hence you can rest assured. Most noteworthy thing is that it has 3D curved round edges based on latest hot bending glass technology.

The protector provides 99.99% touch-screen accuracy and complete HD clarity. It has a special coating that resists oils and finger impressions apart from being scratch proof and durable. It protects the screen well. Simply, it is a must have for your Honor 7X smart phone.

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ear phones honor 7x

3) Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Mic/Controller

A headphone is a must with every smartphone or else you won’t be able to enjoy its real features! For honor 7X, you have this In-Ear Headphone that provides superb sound quality, good bass response and extended frequency response.

It can be used for iPods, iPads and gaming consoles too! So, keep listening to your favorite music on the go!

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amp charger honor 7x accessories

4) Costyle 2 Amp Mobile Charger

Though you will get a charger along with your phone, it is always better to have another one handy. You can keep one at home and one in the office! Costyle 2 Amp Mobile Charger is compatible with Honor 7X and recharges the phone quite fast.

It is a light-weight charger that can be easily slipped into your bag while travelling and can also be used as a USB charger. An added pro with this charger is that it protects the smartphone from getting overheated as it has an auto cut off feature.

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Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset

5) SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Headset Stereo Neckband

A bluetooth headset is a must for those who are always on the go! It lets you pick up calls even while driving. The SoundPEATS bluetooth headset is compatible with Honor 7X and provides a crisp and clear way to communicate. It is great for listening to music and you can accept or decline a call by just a press of the button.

It provides 8 hours of talk time and you can enjoy up to 5 hours of music! The stand by time is around 8 days, which is very good. You can find a charger along with the Bluetooth headset.

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smartwatch accessories honor 7x

6) Evershop Touch Screen Water Resistant Smartwatch

This smart watch can be connected via Bluetooth and can be used to call up someone or to answer a call. The in-built speakers of this watch help you listen to the music you love. It boasts of a remote camera, anti-lost alarm, sleep monitor, pedometer and fitness tracker.

It will help you keep a check on your water intake and make note of your activity. So, it takes care of everything, right from booking a cab to messaging friends without having to take out your phone. You simply need to wear it around your wrist.

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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker honor 7x

7) ZOEE S1 Outdoor Portable Stereo Speaker

You can connect this speaker with your Honor 7X phone via Bluetooth. ZOEE S1 Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is a portable wireless speaker with a sleek design that fits perfectly into your purse. It can be an apt travel companion as it works outdoors too. With an inbuilt microphone, it helps you answer phone calls as well.

You can also use it with a pen drive or a memory card. Therefore, if you don’t want to use the Bluetooth, there is an option of using the USB port for connecting it with your phone.

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Flip Flap Pouch Case

8) Flip Flap Pouch Case

For those who don’t like to carry their phone around in their hands should invest in a pouch case. Such pouch cases keep your phone safe when you carry it around in your laptop bag. It is made out of leather and has a superb finish.

Just the right thing to show that you are well organized! Your phone will fit in this pouch perfectly. Furthermore, it keeps your phone safe from outer damages, and incidents. In conclusion, it worth.

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usb cable honor 7x

9) Rapid Charger Sync Power Wire Data Cord

This USB cable is compatible with Honor 7X. You can transfer music and photos to your PC or laptop with this cable along with charging your phone. Moreover, you can use this USB cable with other smart phones, and tablet.

To establish a connection between a smart phone, and PC, you must have a working USB cable. This cable can replace the existing one.

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power bank

10) Power Bank Adapter Rapid Charge Dual USB Port Built-in Cables White for Huawei Honor 7X

You always need a power bank as you can charge it as you travel in the cab or when you head outdoors. This power bank is compatible with all Android and Apple smartphones. It comes with a safety feature that protects the phone from getting overcharged or harmed in any way.

This power bank has indicators in it to let you know about the status of charging and the remaining battery life. It has an input and output of 5V-2.1A, with a rated capacity of 10000 mAh.

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That ends our list here. We hope that this post helps you choose the right accessories for Honor 7X smartphone. Don’t forget to share your favorite accessories that you use for this smart phone.

We’ll be glad to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in our comment section.

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