How to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 7

Take full advantage of Xiaomi Mi 7 by unlocking its bootloader. We have this tutorial that helps to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 7. If you’re really serious about customization, and achieve the full potential of this smartphone, then you must proceed with this guide. This is the very first step, and you must aware yourself with this method. Just like many other OEMs, the Xiaomi keeps the bootloader locked on their smartphones. That silently keeps them untouched from being modified.

The bootloader acts just like protection shield for Xiaomi smartphones. As this an essential part of an operating system, it is not possible to remove it permanently. It comes into play when the device boots up. Instead of getting rid of it, we’ll just unlock it. That will be enough to modify, and customize the Xiaomi Mi 7 effectively. Most importantly, you’ll be able to proceed with root, install custom recovery, and Rom on this smartphone. That will ensure that you get complete access over your phone.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss all important points about bootloader like its advantages, risks involved, and when to unlock it. The process involves some risks, so we must discuss them first. Since, we are doing something that is somewhat tweaking, this might lead to some problems. It might possible that you lose all the data, and information stored under the device. It is highly recommended that you keep a backup of your phone including the firmware itself; Nandroid Backup. You can create a Nandroid backup of your phone using the recovery mode.

Just go into the recovery mode, and then, proceed with Advanced option. There, you can create a backup of the device’s firmware. Further, you should know that unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 7 will the void the warranty terms. The manufacturer won’t serve this phone under warranty terms anymore. So, be completely sure about your actions.

Though, you can anytime lock it’s bootloader, and that will resolve warranty issue as well. However, in that case, you’ll have to flash the stock firmware on it. That might be a little tricky for you. The common reason to unlock the bootloader is to access root access. Until you go through the bootloader, you cannot root, and do further things. That makes this process so important, and mandatory. Here are some important prerequisites that you must read before you proceed any further.


  • As we already outlined, unlocking bootloader will void the warranty of your phone. You must read all the terms, and condition provided by the manufacturer. You can regain it by flashing the stock Rom.
  • Most importantly, create a complete backup of your phone. This process might wipe out your phone completely. We recommend you to backup your phone- The best Android backup solution. Also, we recommend to create a Nandroid backup – just go into the recovery mode->Advance options->create a backup. That will good for future perspective.
  • Enable the USB Debugging on your phone – enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Xiaomi phones. It is mandatory, so enable it first.
  • You need a Windows based PC with an internet connectivity. And a USB cable to connect the phone to PC.

These were the prerequisites that you must read, and prepare your phone accordingly. If you’ve done the above steps, proceed further, and unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 7.

How to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 7

The process remains same with almost all the Xiaomi smartphones. Here is how you can unlock Xiaomi Mi 7 smartphone bootloader:

1. Requesting Unlock Permission:

Just like Motorola, and Huawei, Xaiomi smartphones require official permission in order to unlock them. You can apply to unlock phone →here.

apply for unlock xiaomi mi 7

Tap on Unlock Now button.

Then you’ll be asked to create an account. Just proceed with that option, and fill all the required information, and tap on Apply Now, your application will be sent to them for confirmation. Just like below:

unlocking application mi 7

Soon, you’ll receive the confirmation for the same. And then only, you’ll be able to proceed further, and unlock the bootloader.

Hopping that you’ve received that confirmation, proceed further.

2. Download Mi Flash Unlock Tool, and USB drivers

Download the Mi Flash Unlock Tool for Windows from →here. Extract the .Zip file on your PC. Under the folder, you’ll get the tool:

run xiaomi mi flash unlock tool

Remember this file name, we’ll use this to open the Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

Further, download the USB Drivers for Xiaomi Mi 7 from →here, and install them on your phone. It is mandatory that you install these USB drivers so your device can communicate with Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

3. The Unlocking process

Now, open the Mi Flash Unlock tool. As soon as you open the tool, a disclaimer page will open just the below one, just tap on Agree to proceed further:

accept disclaimer

After that, you’ll be asked to login into your Mi account. Just use the same credential that you’ve used to request unlocking.

Once you logged into the account, a screen will be displayed about the connection.

connect device mi 7 flash unlock tool

Now using a USB cable, connect your Xiaomi Mi 7 to PC. The Mi Flash Unlock tool will read your device, and give you further options.

Press Unlock Button

Now, press the Unlock button to unlock the bootloader your phone. Once the bootloader gets unlocked successfully, you’ll see the a following screen:

unlock bootloader successfully mi 7

Now take off your phone from PC. Your phone will reboot, and take your to home screen soon. You’ve successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Xiaomi Mi 7.

This guide is applicable for almost all Xiaomi smartphones. So, it ends our tutorial here on how to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 7. Share your thoughts about this tutorial in comment section.

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