How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When it comes to downgrading or updating firmware, the download mode (also know as Odin mode), plays an important role. It allows us to flash firmware onto the device. In this post, we gonna help Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users to enter into download mode and how they can update their device or flash firmware onto it. Booting into download mode onto Note 7 is just like ‘A peace of cake’. 

With just few steps, you’ll be able to enter into this mode. Whether you’re flashing firmware or recovery file, your first step would be entering into download mode on Galaxy Note 7. So it is noteworthy that you know about this mode and how to get into it. Well you’ll be wondering what exactly Download mode / Odin mode is and how does it helps. Since Samsung’s devices come with unlocked bootloader, to get access to write access, you’ll just need to enter into Download mode and using a software named Odin or similar one, you’ll be able to update and flash firmware file and other flash-ables onto it.

Apart from being able to flash firmware, this mode also help in rooting process and applying system tweaks. The steps mentioned here in this post work for all variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so they come handy all the time. Most probably, in case of bricked condition, we need to downgrade the device to its native operating system and there we needed the download mode most. Using software such as Odin, we can flash stock firmware over Galaxy Note 7 or other Samsung devices. We have post a detailed guide, that helps to unbrick this device,

Let’s get back to our motive. Below we have mentioned multiple methods, one that requires few actions to be performed with hardware keys. Second is through dedicated applications but it requires root access.

Third one is like a last option. It works best for damaged devices, no hardware keys needed to boot into download mode.

Go ahead and choose any of them.

How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7


1. Through Hardware Key combination

  1. Turn off your handset through pressing power button and selecting “power off”.
  2. Wait at-least 3 -5 seconds.
  3. Now, press and hold the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons together on your device and keep them pressed.
  4. Keep them pressed until a Warning! screen is displayed.
  5. Once warning screen appears, press the Volume Up button to confirm and to enter into download mode.

That’s all! You should be now into the Download mode on your Galaxy Note 7. Now you can proceed further for update or downgrading purpose.

This method is most preferred one and it works with most of the Samsung devices. In case, you’re facing issues with hardware keys then you must try second method but your phone should be rooted.

Also see: 

2. Though Dedicated App – Quick boot

Alternatively, you can use Quick boot app to enter into download mode. You only need to download this app from Google app store, run it and select the download mode.

But it requires root access to work.

Apart from download mode, this app has more options to serve you, you can use it boot into recovery mode, fastboot mode etc., Look for this app on Google Play store.

Get this application on Google Play →here.

3. ADB Command

In case you’ve damaged your hardware keys or first method does not work due to hardware issue, then this method is like ‘Universal method‘.

The method involves Windows-based PC and utility called Fastboot tool. We will use that tool and command to get into download (it works for recovery mode as well) on Note 7 or any Samsung device.

How to –

  1. Visit →here and download and setup Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool.
  2. Once you’ve done with setup onto your windows PC, Enable the USB debugging on your Note 7 – follow this guide to do it.
  3. Connect your handset to PC with USB cable and open Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool.
  4. Now put following command:

adb reboot download

For recovery mode, enter following:

adb reboot recovery

Now you should be in download / recovery mode.

The method works all the time. You’ll need to make that you’ve enabled USB debugging on your device and have installed proper drivers on PC.

That end our quick tutorial for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users and keep checking our website, we’ll be posting more stuff for this handset. you must see our tutorial →how to use Odin to flash firmware on Samsung phones. Feel free to comment and share this article with your friends and family. Cheers!

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