Download & Install Official LineageOS Rom on LG G6

The LG G6 has been one of the most popular smart phones launched in the year 2017 by the South Korean manufacturer, LG. With cutting-edge hardware specs make it a favorable. Whether you agree, or not, their user interface still needs improvements in many aspects. To make best use this smart phone, here we’ve got the official LineageOS Rom for LG G6. Since, it is an official build, there are no bugs, it has stable workflow, and it is much better than LG’s UX 6.0.

Most importantly, it comes with tons of new features that you surely won’t get that easily on the native operating system, or on pure Android builds. The LineageOS has many features that help to operate the device more conveniently, and effectively.

Since, the core part is ported from the CyanogenMod, that makes it stable as a rock. If you’ve been looking for a custom Rom for your LG G6 that is stable, performs well, and have plenty of customization features, then LineageOS Rom should be good for you. Further, just like the native operating system, it receives updates. That will make it better in future. Thanks to developers those keep working on bringing news Roms, and useful stuff for Android users.

This Rom is based Android 7.1. Nougat operating system. In order to improve the Audio, there you get Audio FX application. This is something for which we have always appreciated CyanogenMod Rom. This standalone application helps to tune the audio performance to catch your preferable level. Moreover, it comes with extended gesture functionalities.

That makes more fun while using it. You can set new gestures for different kind of actions. Along with all basic applications. You get few advanced applications such as their own camera app, powerful file manager, Music player, inbuilt screen recorder apps, web browser, Gallery, and few more.

Since the core-part is based on CyanogenMod Rom, it’s got plenty of customization features, and inbuilt theme engine. This got a quick panel customization feature.

One can easily customize the notification panel, and most of the user-interface aspects. In terms of performance, it is much better than stock firmware. It offers better performance, and a very stable user experience. It completely replaces the native one, and can be used for daily use, of course.

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To install this Rom on LG G6, we commend you to read below prerequisites carefully, and make sure that you compile them accordingly:


  • The Rom that we mention in this post should only be used on LG G6. That can seriously damage your phone. So, be sure to check our device model first. Then, proceed further. That should be : H870.
  • In order to keep installation completely safe: we recommend you to backup everything that is important to you. The installation course deletes all the stuff that is being stored under the device’s memory. Like, installed applications, games, messages, etc. Here are some backup guides: How to backup Android phones.
  • Another thing that we highly recommend you to create a backup of your current firmware/Rom (we call that a Nandroid Backup). You just need to go into the recovery mode, and use options to backup your phone.
  • Enable the USB Debugging on your phone – Tap on Settings->About phone->Tap seven times on Build Number to activate Developer Options. Tap on Settings->Developer Options->Check the USB Debugging option.
  • Since the installation process may take some time to complete, therefore, charge your phone at least 50%. It should not turn off in the midst of the flashing process.

So, we are done with prerequisites. Here’s the download section to download basic things:


Download the latest build of LineageOS Rom for your LG G6 from →here. There you get options to find ROMs for different devices as well. Once you download the file, transfer it to your phone’s memory card, and remember the name, and its location.

Secondly, if you want to install Google apps as well, download the Gapps package from →here. Download the packages as per your requirement (for Android 7.1).

You just need these two things. Now, here’s most important part; installation process.

How to Install Official LineageOS Rom on LG G6

The installation process is quite simple. It is just like we do with other smart phones. You just need to put your phone into recovery mode, and then flash it.

Here is how to install LineageOS Rom on the LG G6:

Step 1. Boot into recovery mode – follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off your phone using the power button.
  2. Now, press and hold the Volume Down key. While pressing the Volume Down key press and hold the Power button. Keep holding these two till you see the LG Logo on the screen.
  3. Now, release the Power button for a moment and then press it again (do that while still holding Volume Down).
  4. Very soon, you’ll enter into recovery mode.

Step 2. We need a clean installation; perform following action:

  1. For CWM or stock recovery: select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’and perform it.
  2. For TWRP: select ‘wipe’ option and perform it. Make sure to un-check – Internal Memory while performing:recovery_mode_oneplus_one

Step 3. Flash the Rom file:

  1. For CWM: select ‘install zip from SD card’, then ‘choose zip from SD card’.
  2. For TWRP: select ‘install’ option.

Step 4. Flash the Gapps package:

In a similar manner, flash the Gapps package that you downloaded.

Step 5. Reboot:

Once you get done with these two files, go back to recovery menu options. Select reboot system now or somewhat similar.

Now, your phone should restart.

You’ve managed successfully to install this rock-stable, and feature-rich Rom on your LG G6. Soon, it will take you to a new home screen. Enter your Google Account details to get started.

That ends our tutorial here on how to download, and install the official LineageOS Rom on LG G6 with recovery mode. I hope that should come handy to our readers. Please share your feedback, and thoughts about this Rom in the comment section.

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