3 Best Custom Roms for OnePlus 5T

In this list, we gather some of the best custom ROMs for OnePlus 5T for better performance, and improved battery life. These third-party ROMs offer many benefits over the stock firmware (the official one). Custom Rom comes with many additional features, and opportunities for better productivity, and user-experience. They positively impact mostly all of the aspects of the phone. Basically, Custom ROMs are developed, and distributed by third-party developers. Since, OnePlus 5T comes with a splendid hardware specification, these custom ROMs can elevate the productivity, and usability to measurable scale.

However, one should know that installing such ROMs would void manufacturer’s terms, and conditions. They void the warranty of the phone. And in some cases, you might face some issues like stability, and some features won’t work. These ROMs are likely getting regular updates.

Hopefully, if such issues exist, they should get rectify. Based on user feedback, features, and ratings, we have gathered these custom ROMs for OnePlus 5T, and they should not be tried on any other smart phone. Before you proceed further, kindly make sure to cross-verify our device.

Installing a custom Rom on OnePlus 5T will bring more control over it. They come with plenty of customization features. Help to tune the user-interface deeply to get better user-experience. Not only they come with plenty of options for customization, they also impact the performance.

They improve the performance of the phone. You might see positive impact on most of its aspects. Without much ado, let’s start our list of best ROMs for OnePlus 5T:

The List of Best Custom ROMs for OnePlus 5T

audax rom oneplus 5t

1. Audax Rom v2.0

One of the most complete custom Rom that is available for OnePlus 5T smartphone users. Basically, it’s built from Android 7.1.1 operating system. A pretty smooth ROM that comprises a balanced mix of features, and performance. It comes with plenty of advanced features that we never see on stock firmware.

Also see:

It comes pre-rooted with help of Magisk, installation goes through the Aroma installer that helps to customize the installation process, etc. With Aroma installer, it becomes easy to avoid installing bloatware apps (unwanted apps), and keep our device clean.

With built-in Ad Away, it does not let advertisements come in your way. Moreover, it comes with several features that should come helpful: Audax Magisk Module Stereo & Vol+, Audax Boot animation in Aroma, Audax Wallpapers in SD Card, and Audax Ringtones.

Overall, the Audax Rom is best for daily-use. If you’re after a stable, and even Rom, then this would be the ideal one to go with.

To learn more about this ROM, and to download, visit →here.

FreedomOS best Rom oneplus 5t

2. FreedomOS

Another option that you can opt for your OnePlus 5T. Just like the Audax Rom, the FreedomOS comes with Aroma installer that helps to customize the installation. FreedomOS offers plenty of customization features along with solid performance. In terms of stability, this Rom is completely stable, and there is no bug as per the developer comments.

Comes with Ad away built-in, Multi-windows, RISE Sound System with Enforcing support, Sony Music Player, Google Assistant, Wideband Wi-Fi support over 2.4GHz, Substratum Theme Engine Legacy, Magisk 13 with Magisk Manager, enforcing kernel for security, etc., With Substratum Theme Engine Legacy, you can easily set up phone to look best. There are tons on theme available to choose, and apply.

Again, this Rom would be ideal for daily use. It does have everything that you need, or even more than that.

To learn more about this ROM, and to download, visit →here.

omni rom oneplus 5t

3. OmniRom

Since from the starting of the Custom ROMs, the OmniRom has been the most preferred one. Though, this build is not yet official, instead it has been ported, and distributed by @darkobas, Senior Member at XDA forum. This Rom is based on Google’s latest Android 8.0 Oreo operating system with optimum tweaks, optimizations, and add-ons elevate the it’s usability, and productivity.

omni rom oneplus 5t

Since it is not perfect build, you might face such issues. As per the developer comments, it lacks control over speaker volume, seems HFR/HSR camcorder recording doesn’t work now, and few more. Though, these surely not the major ones.

Apart from this, everything seems to work fine.

If you would like to enjoy the goodness of Android 8.0 along with new features, and solid performance, you may go with this Rom. Hopefully, the existing issues should get removed.

To learn more about this ROM, and to download, visit →here.

That ends our list of custom ROMs for OnePlus 5T, and we’ll add more very soon. Please share your thoughts, and favorite Rom in the comment section. We appreciate your feedback.

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