New Things That Will Amaze You in the Vingo App

Anyone who is interested in fitness would have surely come across Vingo. It is a new app that creates a whole new experience for your mundane tasks like running on a treadmill or cycling on the exercise bike. The app uses technological aids to step up your ordinary game and make it a surrealistic experience. This will go a long way in ensuring that you feel thoroughly motivated and enthusiastic about exercises. There are many interesting features that you will love with the app. In this article, we have tried to list out the most important of such factors.

The App Creates a Virtual Yet Realistic World

First things first. The app is not like an ordinary exercise app that guides you how to do a particular exercise. It is not equipped with your usual diet charts or calorie calculators. However, the app comes with an ultra-realistic virtual world, where you can workout. This will be like playing a popular video game. You will feel like you are exercising in this virtual place. This way, you will be forced to go one step beyond your usual. As a result the app helps you in pushing yourself forward.

Choose Your Exercise & Exercising Location

Another important feature of the app is that you can choose to either run or jog or even cycle. In spite of whatever is your choice, you will end up getting a good exercise experience. The app creates a seamless connection between the real world and the virtual world. In that way, the app bridges two worlds. With the Vingo app you can easily connect your exercise equipment.

If you choose to run, you can easily connect your treadmill with the app. It has easy Bluetooth connectivity and modern treadmills are equipped with in-built sensors. Similarly your exercise bikes also have this option. So, the app can bring out the best immersive experience for your exercise sessions. If your equipment is old, you need not worry. You can get small ANT+ sensors that will act as the bridge between your equipment and the app. These are easy to connect sensors that come with plug and play options. 

Similarly, you can also choose the exercising location as per your personal liking. For eg., if you like sandy beaches, you can run or jog on the beaches. Or if you prefer to cycle in sloppy hills, you can do the same.

Build You Own Community of Friends

What good is an app, if you can’t bring in the people that you like and love to workout with. In our fast paced world, it gets increasingly harder to workout with your friends. However, the app solves this important challenge. You can join your friends and family in the virtual world. All your friends need is for them to be on the app. In fact you can race each other with the App for running routes. This way you both will feel the childhood connection and still stay at your respective places, all the while getting fit in a fun way.

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