The biggest losers in online sports betting

Gambling is attractive with big winnings. But sometimes luck turns away from players, which leads to an unpleasant outcome. Of course, experienced bettors have lost more than once, and they have long since learned the right way to react to failure. But some immediately bet a large amount or could not stop, wanting to win back as quickly as possible. They are on the list of the biggest failures in the world of online sports betting.

Failure of a Barcelona fan

At times, bettors bet large sums on the victory of teams that are clear favorites. For example, the Spanish “Barcelona”, in a match against Real Sociedad should have easily beaten its lesser-known rival. It was the dream of a longtime Barça fan, who bet 35 thousand euros on the victory of his favorite club. 

But, against all odds, in this confrontation were stronger rivals Barcelona. The team “Sociedad” was able to snatch victory from the famous Spanish club, although the odds for such an outcome are 8.10 against 1.07 on the victory of “Barça”. The result is simple: in just a couple of hours, the bettor lost 35 thousand euros. By the way, sports betting apps california allow registering bets on sports in one click. This software will be a godsend for those who prefer to play from their phones.

Failure of a Russian CSKA fan

People in Russia love soccer and place a lot of bets on the sport. But Russian clubs sometimes surprise their players no less than teams from other countries. This is what happened in the match against CSKA and Lucha. The Moscow Army team should have easily beaten the newcomers of the season, who barely held on to the Premier League. But it didn’t. On that notorious day, 4 goals from the opponent flew into the gates of the capital team, which led to a major defeat for the club. 

The strongest of all CSKA’s failures was experienced by a Russian bettor. He made a huge bet of 66 thousand euros, expecting to receive a “guaranteed” win. But that day his money remained in the bookmaker’s account.

The biggest loss in the history of New England soccer

William Hill – one of the oldest and most famous bookmakers in the UK – reported a curio in 2010. One of the players, who piously believed that the German national team would go to the finals of the World Cup, bet on his favorite team 500 thousand euros. 

This day for a fan of the German national team can rightly be considered the worst in his memory. Because then Germany, which fought to go further with a strong team of Spain, could not resist the opponent on the field. The outcome of the match was decided by the only goal scored against Germany. The German team remained in the semifinals, and an unknown fan of the German national team lost, probably, all of his hard-earned fortune. 

Excessive confidence in the victory of your favorite club

Sometimes the losses of online soccer betting fans are because they choose “passable” options, not doubting that a strong team sometimes does not meet the expectations of fans. So it happened with the bet of a fan from England, who in the 2001/2002 season decided to mortgage his house to buy a large coupon for the victory of Tottenham against Manchester United. 

At first, the guy was lucky, as his Spurs were ahead of the opponent by 3 unanswered goals. But in the second half, there was a disaster, which a devoted fan of the club will remember forever. “Manchester” was able not just to level the score, but to score in the gate “Tottenham” two goals from the top. As a result, the club snatched a willful victory with a score of 5:3, although at the end of the first period, the team was losing 3 points “in zero”. 

Tragically, the events of this match were watched not only by the fan himself, but also by his girlfriend, who after such a failure of the man decided to leave him because of his painful passion for soccer.

The listed examples are only a part of cases when fans were unlucky in online betting. Of course, many have certainly had bigger winnings. But the history of modern bookmaking remembers only those that the players themselves can remember and bitterly tell others about.

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