Top 5 Custom Roms for Galaxy Grand Duos i9082

Samsung, a top mobile selling company all around the world, who enrolled smartphones in mobile markets the way they should be. They brought power of Android based smart phone with affordability, and  a huge range to select a perfect one based on needed specification, and according to budget. From low range to super high, we all see Samsung’s devices to be on top priority of all users because of their good build quality, and good after sale services.

One the most popular handset from Samsung is Galaxy Grand, it comes with few variants classified on basis of dual-core and quad-core processors. In this post we will talk about Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos i9082, in terms of specification, this handset is good enough to entertain you much, but you’re limited to customization, and many things just because you are on stock firmware which was given default on device when you had purchased it.

Most of the Android users seeks many ways to improve their devices, control it to root level, and give it an own touch. But on stock Rom is it not possible, only rooting, and installing a Custom Rom becomes mandatory to get access the actual power of the device. To make it more simple to you, we would like to share the following list of best Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos i9082.

There are tons of advantages of using a custom Rom over the stock firmware. Just like the stock firmware, they offer stable performance, or even better. Additionally, they have many advanced customization features/options that help to manager our phone smartly, and effectively.

So to conclude, we recommend people to use custom Rom for best usability, and better productivity. Here in this list, we gather useful custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos i9082. That should help users to get most from this smartphone. And make best use of it.

1. CosmicCM

CosmicCM is based on Android Open Source project (Android 4.4.4 KitKat) with many additional features, improvements and included very useful applications. On the top, it is most stable KitKat Rom available for Galaxy Grand Duos i9082 blessed with lots of customization features to customize the device in own way. If you would like try custom Rom, we highly recommend this Rom.

To download and read more about CosmicCM visit here.

2. Gennxt Superior Rom

This Rom is most popular among Grand Duos users, the newer update has been downloaded more than 205508 times, so you can own image how good  is it. It is based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean, all the apps has been zip-aligned, which means they will consume less RAM, added many Note 3 apps such as launcher, system icons, Alarm app and My-files, MiUi lock screen apps, many performance tweaks, and much more.

To download and read more about  Gennxt Superior Rom visit here.

3. TouchWiz Revolution V9

Very light Rom, only 500 MB size. Mostly all unnecessary apps has been removed, but don’t worry, all necessary apps would be there. Apart from being light, it offers high performance. It has been loaded with performance script and pre-over clocked settings.

What about its looks? Well entire user interface has been designed to look like Galaxy S5 along with different themes and customization features.

To download and read more about TouchWiz Revolution V9  visit here.

4. XperiaZ Flavor Rom

The Rom is designed, and distributed by the developers of Gennxt Superior Rom listed on the top of the list. So, it comes with flexibility, stability, and feature rich user interface with flavor of Xperia Z looks. Beside, you will get Xperia Z icons, launcher, Albums, movies, Walkman player, system UI, system sound, ClearAudio+, sketch, social life app, Dolby effects added, wallpaper picker and much more.

To download and read more about XperiaZ Flavor Rom visit here.

5. SlimBean ROM

This Rom is based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, this Rom has almost everything working except the dual SIM facility. Neither SlimBean nor any other AOSP based ROM has working dual SIM facility. The Rom is full of powerful features, new apps and customization settings to improve your overall experience on Galaxy Grand.

To download and read more about SlimBean ROM visit here.

It ends our list of top custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Grand. If you have your own favourite Rom, then write us through the comments.

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