10 Best apps for Samsung Galaxy C7

Released in October 2017 (newer version), the Samsung Galaxy C7 has managed to attract impressive popularity thus far. It’s a budget friendly smartphone comes with a pretty decent hardware specification, and runs on Android 7.1 (Nougat) operating system. Probably, it will receive Android 8.0 update soon. Here in this list, we gather some best apps for the Samsung Galaxy C7 for better productivity, customization, and fun. Though, Samsung puts tons of applications on their phones, but most of them are bloatware (learn how to remove them), and eventually cause performance issues.

We highly recommend you to either uninstall, or disable those applications that you don’t use. And replace them with these useful applications. The Samsung Galaxy C7 runs on well-known operating system — an Android Operating system. That makes possible to put hands on countless applications, and they are almost free. However, you might get confused while browsing for the best applications. Therefore, we have this list of applications that should reduce down your efforts, and help you to get more from your smartphone. We gather different applications from different categories based on their usefulness, and productivity.

For sure this list isn’t complete one, and it will never be. We appreciate our readers to suggest us more application. So, we can turn this big, and make it even better. Since, this smartphone has Samsung UI, there are won’t much customization features. Applications help us to utilize the real potential of our phone. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to use our smartphone effectively. We hope that our readers would find this list of applications that we have created for Samsung Galaxy C7. There are several apps that have been built specifically for Samsung’s smart phone. So, you must make use of these applications.

Let’s start our list of applications. Please do share your views, and thoughts about this list in the comment section. We appreciate your efforts.

Best applications for Samsung Galaxy C7

1. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES file explorerEven thought Galaxy C7 packs a file manager, but if you’re looking for an alternative, than ES File Explorer File Manager would the best one. It gives you a proper access to each, and every file stored under the memory. Moreover, it splits all species of files into different categories. So, it becomes easier to find the appropriate one.

Its access is not limited to local storage only. Instead, it works well with networked storage like cloud storage services. Means, if you’re using a cloud storage service, you can directly access/manage files with this file manager. In addition to that, it uses the WiFi – hotspot service to transfer files. That replaces your existing file sharing applications like ShareIt.

Also see:

For advanced users who have rooted their smartphone, it gives access to the root directory, and required permissions to edit system files. Also, it includes an application manager that helps to manage applications on-the-go. Overall, this file manager is a must application for Android powered smartphones like Samsung Galaxy C7.

2. LIKE – Magic Effects Video Editor

LIKE Video-Editor Galaxy C7It is one of most trending apps this year. And of course, it’s worth your install. The LIKE application helps to create fun videos instantly, edit them with tons of filters, and effects. To create awesome videos, you just need to put your creativity into the work. This app has got everything that you need to create fun, and viral videos.

If you’re planing to wish birthday, or give a wish to someone special for other occasions, you can simply create a video with your message, and send them. You can create a solo video, or with friends, put magic effects, And and put some cool music. In the recent updates, this application has now even more to offer. Now, you can create 4D Magic videos, and also loaded with super powers. There are tons of filters, and magic effects, that you can use live, and produce cinematic videos in no time.

And, also you can pass your boring time playing with different stickers. If you’re anything serious about making fun videos, you must have this application.

3. BK Package Disabler

BK Package DisablerThe package disabler application has built specifically for Samsung devices. Samsung loads many applications within their smartphones. No matter, whether you use them, or not, they keep using resources like internal storage, processor, and RAM. In our recent tutorial, we’ve found that Samsung has bloated around 120+ apps on Galaxy S9, and its sibling. And if we get rid of these apps, it outcomes abound 1.4 GB free RAM, and frees a good amount of internal memory.

The same thing you can do on Galaxy C7 smartphone. And the Package Disabler application will help you to do that. This is paid application, but it’s worth your money. It disables all the bloatware apps at once. That will free up some space on your phone, and surely boost the performance. This application lists all the bloatware that can be disabled, you can choose appropriate ones before proceeding ahead.

These applications cause some serious issues related to performance, and you should take care. To improve the performance of your phone, must check out the follow tutorial:

The above tutorial has some tested-proven tips, and methods that improve performance of Samsung’s devices.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

4. PPSSPP Emulator

The best gaming console that you can have on your Android phone. The PPSSPP is the most complete PSP emulator that supports almost all games. Yes, you can play your favorite PSP games on your Galaxy C7 smartphone. Since, Galaxy C7 has powerful hardware, the game play would smooth, and completely playable. You can play lots of games, even big ones like God of War, Tekkon 6, Dragon Ball Z, and so on.

As per my experience so far, the PSP games are much better than the existing Android games. If you’re a serious gamer, you must have this emulator installed on your phone. You just need an emulator, and image file of your games, or you download them through Google. For better game play, it is necessary to configure this emulator. For best settings, and game, head onto following resources:

5. Google Now Launcher

Google Now LauncherThe best replacement to Samsung’s native launcher. If you tend to love simplicity, then you would love this launcher. This the official launcher that Google puts in their smartphones. It is focused to provide a simple interface, and limited customization features. For better performance, we usually recommend Samsung’s users to ditch the native launcher, and move to other launcher apps like Nova, and Google Now Launcher.

Moreover, Google assistance is there for you. It works when you say “Okay Google”, and then pitch your command line. On the home-screen, when you swipe left, you get news feeds, that you can customize, and personalize. At the top of that news feeds, you get a search option that helps to Google instantly. You can customize that panel according to your needs, and test.

The app drawer remains just one swipe away home, and other screens. As soon as you swipe in upper direction from the bottom, it will bring up the app drawers. Also, if you’ve tons of applications installed on your phone, you can use the search feature to locate them easily, just as I use it. If you’re more intending towards the simplicity, and performance, then you must make use this launcher application on your Samsung Galaxy C7 smartphone. Also see our latest compilation of launchers:

6. Tez – A new payments app by Google

Tez – A new payments app by GoogleThis application from Google empowers people to transfer money instantly irrespective of bank schedules. Yes, you heard it right. The Tez application is far better than our traditional Netbanking apps, and it works when you want it. Most importantly, it doesn’t include any kind of complex work around to execute transactions. Once you authenticate your bank account this application, you can start transacting the amount.

However, in order to execute the transaction, both parties should this apply. Then only, user swill be able transfer money to one and another. Currently, this application is topping the chart in the terms of users, and being featured as ‘Editors’ Choice’ on Google Play store. If you frequently use Net banking services, then we recommend you to this new application. This can change the way that you can transfer money.

7. Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

Samsung Smart Switch MobileWhat could be more problematic, and complex thing regarding your phone? For me, it was the backup process. There are tons PC suits, and software, but only few of them work apparently. For Samsung users, there is an official application that makes this task seamlessly easier. The Samsung Smart Switch allows one to backup/transfer data from one device to another. If you’re switching from one device to another, or just want to backup your phone on PC, this application will take you through this process.

Also, this application works with cross-platforms. Means, if you’re switching from iPhone to Samsung, or Samsung to any other brand, you can transfer your stuff like Contacts, SMS, Videos, Pictures, etc., using it. This backup solution is far better than other alternatives. It doesn’t require root, or any kind of special attention.

That makes this application so special for Galaxy C7 users. It comes pre-installed on most of the Samsung’s devices, or you can have it from Google Play Store. For it’s PC version, you’ll need to head on to their official website. To learn how it works, you must read following:

8. ColorNote Notepad Notes

ColorNote notepad apps galaxy c7My friend had recommended this application few months back, and it has impressed me very well. It helps me keep my notes, passwords, quick/short texts, etc., at one place. It reduces down the hassle of remembering those texts, events, and notes. If you’ve lots of social media accounts, one forum, and other services, then keeping track of user name, and password can be tedious a bit. That is why use ColorNote application to keep them in an organized manner.

This application is completely free, and you can use this notepad to save multiple things. You can write quick notes, emails, messages, create our to-do lists, and events. Personally, I find this application as best alternate to Evernote with a minimal interface. Moreover, for quick access it comes homepage widgets. You can drag one of them as per your requirement.

9. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

music apps galaxy c7 proWe dedicate this application to music lovers. If you’re anything like me, then you will love this application. The Musixmatch has the largest lyrics database with variety of lyrics display methods. You can listen your music while its display lyrics on the screen. Also, it includes built-in language translator that translates languages. That means, you can read the lyrics in your preferred language right from this application.

This application serves to synchronize lyrics for YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and many other music applications. You can almost search lyrics for any song playing around you. To elevate your experience, it comes with several widgets, and access directly from locked screen. There is much more you can do with this application.

10. Hermit

Hermit performance apps samsung galaxy c7Hermit allows you to replace resource sensitive applications with minimal versions of them. If you’re running out performance, storage space, and RAM, you can use this application. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, and many more applications consume huge amount of processing power, and grasp considerable amount of storage. With Hermit, you can replace them with less resource consuming apps. That can improve performance, and battery life of your Samsung Galaxy C7.

Isn’t that good? You can have the same fun with these apps as you do with native one. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc. Hermit is a very lite application and it gives us an impression like we are using different apps for each website like Facebook, twitter etc. instead of heavy web pages.

That ends our list here, and we hope that our readers would find it useful. If you do, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. We’ll be adding more useful applications soon. Stay connected with us.

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