Why Shopware 6 Is Popular Among eCommerce Platforms

Shopware is a German-based e-commerce platform that has gained a lot of interest in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. Almost every ecommerce development platform is seeing intense competition from Shopware development. This platform became open-source in 2016, and since then the number of active installations has skyrocketed. Shopware 6 has recently been launched by the brand. As an ecommerce solution, the platform has quickly developed and now includes all of the essential features. We’ll go through them in this post.

Shopware Features

With its focus on current trends and corporate needs, Shopware is a future-proof solution.  Due to the flexible software architecture, it is possible to combine both typical e-commerce demands and more specific solutions. eCommerce projects of any complexity may be handled by a modular platform that maintains the highest standards of security, stability, and efficiency.

Smaller merchants and dynamically changing medium-sized firms that operate across many marketplaces and platforms should strongly consider the platform.


The products are the primary focus of this platform. Customers always want to acquire their preferred items in the least amount of time possible. When you start selling things online, you need to organize them into categories and present them in a way that makes sense to your clients so that they can quickly locate what they’re looking for. Regardless of how many goods you have for sale, Shopware offers you the ability to easily add products and categories.

The import and export of goods can be completely controlled by business owners via Shopware 6. Tags can be provided to products to make it easier for shoppers to locate their preferred things. Filtering of item variations is another new function in Shopware 6. The Profession Edition gives you the tools to take your business to the next level through the creation and selling of virtual or bespoke items.

Customers and orders

Managing clients and orders, as well as a variety of price options, may be a challenge for online businesses. Consumers in various countries will be charged in different currencies and at varying tax rates depending on their status. Shopware 6 has a well-structured shopping cart and a streamlined checkout. This open e-commerce platform is capable of supporting both B2B and B2C functionalities. Invoices and cancellations may be generated automatically, which saves time and improves the customer experience.


Shopware provides a flexible and uncomplicated workflow with intuitive administration, a wide range of features, and a large number of customizable choices.  Shopware 6’s straightforward user assistance and easy-to-configure shipping and payment options make the installation process a breeze.

As an added benefit, the rule builder in Shopware 6 helps prevent payment defaults. With the help of a sophisticated backend search, clients are able to quickly locate what they are looking for.


A lot of effort has been put into Shopware 6’s design, and it has been optimized for use on any device. Your business will have a professional and adaptable look thanks to the open-source framework. Shopware 6 has a completely responsive design and a standard theme. If you’re looking for an integrated content management system (CMS), Shopware 6 has everything you need.

Shopware vs Magento

There are several factors to consider when selecting an e-commerce platform. These include your company’s size, amount of products and services, worldwide reach, and the kind of clients you hope to attract. While Shopware is the finest option for startups, Magento is the ideal option for enterprises with a worldwide reach and an unlimited number of items to sell online.

Overall, both e-commerce systems are solid and offer a wide range of options for scaling up as your business expands. Prior to making a decision, think about your company’s needs and goals.

Once you’ve done that, you can move on to evaluating which features and functions are best for your company. It’s important to remember that the greatest platform is one that meets all of your company’s goals and specifications the best possible way.

How much does it cost to develop a Shopware store?

Shopware has three pricing choices that are based on the features they provide. Let’s take a look at what each plan has to offer entrepreneurs running internet businesses.

Community Edition

Shopware’s open-source variant is surprisingly affordable. The Shopware Community Edition may be downloaded and installed for free in your web hosting account. Do it on your PC, Mac, or Linux system either locally or in a virtual environment. In the Community Edition, vendor support is not provided.

Professional Edition

Shopware Professional Edition is the ideal solution for both local and international e-commerce businesses because of its flexibility, functionality, and comprehensive support. This version of Shopware costs €199.00 a month.

For €2,495.00, you may get the entire set. The first year of a Shopware license comes with a free Silver-Subscription. It means that the contract will be renewed for another year. You must cancel it in advance to prevent this. .

Support requests now receive a one-day response time instead of the usual three-day response time. Additionally, the Gold Subscription comes with phone support, allowing you to talk directly to Shopware experts.

Your current and potential customers will be able to find your products on social media, Google, and other sales channels with Shopware Professional Edition’s connectors. As a result of this, you may open many businesses in different countries and serve customers from all over the world. With a single admin interface, you’ll be capable of managing all of your shops from a single place.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is ideally suited for large-scale e-commerce projects and complex business strategies. With this version, you get the best performance and scalability possible. Additionally, you’ll get access to support seven days a week, 24 hours a day. What is the most sophisticated Shopware edition’s price? Get started at a monthly fee of €2,495.00 Also, you can purchase it all for €39,995.00. The one-time license fee does not include Diamond Subscription.

More than any other edition, it offers a dedicated account manager, high-performance hosting, and a wide range of multi-shop and multi-client capabilities.

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