10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy A5

Released in early 2017, the Samsung Galaxy A5 has been one of most popular affordable smart phones. The Samsung delivered many handsets recently, from low to high budget, we can find the desired one easily. Currently, the Galaxy A5 seems to be enchanting one that carries quite notable specs. Here in this article, we present some of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy A5. Make it more useful, and bang for your buck.

This one carries Octa-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A53 processor, and 3 GB RAM. With 32 GB and external SD card support makes it more comfortable while loading applications, and games. The performance particulars ensure that you get best user experiences, and give you more opportunity to put hands on lots of applications. We tried to gather some of the, and we are glad to share those apps with our readers. In this list, we gather some applications that we find very useful, and hope the Samsung Galaxy A5’s users would love’em as well.

1# Complete Calculator

The Complete CalculatorSometimes, our basic calculator already available on our phones are just not enough for hardcore calculations, which we ought to take in our daily life. Here, we can use Complete calculator.

This app provides a simple calculator together with a scientific calculator, including functions like log, trigonometry, etc., And converters like Speed, distance, temperature, and much more. And all this will be available with just a single application, Complete Calculator, You can perform various kinds of calculation while studying, working, monthly budget calculation and much more.

With Complete calculator, you won’t need to go anywhere else or require two or three kinds of different calculators for different kinds of calculations. If you’re student or teacher or an ordinary users, the application will come handy. That makes it one of must-have apps on Samsung Galaxy A5.

2# CamScanner

CamScanner -Phone PDF CreatorCamscanner is a wonderful application that helps you with sharing, scanning, creating and collaborating documents over your phone, tablet, or desktop in a very convenient way. With Camscanner, you can scan any document, receipt, prescription etc, and can share it over various social media channels or can send it via Email as an attachment.

There are still lots of features associated with this application. It has Optical Character Recognition(OCR), that enables you to edit text, or images, and save scanned copies as PDF, on Scanned copies of your documents. It also enables you to collaborate with your friends or colleagues. And you can also password protect your important documents as well. Camscanner also offers you to tag your documents for faster searching.

You can also print your saved documents wirelessly and send the same via FAX to more than 30 countries. Camscanner also provides you free Cloud storage space to save your documents, while in turn makes it accessible via any other device for you.

3# FitBit

Fitbit Android appThe Fitbit app collaborates with your activity tracker device and sync your fitness data to your Android device. This helps you manage your data, and it makes it more convenient for you to make a plan as per your health data. It enables you to keep track of your tracking, hiking, running etc, via GPS.

You can schedule your activities for yourself and set a reminder to manage your health. It’s a useful and simple application that is very easy to use.

4# DeaDBeef

DeaDBeeF Player galaxy a5DeaDBeef is an amazing music player application that is completely compatible with your smartphone. DeaDBeef application supports most of audio file formats, like, mp3, ape, wav etc, and also some popular chip tune file formats like NSF, space etc.

This app also allows you to drag, and drop your songs or playlists downloaded or saved via other applications on your device. The application has built-in high quality tag editor along with custom field support. It offers you lots of customization which in turn makes it more user-friendly. It is very simple to use and its unique search feature facilitates easy location of your required songs.

Also comes with advanced converter, that enables you to convert your audio files into other file formats. With its healthy user interface, you have all your playlists in front of you in tabbed format. Charming!

5# Samsung pay

Samsung PaySamsung pay is a smart wallet payment application you can use on your Samsung galaxy smartphone. It is pretty neat application on which you can carry all your debit or credit card. Helps to make payments in-person like in a grocery store, or restaurants, online payments, or for in-app purchase as well.

Samsung pay is accepted in almost everywhere. With this application, its easier pay online or for any in-app purchase, as you won’t have to enter your debit/credit card details.

It’s a completely safe application that allows you to authenticate all your purchases via your fingerprints, pin number or iris scan. It also offers you with reward points for each use or payment made by you using Samsung pay application.

It not only allows you to add your credit/debit cards, but also your loyalty, membership or reward point cards or any card which has a barcode on it. The app is strong contender in the list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy A5 and other Samsung phones.

expressvpn for galaxy s6 edge

6# ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one the nest available VPN for android that will be fully compatible with your phone. You can now access any public wifi without concerning about the security of your sensitive information. With ExpressVPN, there is no need for a login, you can freely use the internet on your phone.

This application encrypts your connection that makes your identity safe. Noteworthy, it is one of the most secure Virtual private networks. It provides you VPN location of more than 94 countries and there is no limit in the number of locations you change. So, you can change your VPN location any number of times. We highly recommend this application to all Samsung Galaxy A5 users.

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7# Pixlr

PIXLR EXPRESS BY AUTODESKPixlr is a stunning photo editor application that enhances your creativity. Allows you to edit your images with its filters, effects and tools. With Pixlr, you can make your pictures more memorable.

You can take lots of selfies, pictures and then make them more interesting using this app. You can use overlays of texts, stickers, etc. From various options available with this application.

Pixlr enables you to resize your image in a jiff. You can also keep track of your favorite filter, effect or background. Simply, this app make your favorite easily accessible for you in case you like to consider it again.

You can share all your edited pictures from within this application via various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.

8# Snapseed

SnapseedSnapseed in another photo editing application that can be used by both common or professional users. It offers its users, lots of filters and tools to bring your imagination to reality in front of you. You can use’Stacks’ in here to perform complete editing later in the end. By that you can change your every update before saving it.

There are lots of filters available like light brush, tuning, perspective, and much more. Snapseed also supports most of image files, and allows you to open almost every image file and you can then edit it as per your taste and requirements.

Also, we would like to mention that we personally use this applications to create featured images for our blog posts.

9# NearBuy

NearBuy android apps galaxy a5It is one my favorite applications that I personally on regularly basis. It helps me to find out fascinating local-deals near to me.  No matter whether you’re up to body massage or feeling hungry, NearBuy comes handy. The NearBuy application uses GPS service to locate nearby services, and bring them in front at attractive prices.

The complete procedure is very simple. You just book vouchers, and present them at the reception of service provider/shop or restaurant. No limited to personal content, the app also presents activities/events going around, and bring you the easiest way to book them on-the-go!

Another benefit is cashback, and other offers. While purchasing vouchers, there are great chances to get additional benefits including cashback, and discounts.

10# Hermit

Hermit Android AppWe know that the Samsung’s phones suffer performance issue. That happens due to low storage or overwhelming applications. If you’ve been suffering from such issues, then you must try Hermit. We all know that our native applications eat up good amount of internal memory, and RAM. Hermit replaces most of our native apps to small, and less-resource consuming applications.

Isn’t that good? You can have same fun with these apps as you do with native one. Apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc.  Hermit is a very lite application and it gives us an impression like we are using different apps for each website like Facebook, twitter etc. instead of heavy web pages.

The application helps to reduce power resources, and improve overall performance. Samsung’s phones suffer most from performance issues. We have a solid solution to it. Watch our list of trips, and tricks to speed up any Samsung Galaxy phones in few minutes.

That completes our list of useful applications for Samsung Galaxy A5, and we hope that these apps would useful to our readers.

Do not hesitate in sharing your favorite applications with us. We would love to hear from.

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  1. “We know that the Samsung’s phones suffer performance issue.” Are you crazy? what performance issue? low end models? high end models? all? Never heard of performance issues besides the low end models (which do have slow cpu’s)

  2. I’ve got the A5 2017, and there’s nothing wrong with the performance issues. Is this coming from an iPhone user lolx

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