10 Must Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy On5, On7, On8 and On Next

Samsung brings an impressive range of smartphones under Galaxy On series. No matter, whether you’re hunting for a low budget worthwhile smartphone, or a charming one, they have countable choices. For low budget seekers, Samsung Galaxy On5 (and pro) would be the best choice, and On8 or On Next should suit good for intermediate budget. Though, without apps, they won’t be such useful. Here we’ve got this list of useful, and best apps for Samsung Galaxy On5, On7, On8 and On Next smart phones (also all Pro versions).

To make them more useful kind, it becomes necessary to seek applications. Here in this article, we gather some of useful applications those will help to get the most out of these smartphones. This list is extensively focused to improve the productivity of theses Samsung’s smartphones. From Video editing work to Entertainment, we tried our best to put these apps together here. And we hope that our readers would appreciate our work. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Let’s get to our list of best best apps for Samsung Galaxy On5, On7, On8 and On Next smart phones.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy On5, On7, On8 and On Next

1# Clean Master

Clean My AndroidSecuring your sensitive details is very important task, and Clean Master will help you with achieving this. Clean master is considered as No. 1 free antivirus application for mobiles. It works fine with our phones with a few more features.

Clean Master cleans junk files, that could be your audio or video junk, system junk etc, or anything that is using your phone’s memory unnecessarily. This helps in making your phone all tidy and optimizes its performance as well.

You can schedule automatic scanning of your phone, and control various notifications on your phone as well. This app also enables you to manage all your installed apps more effortlessly. This facilitates easy memory management by freeing up space from apps which are using it unnecessarily. All in all, it’s a very useful application that optimizes your phone’s performance and makes it faster.

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2# Hermit

Hermit Android AppHermit is a very neat application and helps you with a very essential function, i.e. Battery or resource saving. Hermit nourishes your phone with web-based lite apps by replacing the same with your heavy native application. I am sure you all agree to that, these days, we need of applications on our phone like for cab booking, meal ordering, productivity apps, social networking apps and many more.

And even with lots of memory space, it’s always wiser to use minimal memory space to enable faster processing on our phones.

In such situations, Hermit can be saved! With its help, you can browse faster, block unwanted ads, save some space, and optimize your phone’s overall performance. It also offers you with useful browsing features like might mode, multi-window, Direct share etc.

Hermit provides you lots customization option, unlike its competitors like Custom icon, or text and color change and lots more.

3# Torchie

Torch app for samsung on5Torchie is a very simple application that makes your smartphone, a flashlight! Please don’t worry, that won’t be permanent! We understand that its not a very useful application and there are already tons of flashlight application available in the market. But this app just has a little feature that differentiates it from other application.

Here, you can control this application using the Volume up and down button, which makes it easier to use at the time of need.

4# Magnify

Magnifying Glass + FlashlightMost of us likes to stay connected with friends and family via various social networking channels. And sharing photos are a very popular one, to let your loved ones know, what you are up to right now. Here, we have an amazing application for you that might be useful for you. Magnify, helps you with inserting hashtags on the images you want to share on Instagram.

Magnify makes it more easier for you to insert hashtags without a need to switch applications. For inserting hashtags using Magnify, you would just need to add hashtag, just add, magnify{tagcategory} or magnify_{tagcategory}.

For example, if you are on a trip to nature, you need to add, Magnifynature, or Magnify_nature. And Magnify will take care of the rest.

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5# Join

Best Apps for Galaxy S7 and S7 EdgeJoin enables you to use and manage all your devices as ONE. You can manage all your devices from one of your device and can effortlessly multitask from that device. With Join, you can perform various takes like, sending unlimited texts from your desktop, change any settings on your phone, using your desktop or vice-versa. And you can authenticate your login with a single password to bypass security.

It helps you in changing wallpaper of your phone by changing it while on your desktop. You can answer to all your notifications from any one of your device. And the best part is, you can instruct via OK Google feature from your phone, to perform any task on your desktop, Amazing!

6# Kinscreen

Kinscreen galaxy on smartphonesKinscreen helps you with managing screen of your mobile phone, whether you want to keep your mobile’s screen off or on. This makes it convenient for you to use your phone while working, and it also facilitates battery saving as well. You can preset when you want your mobile screen on or off. Like you can keep your screen on while reading, or working on a document. Or while charging and opt to keep your screen off in scenarios like, maximum keep-on time etc.

This application works with motion sensors, and it works in dark as well. Most apps use your phone’s camera to detect any motion, But this app works with your phone’s Proximity sensor like Flip cover arts, motion sensors and tilt angle.

7# VivaVideo Editor

VivaVideo free video editing appThis application is and much more fun to use. It is a video editor application with which you can create your very own videos, edit any existing video. There are lots of filters, stickers, and themes available. And using those, you can make beautiful memories for yourself, friends and family.

It is a simple, useful, and user-friendly application to edit, merge, trim, copy and to create a new video for yourself. You can add music, stickers and text to your videos, and transform your simple yet important memories into something beautiful.

Using the available stickers, you can add a funny aspect to your video. Its fantastic themes are fit for your every mood, taste and moments.  And it has tons of theme options you can choose from.

With VivaVideo editor application, you can share your videos through various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Email etc, without any delays. Don’t miss out this app on your Samsung Galaxy On5, On7, On8 and On Next smart phone.

8# Evernote

EvernoteEvernote is the best available note taking application you can find for your device. Wherever you are, you can take note of your precious ideas without any issue or delay. You can create a notebook, to-do list, etc. By using this application, This also enables you to take notes or any data in the form of PDFs, videos, audios, text, stickers, photos, documents and much more.

Anything to want to take a note of, you can do it with Evernote. You can also take a snapshot and then comment on that image instantly. You can access Evernote from any of your devices that makes it more convenient for its users. Like you can take a snapshot from your phone, and that captured image will be available on all your devices.

Its search function is very fast that lessen effort from your end to find any particular word or note on your huge document. Evernote also lets you share your saved notes, like to-do list with anyone you want. Therefore, it becomes an important application for Samsung Galaxy On series smartphones.

9# TrueCaller

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block (1)I personally find this application very useful. Its one of those application for me that must be installed on whichever phone I am using. I am sure that you will also find this app useful enough. Truecaller provides you information about any unidentified call you are receiving on your phone before picking up that call.

This at least gives you an idea about who the caller would be. After that, you can take a decision to either take a call or reject it.

Our network providers facilitate us to block marketing related call from our number, but they are unable to block any personal number on your number. Here, you can use Truecaller to block that number to avoid any nuisance call are getting. With truecaller, you can block certain number which have been reported as Spam by other users, and you add any number from your end as well to that spam list.

10# Netflix

Netflix android app for galaxy s6 edgeNetflix is one of the most popular video streaming provider. Some TV shows are also exclusive to Netflix and not available on any other channel. Via Netflix, you can watch world famous TV shows, movies or videos on demand. It’s a subscription service, and if you want to watch any video, you can request for it, and the same will be Emailed to you.

Once subscribed, you can watch thousands of TV shows, and movies on your phone, and all that material will be original, no piracy! You can also opt and set a reminder for yourself once a new episode of your favorite TV show gets available on Netflix.

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You can also rate various movies or TV shows you like, and let it know, what you actually like for a better recommendation for you. The best part is, if you are subscribed, you can login to your Netflix account from any of your devices. Like, you can start watching a movie on your phone and then later resume it on your laptop.

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