8 Best Apps for Redmi Note 9 [Must-have]

If you are the brand new owner of a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, you will be interested in knowing how to enhance its dynamics. And you do this not only by adjusting the mobile settings but also with a good assortment of apps that complement its functions. Therefore, we have this list of best apps for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 to extend its functionality and features.

While there are countless applications on the Google Play store, certainly it becomes a bit hard to find relatively good apps and games. Thus, you need a curated list for that. While we do such round-ups, we look onto different aspects before we put them together. The applications that we mention for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 can enhance the usability, productivity and of course, you have a lot of fun. For this reason, you should consider using the following apps on your phone.

8 Must-have applications for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9



The Redmi Note 9 has 4 rear cameras, which combine a 48-megapixel main sensor, a macro, an ultra-wide-angle, and a depth sensor. Interesting if we take into account the price, but the result is very tight in some situations.

A problem that you can solve with a good photo editing application like Snapseed. Not only do you have the basic functions to retouch your photographs, but it also has tools to solve, for example, one of the most common faults: overexposure.

And if you are creative, you can give an artistic touch to your images by combining some of its functions.

You can more helpful photo editing apps here.



Continuing with the section of cameras of the Redmi Note 9, another application that can give a plus to your photographs is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Not only will you have an impressive set of editing features, but you can also use it as a camera app. Although the Xiaomi camera app is quite complete, you can have some extra options with the Adobe app. And of course, you will have the advantage of including them directly in your Adobe library.

Download Adobe Photoshop Ligthtroom from here.


Microsoft Office Mobile

Xiaomi mobiles have some basic options for working with files and documents, especially the latest version of MIUI. However, there are many functions that are missed when we work from mobile.

But don’t worry, you can fix it with applications like Microsoft Office. And no, you don’t need to have a Microsoft account to use all the available features, as you can use it without signing in.

Some of the actions that you can take are:

  • Add a digital signature to a PDF document
  • Extract a table from any printed image and bring it to Excel
  • Create a PDF with the images from the mobile gallery
  • Extract any type of text from an image

And of course, the basic options to scan QR code, digitize text, create documents in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, among other options.

Download Microsoft Office from here.



MIUI 11 has several functions to control the performance and different aspects of a Xiaomi mobile. But it is always necessary to have a complete and dedicated application that helps us detect any problem in the device, or allows evaluations of its operation.

And for this, you can use applications such as Device Info. It is a very complete app that provides detailed information on each element of your device and its operation, for example, battery, sensors, camera, among others. In addition, it has a section dedicated to testing different elements of the mobile, such as the microphone, screen, multi-touch function, accelerometers, etc.

Download Device Info from here.



Advertising can ruin the user experience even on the most beautiful mobile. And the Redmi Note 9 is no exception.

Not only will you have to adjust the MIUI 11 settings so that you are not saturated with ads and recommendations, but you will also need a solution to avoid advertising from apps and web browsers.

And for this, you can take into account apps like Blokada. While the initial setup can be tedious, the dynamics of the app works wonders, so you can remove all ads from apps, games, and browsers with a simple click.

Download Blokada from here.



One feature that stands out from the Redmi Note 9 is its autonomy, with a 5020 mAh battery. So you have enough room to enjoy YouTube videos or improvise a marathon of your favorite series.

But if you are one of those users who cannot leave the “multitasking mode” you can use Float Tube to see YouTube in a floating window while you scroll through other sections of the mobile.

You just have to install it and go through a little configuration to see any video in a floating window.

Download Float Tube from here.

7. PPSSPP Emulator

Do you like playing games? If yes, you would be happy to know that you could play most of PSP games on your smartphone. Whether that’s an Android or iOS powered or your Windows laptop, PPSSPP Emulator certainly allows to play PSP games.

This emulator is available in both; free and paid version. And most exciting thing is that, you wouldn’t need to go for the paid version. The free version is itself complete and possibly, you could play any PSP games on it.

We have already prepared a detailed guide on how this emulator works and optimize it for the best performance. So, to get started, just follow the below resources:



Spam calls are a headache. And while mobiles have options to block them, we have to go through the initial call.

True Caller saves us this step by automatically blocking any phone number that has been reported as spam or famous telemarketing numbers. And of course, it will provide us with a series of data for this type of call.

A dynamic that works perfectly thanks to the True Caller database that is updated with reports from the community.

Download True Caller from here.

That’s surely not the end. You could probably find even more helpful applications for your Redmi Note 9, though you just need to search a bit more. So, that’s all for this round-up. We hope that our readers would find these applications helpful. You can share you thoughts with us through the below comment section.

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