Best Custom Rom for HTC One M9

In previous post, we have listed some of the → best free Antivirus apps for Android devices and here we are back with list of best rated custom Roms for HTC One M9. The One M9 has been launched in previous month, it has been very popular since arrived.

The handset was launched with latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and upgradable to upcoming updates. If you are looking for a good Rom for One M9, then you’d definitely like this list. Here we have featured best Roms, based on their performance, usability, features, included applications, stability, etc.

All Roms listed over here for HTC One M9 offers improved performance of device, helps to use the handset more efficiently, comes with lots of customization features, advance options to control device accordingly and much more.

Having custom rom on device has many advantages over the stock operating system, such as there would be no restrictions such as you can use root apps, you can remove unused system apps, which also know as bloatwares, can install advance applications to customize device in own way and much more. So, lets directly head to our list of Roms for One M9.

Top rated Roms for HTC One M9

1. ViperOneM9

Developed and distributed by Team Venom, this Rom has been built so beautifully that it offers very comprehensive performance along with tons of inbuilt features, apps and settings. With full support from Team Venom, it has been completely branded of their creatures, they has included their themes, tweaks, settings, User Interface, file manager, etc.

Once for all, the Rom offers blast of customization and features without compromising performance of device.

Top features of this Rom:

  • Full of performance tweaks, RAM optimization and improved battery life.
  • Team Venom support and their useful applications.
  • OTA update available
  • Also, there is Aroma Installer
  • Very stable

→ Read more about this Rom from here.

2. LeeDrOiD One M9

Just like ViperOne, this Rom has been tweaked so well for awesome performance. It comes pre-rooted, with almost no bloatwares, that means no useless apps, with Aroma installer one can customize the Rom installation, with LeeDrOiD Green feature improves overall battery life of this handset and much more.

Top features of this Rom:

  • Based on stock operating system with tons of performance and system improvements.
  • Improved battery life and Advanced Power Menu.
  • Loads of LeeDrOiD Tweaks to customize device as per convenience.
  • Multilingual Rom.

→ Read more about this Rom from here.

3. Android Revolution HD

A very beautiful Rom, in this Rom instead of software rendering, GPU rendering has been set for better graphic performance and stability. There are no visual changes, it is completely based on stock operating system with performance optimizations and many more tweaks.

Along with improved performance and stability, this Rom is also good in terms of battery life. If you are looking clean, stable and fast Rom for  HTC One M9, we highly recommend it.

Top features of this Rom:

  • Based on stock Android and stock kernel.
  • Enabled GPU UI rendering and Removed software (CPU) rendering – full Snapdragon 810 (GPU) rendering.
  • Improved virtual memory management and RAM optimizations for performance improvements.
  • Good battery life.
  • Fast and very stable.

→ Read more about this Rom from here.

4. EragonM9

Another Rom based on stock Android Lollipop firmware, a light-weight Rom with many tweaks for overall performance improvements. For extreme customization, it comes with pre-loaded 600 fonts to make your device stand-out, many mods such as Eragon-AudioFX, batter saver, RAM optimization script, etc.,

Top features of this Rom:

  • Based on stock Rom, very light weight as most of the bloatwares has been removed.
  • Nice performance, improved battery life and regulated RAM usage.
  • 600 Fonts available and full Language Support.
  • OTA updates are available as well.
  • Additional features such as Pie Control and Omniswitch.

→ Read more about this Rom from here.

This ends our list of best custom Roms for HTC One M9. However, there are several more to checkout, here few more which impressed users very much.

  • InsertCoin M9 – simple, light weight and clean.
  • MaximusHD – fast, stable, good battery life, full of customization features.

I hope you guys liked our post. Don’t forget to you share our post with your friends and let us know your best rom. Do you like gaming? visit our awesome list of heavy games – best console quality games for galaxy s6, you can enjoy them on your One M9 as well.

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    I have install Android Revolution HD 8.1 on my htc one M9. But I am not getting 4G lte anymore. Only H. I tried al kind os settings. Can you help?

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