10 best Exercise Apps to Do at Home

Due to the current pandemic situation and the respective confinement, little physical activity can cause a lot of stress. Therefore, we are going to list some of the best exercise apps to do at home. Applications that will help you maintain your physical condition by exercising without leaving home.

To counteract the less activity or the cooking and pastry courses that we are all learning. We should set ourselves certain goals such as: lose weight, increase our muscle mass, or relax our body and mind by doing yoga.

List of 10 Best Exercise Apps to Do at Home

1# Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout - No Equipment
Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment of hundreds of daily exercise routines for all major muscle groups. By dedicating a few minutes a day, we can exercise and keep fit without leaving home. It does not require equipment or a trainer, all exercises can be done with our own body weight.

The application has exercises for different muscle groups, abs, chest, legs, arms, as well as exercises for the whole body. They are exercises designed by fitness professionals. By spending a few minutes a day, we can effectively tone our muscles and by seriously training you could get that six-pack or laundry abs at home.

Important not to forget the warm-up and stretching routines, this helps you avoid possible injuries and exercise in a scientific way. With guides, videos, and animations for each exercise, you can ensure that you adopt the correct posture during each exercise.

In addition to exercise, it also offers meal plans to help build muscles faster. If you follow the exercises regularly you will surely get good results in a few weeks. First on the list of exercise apps to do at home.

You can download this application here.

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2# Nike Training Club: workouts and programs

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club

An application of the American multinational Nike called «Training Club». It is an application so that the sports fan or Nike fan can exercise at home through classes led by their specialists. Very useful during the health crisis caused by the pandemic. Another favorite exercise app to do at home.

It is an application that can be used to avoid neglecting your physical condition or start exercising from home thanks to the hundreds of workouts available. It has a wide variety of exercises to work in all areas of the body, advice from professionals, and different levels of intensity.

Plus you can get the motivation you need directly from your favorite athletes and their inspiring workouts:

• Isaiah Thomas • Sydney Leroux Dwyer • Michael B. Jordan • Cristiano Ronaldo • Serena Williams • Kevin Hart • Kyrie Irving • Rory McIlroy • Ashton Eaton • Alex Morgan • Ellie Goulding

You can download this application here.

3# Freeletics Training Coach

Freeletics Training Coach
Freeletics Training Coach

Freeletics Training Coach is an application with a personalized training plan that uses artificial intelligence and that will keep you focused on your personal physical goals. Goals can be: lose weight, get in shape, or gain muscle.

The Coach begins by adjusting to your level or physical condition and determines your strengths and weaknesses based on the feedback or feedback you provide after each workout.

You have to personalize your training, entering these data: height, weight, and date of birth. If any information changes, you must edit it in your athlete profile in the settings to keep your Coach informed. That should be your weight and not the date of birth, although you could grow an inch.

Depending on your initial fitness level and your personal goals, the Coach will recommend a series of workouts to choose from. After choosing one, you must adjust the following options or preferences:

  • Number of training days
  • Available equipment
  • Sprints and races

The Coach designs a training session based on your preferences from a wide variety of workouts, intervals, exercises, and runs.

And do not forget to give feedback with each training, the Coach learns from you, especially if you tell the truth. Do not lie about the level of exhaustion or about your technique, it will depend on the quality of your future workouts and the achievement of your goals.

You can download this application here.

4# 8fit – Fitness and Nutrition

8fit - Fitness and Nutrition
8fit – Fitness and Nutrition

An application created by the Spanish startup 8fit, one of the five most downloaded fitness apps in the world, with 10 million users and more than 50% in the US. It was created in 2014 according to them to respond to one of the most popular purposes: to keep fit through exercise and healthy eating. In this case from the mobile and without leaving home.

8fit – Fitness and Nutrition. When you start this application you will have to answer the following questions: What is your goal? and you will be able to choose between “getting in shape”, “gaining muscle” and “losing weight”.

What is 8fit?

The 8fit app offers personalized plans to keep fit, combining exercises and healthy food recipes, and Huaraches food. The 8fit plans are personalized and adapted to the objectives of each one, such as losing weight, gaining muscle, improving resistance, defining a muscle group, among others.

One of the apps that have increased the most in the category of exercises to do at home.

You can download this application here.

5# adidas Training by Runtastic – Exercises at Home

adidas Training by Runtastic
adidas Training by Runtastic

A highly rated home exercise app. The adidas Training (formerly Runtastic Results) application has training programs and exercise routines at home, without machines or weights, that will help you improve your health.

With adidas Training you can customize your sessions to train wherever and whenever you want, according to your proposed objective or goal: lose weight, tone, burn fat, gain muscle, strengthen the body, get fit and improve health with hundreds of free workouts.

Due to the current confinement situation, the company has decided to show solidarity with its users or all those who want to download the Adidas Training Runtastic application, offering up to 90 days of free and unlimited access to its more than 260 exercise videos and training plans.

Get in shape and improve your health with a personalized training plan! Available in more than 15 languages.

You can download this application here.

6# Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga

Excellent application for those who want to start Yoga from a beginner level. The Daily Yoga app offers you guided classes to help you master the basics before starting with more advanced classes and postures. And if you are advanced you have many professional trainers that you can follow.

Daily Yoga has more than 500 asanas, 70 programs, more than 500 sessions of yoga, Pilates, and guided meditation. Aside from a library of awesome yoga poses for both men and women. From beginners to advanced. A great help to practice yoga every day, achieving great benefits to your physical and mental health.

Voted “The Best Yoga App” of the year 2016-2019 by Healthline. Awarded by The Wall Street Journal as “The 5 Addictive Fitness Apps”.

What if you do yoga every day?

If you practice yoga every day you can definitely relieve or eliminate stress and tensions that we accumulate both physically and mentally. The first thing we are going to achieve is to learn to breathe correctly.

What does yoga do to the body?

Yoga is a practice that through breathing and postures connects the body with the mind, at a deeper and much healthier level. Integrating it with meditation to improve overall health, especially the immune system.

You can download this application here.

7# Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Seven - 7 Minute Workout
Seven – 7 Minute Workout

Seven is a free application for mobile devices that promises to get you in shape by doing 7 minutes of physical exercise daily for seven months. The method was designed by scientists at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, to maintain muscle tone.

It is very simple, it consists of twelve high-intensity exercises that must be done in 30-second intervals with 10 seconds to rest between each one. As simple as it is difficult, more than one is thrown before exercise no. 7.

Getting in shape has never been so easy, fast, and fun! (That’s what they say). 7 minutes a day of exercise and personalized training plans will make you notice the difference. SEVEN exercises are scientifically designed to offer the maximum benefit in a short time.

If you want the results that seven offers, you have to take it seriously with perseverance and discipline. Start by adapting little by little to the method. Since they are high-intensity exercises, very effective, but you have to assimilate slowly but surely. A favorite app about exercises to do at home express.

You can download this application here.

8# Yoga – Down Dog

Yoga - Down Dog
Yoga – Down Dog

Yoga – Down Dog is one of the well-known home exercise apps. This application is excellent for both beginners (they offer a three-day introduction) and the more advanced. This app has more than 60,000 training combinations, so it will be difficult to repeat the same class twice (for those who are bored).

Also, it has six different instructor voices so you can choose the one that is most pleasant to your ears. Although the subscription costs from 3.21 euros or dollars per month, it seems that they will offer it for free until April 1 so that anyone can benefit from this crisis.

It is available in Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.

You can download this application here.

9# Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach
Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach is an application to help you train and improve your health and physical condition. The application combines training videos with audio sessions, developed by experts with the purpose of improving endurance, speed, and fitness.

Adaptive bodybuilding, running or walking workouts just for you. You can train anytime and anywhere, home, office, or gym. From 7 to 60 minutes, which you can follow from your mobile or computer.

Recommendations for workouts or exercises depending on your daily activity monitored with a Fitbit device. This way you will have personalized advice about what you should do to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Personalized training videos show you the movements and motivate you, giving you advice and tips at every step. Fitbit Coach is available in multiple languages: Spanish, English, French, German, and Portuguese.

To help the community through the crisis, they offer anyone new to Fitbit Coach a free 90-day trial of the paid subscription. So that they can see the video workouts on their mobile or computer.

You can download this application here.

10# J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout
J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout. A simple and fast way to exercise without leaving home, based on science to take advantage of every minute.

Designed by Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Institute for Human Performance.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout Main Features:

  • Training library provided with 22 preset routines, varying in intensity and duration
  • Workouts designed to fit your available time, ranging from 7 to 32 minutes
  • With its 72 exercises and 22 workouts it can be customized to create over 1,000 variations – from easy to difficult.
  • A smart training feature measures your level of fitness and motivation and creates a variety of exercises specifically for you
  • You can create custom routines targeting multiple focus areas and workout intensity
  • You have control of music and audio messages from the device
  • It has 72 high definition video exercise tutorials
  • Track exercise and inactivity time with reminders to help you stay focused
  • Share your workouts via Facebook and Twitter
  • English language

You can download this application here.

These are some of the best exercise apps to do at home. Virtually all have levels from beginner to advanced. More than enough not to abandon your physical and mental condition in this global crisis due to the pandemic.

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