15 Must-Have Android Apps in 2021

The type of applications that we have available today on our mobile devices is truly endless; social, video streaming, and games of all kinds are just some of the most popular categories of the most downloaded software. Therefore, we have this list of some must-have Android apps for your smartphone.

Anyway, remaining in the Android field, which are the really important ones, or which you just can’t do without?

We at have the answer, and we will show you the 15 useful and indispensable apps for Android.

Clearly, we will not show Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and all those applications that we now take for granted, but those that are only truly indispensable, useful, and perhaps even little known.

15 Must-Have Android Apps in 2021

List of most essential Android applications in 2021

1. Google Files

Any owner of an Android smartphone should have a good file manager to manage their files efficiently.

Google Files is the Google home file manager, which will allow you to always keep an eye on downloaded files and those deriving from applications.

The application also allows you to easily free up memory by suggesting those files deemed no longer necessary, and which can therefore be deleted thus making space in your storage. Also, if you like watching movies, then Solarmovie is best for you.

2. Google Drive

Each Android device requires a Google account, and for each Google account, there are 15 GB as a gift on Google Drive, the cloud service of the Mountain View giant.

With the appropriate application, you can then easily manage all the files uploaded to the cloud, download and upload or catalog everything in folders.

We also remind you that the space available can obviously be increased, in exchange for an annual fee that varies depending on the storage required.

3. Google Photos

Google Photos in addition to acting as a gallery for your images and videos, is also a service perfectly integrated with Google Drive, thanks to which you can then make a cloud backup of your photos and videos.

However, in the coming months, Big G has some changes in store for the platform, in particular as regards the pricing policy and the old free image backup system; in this regard, we have written an article that can help you.

4. Google Keep

Among the best note applications on the Android landscape, there is certainly Google Keep; the app allows you to write memos on the fly, but also in a very accurate way by integrating for example images or voice notes or manage everything through colors.

Even in this case, unfortunately, Google does not seem to have believed much in this application, which will probably cease to exist next year; however, it will always be possible to consult the handy web-app, which should continue to work even after the removal of the mobile platform.

5. Authenticator

For the management of all your passwords, and in particular, for the two-factor authentication system, we recommend Google Authenticator; in fact, this app replaces the traditional “2 steps” verification methods, such as for example receiving the SMS for the various verification codes.

Many services in fact allow a type of protection based on a QR code that must be framed within the app, and which periodically will automatically provide you with codes to be entered within the relative platforms to log in safely.

6. Google Pay

This is the management of payments made in Google; the application will allow you to manage your favorite payment methods, add new ones, pay with NFC technology and suggest your credentials when you go to buy a product from the online stores.

Google Pay will therefore allow you to pay in complete safety, simplicity, and convenience when you can very well leave your accounts and cards at home.

7. Snapseed

Snapseed is the photo editor that all Android devices should have; it is in fact one of the most complete apps for what concerns photo editing, which has nothing to envy to the most famous competitors.

Snapseed will allow you to make the most basic changes (such as resize images or rotate them), but also to use more thorough editing (for example when removing unwanted objects within the photos themselves).

8. Telegram

If you’ve really never tried Telegram, then it’s time to fix your mistake; it is in fact one of the best known (and controversial) messaging apps, which integrates functions that competitors (WhatsApp above all) do not even dream of.

Among the prominent functions, there are channels (a kind of a mix between a chat and a blog), video calls, voice calls, and very customizable notification management.

9. Pocket

For reading lovers we can only recommend Pocket; it is a very popular app, which allows you to save the articles on the web that interest us most, to read them perhaps later with more calm.

Pocket also boasts a great integration with the Firefox browser and with Kobo devices, with which it will be even more enjoyable to read news of all kinds.

10. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is among the most popular applications for datasheet maniacs, but also a very useful tool that can keep an eye on the functioning of our devices.

The app is in fact able to read the exact specifications of our device, as well as to verify that the sensors or the battery present in them behave correctly.

11. Adobe Scan

If you don’t have a scanner in your home or office, then Adobe Scan proves to be a very useful alternative for handling your paperwork.

The application allows you to digitally scan documents, using the camera of your devices; the results are more than satisfactory, and they will not make you regret traditional scanners.

12. Root Checker

Root Checker is one of the favorite applications of the geeks of the Android landscape, who often perform a little pushed procedures such as the one related to the granting of root permissions.

Through this application, it will be possible to check the actual status of these permissions on your device, in order to realize if the procedure performed has been carried out correctly.

13. Nova Launcher

Lovers of customization will have used Nova Launcher at least once, which is one of the most famous customizable interfaces in the Android world.

The options to customize the home screen, the drawer, the widgets are in fact many, and it is no coincidence that the app is considered by many to be the reference launcher for the personalization of their devices.

14. Waze

Another very famous application, one of the best in the category related to maps.

The strong point of Waze is the real-time information that the software offers during navigation, which helps us to be updated on traffic, any work in progress, accidents, or police presence.

Waze also offers integration with Android Auto and also informs us about cheaper fuel stations.

The use is then very simple: once the app is started, just click on the item “ Where are we going? ”And enter the name of the destination.

Also in this case it is a free application, obviously available on the Play Store.

15. Blackberry Keyboard

Among the last remaining workhorses of the Canadian company, there is certainly the Blackberry Keyboard or the keyboard of the terminals of the famous hi-tech house.

The simplicity of the gestures, the prediction system, and the suggestions are among the very first in the mobile panorama; nothing to do with the nostalgic physical keyboards of the company’s old handhelds, but we assure you that this keyboard manages to keep up with the times.

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