5 Best Apps To Read Books

Many times it must have happened to us that we really want to read a new book but we don’t have the money to go to a store and buy one. Therefore, talking about an application for our mobile devices that allows us to entertain ourselves with thousands and thousands of hours of reading does not seem like a bad idea to us.

There are many existing tools that we can download and they will perfectly fulfill this purpose, but as for all things, there is a small group that makes up, according to us, the best apps for reading books.

That is why, based on the ratings of book lovers, and from our own experience, we have put together a compilation of what we consider to be the best available so that you can sit down and read for a while.

Kindle- best book reading app

1. Kindle

Within the catalog of free applications, the one developed by Amazon cannot be left out of this great list. Kindle is a device that allows us to read through a screen designed to simulate the pages of a book so that our eyes are fatigued and damaged as little as possible.

In his time, you will be able to find many books, which you will be able to read at no cost, although some of them can be found only in their original language, which probably makes our task of selecting one difficult. Although the app is free, you will also have the option to purchase books at a low cost, since their price will not be the same as that we will see exposed when acquiring an edited one, because it is a digital version.

Its reputation, the product of the positive evaluations of many of its users, will make us feel safe when choosing it. The app is available in the official stores of both operating systems, Android, and iOs, so if you want to download it right now you can do it without any inconvenience.

Apple Books App

2. Apple Books

Although this app is exclusive software for Apple‘s operating system, it deserves to be on this list of the best apps for reading books. The options it has are very good, since as in the previous review with Kindle, in this application we will also find a large number of free books to spend time reading.

You can download classics such as Don Quixote de la Mancha, some of Edgar Alan Poe’s poems, books by Jose Martí, Charles Dickens, Walt Withman, and Shakespeare, among others. Therefore, the quality of the authors whose works are available, further assure us that the app will meet our interests since it also has an important variety of categories in which we will surely find something that is to our liking.

An interesting feature? It allows us to import our own PDFs, a more than acceptable option if we are used to studying from our mobile device, or we want to read a book that we have downloaded from the internet.

The best Apps to Read Books

3. Wattpad

With more than 10 million stories in its library that we can enjoy for free, this app will guarantee hours and hours of reading, you will even have the possibility to talk with some writers and subscribe so that you can receive news about their work. It has a huge section of categories that we can browse, including science-fiction, romances, and entire books written by users.

If you are a fan of writing and you are writing a book that you are eager to publish, you can do it using this tool, since it allows it, keep in mind that you can share it with everyone. which will lead to you receiving reviews from users, and even gaining an audience that expects you to write more installments about one of your stories, who says that your career as a writer does not start here?

Wattpad has a 4-star rating in the Play Store, and this is no wonder since the number of votes almost reaches 4 million in the official Google store. You will also have a functionality that will allow you to add the stories that have been most to your liking to favorites so that you can access them easily and quickly.

Kobo reading App

4. Kobo

What is Kobo all about? This app has interesting sections, such as comics and books for the little ones, how many times do our children ask us to fall asleep while we read them a story? If we don’t have one at hand, with this tool we can download and enjoy many of them.

In its catalog, it has a large number of free works, but you can also pay for a VIP version. The application will be in charge of recognizing the type of texts that you like to read the most and will give you recommendations that suit your interests, based on this feedback made about your tastes.

You can change the font size in case reading is difficult for you, and you can even change the color of the page to further customize your experience using the tool. Of course, we can import our PDFs and eBooks, so if we want to use the app to open our downloaded study or entertainment books, we can do it quietly.

The app has no cost and you can find it available in the official Android and iOs stores, run to download it right now!

Aldiko book reading app

5. Aldiko

Within the library of books and texts available in Aldiko, we can find them in different available languages ​​such as English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German. We recommend you visit their catalog to take advantage of their free options. One of the most recognized and used by users is the way in which the readings can be organized in this tool since you can organize them by collections or labels. Also, if you want to read imported PDFs or eBooks, you can do it without any inconvenience.

The application is available in both stores, Google Play, and also the Apple app store, it has no cost, so in a few minutes we can have it installed on our mobile devices.

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