Best Apps to Turn Off the Screen Automatically or With a Virtual Button

The on/off button is the default way to turn off the screen of an Android device, although it is not the only way. If you don’t want to waste that button, it doesn’t work or respond as it should, there are other ways to turn off the screen, either manually or automatically. In this guide, we share the best apps to turn off the screen automatically, and with a virtual button.

Leaving aside the Android option that automatically turns off the screen after a certain time, there are apps for Android that will allow you to add a virtual shutdown button on the screen, that is, a manual way to turn off the screen without resorting to the physical shutdown button. If you prefer something more sophisticated, like turning off the screen automatically when you put the phone on a table, or when you put it face down or in your pocket.

Turn Off Screen Free

A long time ago I tried the Turn Off Screen Free application, available on Google Play here, and fortunately to this day it still works very well.

Once installed, an icon will be created in the application menu « Shut down «, which you must add to the home screen or desktop, as this button is the one used to turn off the screen (do not be confused with the icon « Shut Down Info «, Which is to enter the settings). The other option is to add the widget of this app to the desktop.

Turn Off Screen Free
Turn Off Screen Free

When you touch the icon the first time you must activate the app as a device manager and it will be ready to work.

This application also allows you to turn off the screen from its notification or from a floating button that appears on any application and usage statistics. Unfortunately, these are premium features that are free for seven days, and then you will have to buy them. What will continue to be free is the function of turning off the screen from the virtual button on the desktop.

Gravity Screen – On/Off

This is another application available on Google Play here that offers the virtual on-screen shutdown button. However, for it to work in any circumstance, you must go to the Gravity Screen – On/Off settings and disable the following options:

  • Turn on the screen by proximity
  • Turn on the screen by motion
  • Keep screen on by motion

Then, go to the widgets of the launcher that you have installed and add the Gravity Screen «Turn off» widget to the home screen, which will serve to turn off the screen when you touch it.

Gravity Screen - On/Off
Gravity Screen – On/Off

Press and hold on an empty area on the home screen to enter the launcher settings, select “Widgets” and drag the Shut down widget to the desktop.

Gravity Screen does not offer the option to switch off on other applications or the option to switch off from the notification bar, but it does have automatic shutdown options.

Gravity Screen Settings
Gravity Screen Settings

For example, as you see in its settings above, you can make the screen turn off by itself when you put the phone on a table, or when you put it in your pocket or turn it upside down.

KinScreen – screen control

KinScreen is another powerful application to turn off the cell phone screen automatically when it is no longer used or also turn on the screen by itself when the device is picked up.

KinScreen - screen control
KinScreen – screen control

It also has options to automatically turn on the screen, when you pick up the phone or when you pass your hand over it. These are options that are also available in the powerful KinScreen application.


The moment you want to uninstall any of these applications, a warning may be generated indicating that it cannot be uninstalled since it is a device manager. To achieve this, you will have to go to manage the device administrator (the application helps us with that) and there deactivate the respective box of the application. Finally, it is deactivated and after that, it can be uninstalled.


These apps can be very useful as a temporary solution in case the Android mobile’s power button has been damaged or is failing and does not allow it to be turned off. We hope that our readers would find these applications helpful. If you have something better, you can share it with us in the below comment section.

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