10 Essential Apps for the Huawei Y7 2018

Do you have a Huawei Y7 2018? If you are a user of this device, surely you are looking for interesting applications for Huawei’s entry-level terminal. In this list, we show you the 10 best applications that you must have on your Huawei Y7 2018, from social apps to fun games.

1. Facebook Lite

The social network par excellence. Facebook is an essential application for every smartphone. Especially if you have an account on this social network. As the Huawei Y7 2018 is mobile with basic features, you can opt for the Facebook Lite version. This is somewhat more basic than the normal one, but it takes up fewer resources and less RAM. Which translates into higher performance.

You can download Facebook Lite here.

2. Messenger Lite

From the creator of Facebook Lite comes… yes, Messenger Lite is the basic Chat version of Facebook. It works very similarly to the other platform. Here you can chat with your Facebook friends, but with somewhat more basic options than in the original app.

As well as fewer animations. Of course, you win in internal storage, since it does not occupy that much. Also in the consumption of RAM memory.

You can download Messenger Lite here.

3. WhatsApp

This application does not have a Lite version, but the original is very well optimized. Of course, we are talking about WhatsApp, the messaging app par excellence.

WhatsApp has a very intuitive design and with very interesting options for saving data and for memory consumption. The application, of course, can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

You can download WhatsApp here.

4. Maps Go

Do you want to have a browser on your mobile? You can use Maps Go, a lightweight version of Google Maps. This app is proprietary to Google and includes all the necessary functions of the original map service. In this case, with a few fewer animations and extra options.

Again, we gain in storage and consumption of RAM. In addition, as this application weighs less, the system will be able to move it more fluidly.

You can download Maps Go here.

5. Google Files

Files are also the company’s own application. This allows us to manage all our files in a practical and simple way. In addition to optimizing our terminal by clearing the cache or necessary files. The file is available for free on Google Play.

You can download Google files here.

6. Opera Mini Browser

The Huawei Y7 2018 arrives with the Google Chrome browser. Google’s browser offers very interesting functions, but it consumes a lot of RAM. It is best to download the ‘Opera Mini’ browser. It is very simple to use.

In addition, it allows us to save mobile data with very interesting options, such as knowing how much data we have used in the browser, an incognito mode, or even alerts from our favorite websites.

You can download Opera Mini here.

7. Datally

Another Google app. The purpose of this is to avoid excessive use of mobile data. With Datally we can control the use of mobile data in the different applications or even add a limit to not spend daily data. The application has different menus where we can see the use of mobile data, configure a schedule to turn off the connection or even share a connection with a data limit. It is free and can be found on Google Play.

8. Helix Jump

Not everything is an application. Helix Jump is a very addictive game that perfectly matches your Huawei Y7 2018. The game does not require powerful graphics. The mechanics are very simple, they consist of reaching the end with the paintball, without hitting the barriers. You can download the game for free on Google Play.

9. Spotify

Spotify is the music app par excellence. This application has a premium option, with a cost of about 10 euros per month. It also has a somewhat more basic free version. In addition to a Lite version so that it takes up less memory. And so yes, the Lite option is still in beta and not published in Google Play. Therefore, you must download the APK from the APK Mirror. Remember that you must activate the options of unknown sources.

Download Spotify on Google Play here.

10. Google Keep

A very easy to use notes application. The difference between Google Keep compared to other note applications is that it is synchronized with our Google account. Therefore, we can access our notes from any device, only with our Google account. In addition, it has a more minimalist and careful design than other applications. You can download Google Keep here.

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