How Mobile Devices Help Us to Relive the Authentic Western Atmosphere

The Wild West is a part of American history that has entered popular culture in many different ways, some of which are available on a mobile device. If you want to sample the authentic American frontier conveniently, what are some of the best ways of doing so?

Discover Classic Western Games

The Wild West has become an important part of several ways of playing games on smartphones. Instantly recognizable images such as cowboys, sheriff’s badges, and guns have helped it become a popular choice of theme for casino slots, for example, with HTML5 technology making them adapt perfectly to any size of screen. By adding some of these images and, in some cases a Wild West-based bonus round, these games stand out from the crowd as offering something different.

The Silver Bullet Bandit Cash Collect slot shows how this works, with many of the classic images used as paying symbols and a masked bandit acting as the wild. It was created by Playtech and they added a Cash Collect feature that sees the player attempt to grab diamonds to aim for one of the jackpots. This slot also has a Free Spins round as well as paying out on matching combinations of symbols in the base game. 

The Legends of America site confirms the importance of gambling in the Wild West and some of the most popular games of the era can also be played on a mobile device now. While we tend to associate poker with the Wild West, the card game called Faro was by far the most widely played gambling game of the time. Both poker and faro can be found on mobile apps, as well as other popular betting games involving dice being thrown.”

Stream Western Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV shows featuring this period of American history have gone through several golden periods, such as the 1950s and 60s, when the likes of John Ford and John Wayne were among the industry’s biggest stars. Recent shows include Django and Yellowstone, while the Killers of the Flower Moon movie is set right at the end of the American frontier period and is one of many movies detailing the stories of Native Americans in Oklahoma.

However, the real benefit of being able to use streaming services on mobile devices is that we can discover classic Western films and series from the past. According to Vulture, 1956’s The Searchers is the best movie in this genre, and you can watch this John Ford classic on the Amazon Prime video service.

As for the best TV series covering the period, the list on Collider is topped by Justified, which is available from several different streaming services just now. Deadwood is also high on their list and while this series and movie starring Ian McShane and Molly Parker was first shown on HBO, it can now be found on several of the most popular streaming services.

All of these ways of getting immersed in the Western atmosphere are easy to enjoy and it seems certain that the number of options keeps on growing as more card games, slots, TV series, and movies are added to mobile apps.

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