10 Interesting Facts About Android 17: From Villain to Hero

Dive into the fascinating world of Android 17, from his human past to his surprising talents. Discover his transformation from villain to hero, his unique abilities, and his journey to becoming a park ranger and loving family man. Explore 10 interesting facts and learn why he’s a beloved character in the Dragon Ball universe.

Initially portrayed as a villain, Android 17 undergoes a character arc and eventually becomes an ally of the Z Fighters.

Here are some key points about Android 17:

  • Origin: He was created by Dr. Gero along with his twin sister, Android 18.
  • Purpose: He was designed to kill Goku and destroy the Earth.
  • Powers and Abilities: He possesses superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. He also has an infinite energy supply and can fire powerful energy blasts.
  • Personality: He is initially arrogant and rebellious but later mellows out and becomes more responsible.
  • Role in the Dragon Ball series: He plays a major role in the Android and Cell sagas. He later appears as a supporting character in Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.
  • Family: He has a twin sister, Android 18, and a wife and three children.
  • Transformations: He can transform into Super 17 by merging with Hell Fighter 17.

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1. He Has a Human Past:

Android 17, like his twin sister Android 18, wasn’t always a cyborg. Before Dr. Gero’s modifications, they were ordinary humans living peaceful lives. This human background adds a layer of depth and complexity to their characters, allowing viewers to connect with them on a deeper level.

2. His Real Name:

While we all know him as Android 17, his real name is Lapis. This detail, revealed by series creator Akira Toriyama, adds a personal touch to the character and helps remind us that even after his transformation, he still retains parts of his humanity.

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3. A Unique Type of Android:

Unlike other androids, such as Cell or Android 16, Android 17 and 18 are not entirely mechanical. They are cyborgs, meaning they have a human base with cybernetic enhancements.

This makes them unique within the Dragon Ball universe and allows them to retain some of their human emotions and personality traits.

4. A Talent for Behavior Modification:

One surprising fact about Android 17 is his skill in behavior modification. During the Dragon Ball GT series, he is shown successfully taming the regenerated Cell Juniors, demonstrating a talent for understanding and influencing others.

5. From Rebel to Responsible:

Initially introduced as rebellious and arrogant, Android 17 goes through a significant character arc throughout the series. He learns to value life and responsibility, eventually becoming a park ranger dedicated to protecting the environment.

This transformation is a testament to his capacity for growth and change.

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6. A Skilled Fighter:

Android 17 possesses exceptional fighting skills. He has defeated powerful opponents like Vegeta and Piccolo, showcasing his strength, speed, and strategic thinking.

His combat prowess makes him a valuable asset to the Z Fighters and a formidable opponent for any foe.

7. A Loving Family Man:

While initially portrayed as indifferent and aloof, Android 17 reveals a softer side as the series progresses. He develops a loving relationship with his wife and becomes a devoted father to his three children.

This shows his capacity for love and compassion, proving that he is more than just a powerful android.

8. A Popular Character:

Android 17 has become a popular character among Dragon Ball fans. His unique character arc, complex personality, and powerful fighting abilities have resonated with audiences worldwide.

He is frequently praised for his development and is often cited as a favorite character by many fans.

9. Super 17 Transformation:

While not a canonical transformation, the Dragon Ball GT series introduced Super 17, a powerful fusion of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17.

This alternate version showcased the potential for even greater power within Android 17 and provided an interesting exploration of what might have been.

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10. A Symbol of Hope:

Android 17’s journey from villain to hero serves as a powerful symbol of hope and redemption. It shows that even those who have made mistakes or committed evil acts can change and become forces for good.

This message resonates with audiences and inspires hope for transformation and positive change.


Android 17 is a fascinating and complex character with a rich history and unique abilities. His journey from villain to hero, his human origins, and his surprising talents make him a compelling figure in the Dragon Ball universe.

Whether you admire his fighting prowess, connect with his personal development, or simply enjoy his comedic moments, there’s no denying that Android 17 is a character worth exploring.

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